Smiling Woman

Night seems to be a time where every oddity comes out of hiding. One such peculiarity is known as the Smiling Woman. She only appears at night when most people have gone to sleep. You would probably see her as an ordinary woman from the back, but all it takes is a turn of her body for you to realize your mistake. Even from a distance, something about the woman's face feels off. It has a certain gleam that wouldn't ordinarily appear on human skin. Not only that, but one can see that the coloring is a little off from the rest of her face.

This is around the time when the woman might take a closer walk towards you. Anybody brave enough to stick around will immediately notice an uncanny smile that doesn't match her body language. It's s very cheery smile that would ordinarily cause someone to react positively. What makes it upsetting is how her face appears to be frozen in that position. Not a single muscle moves as she silently approaches you with the haunting grin looking back at you.

If you haven't run away or panicked during this time, she'll raise both hands and pinch the tip of her cheeks with them. The attractive and uncanny face will then be torn off to reveal the flawed face of a somewhat homely girl. This girl doesn't have the finer features of her mask, but the fact that it's authentic automatically puts whoever sees it at ease.

What happens next is different, depending on whom you ask. Some accounts say that she asks for you to follow her home and another one has her peel off her "real" skin to reveal yet another face underneath. This third face is said to be so badly misshaped that you can't help but feel a tinge of pity for the poor woman.

It's odd that every reported case says that she takes these nightly strolls while having no idea of her whereabouts. Anybody encountering the smiling woman should react with kindness and tell her she's beautiful, even after taking off the second mask. Some reports say that she quickly turns violent when told otherwise.