Title: Unleash Hell

Rating: Mature

Characters: Serenity 'Raine' Valentine, Marcus Christopher O'Connor, Michael Valentine, Jack Evertson

Warnings: Gore, Violence, Use of Profanities, death, folklore, mythology, vampirism

Disclaimer: All characters belong to me. Any association with people living or dead or places or events are just coincidental!

Summary: When four boys suddenly go missing whilst exploring an old abandoned boarding school, two strangers arrive in Hillside to investigate their disappearance and to prevent it from happening again. Marcus O'Connor, a local mechanic is incidentally dragged into a fight between the Supernatural and the normal when a person he once knew from his childhood is one of the two strangers recently arrived in Hillside.

A/N: Please take note of the warnings which have been highlighted above

Chapter One

Hillside – Saint Christopher's Boarding School – Early Evening:

The sun was just beginning to sink toward the horizon as the late Summer's day began drawing to a close. A cool gentle breeze swept through the trees tousling green leaves that were just beginning to change colour as the seasons changed from summer to fall and bending every olive coloured blade of grass to its silent will. It was a picture of tranquillity, or at least it would have been if it hadn't been for the large crack that disturbed the peace as heavy duty chains which had kept the old, large iron wrought gates sealed shut from intruders was broken.

A large teenage boy with dark brown hair passed the bolt cutters they had stolen from one of the other boys father's workshop to one of his compatriots, he returned his attention to the heavy set chain which lay limp against the gates and swiftly removed it and dropped it nosily to the ground. The dark haired boy pushed the large iron wrought gates open with a hefty shove, the gates creaked and groaned on their hinges as years of misuse and exposure to the elements prevented them from performing their intended duty properly. Jason, the ringleader of the small band of teenager miscreants, turned to his fellow delinquents, a grin spreading across his pale lips.

The boys behind him jostled with excitement at the prospect of entering the old abandoned boarding school. Saint Christopher's Boarding School had been established in 1879 and had prospered for a long time churning out many young people full of potential until 1975 when the boarding school abruptly closed for no seemingly apparent reason. And now it served little more than a place of curiosity for paranormal investigators, young kids looking for an adrenaline rush and a proverbial headache for the local Police constabulary as no matter what preventable measures they took, people always managed to make their way through the large wire fences or breaking the padlock on the main gates like these boys had done.

"I don't know guys." One of the boys by the name of Samuel Jameson said as he hung back from the group, he wrung his hands nervously as his gaze swept past the other kids and landed on the large building that stood menacingly a few hundred yards away. Samuel was a slender boy with short strawberry blonde coloured hair and grey-blue eyes. He was dressed in faded blue jeans, white trainers, a grey t-shirt with his favourite band on and a blue and white chequered shirt over the top. Samuel was also the son of a retired Major General and seldom crossed his father or outright disobeyed him which he would be doing if he stepped one foot past the Boarding School's gates.

"Come on Sammy don't be such a wuss." Timothy Benson remarked as he glanced back at his reluctant friend. Timothy or Tim as he preferred was a well-built individual with short curly dark brown hair which was hidden beneath a dark grey beanie and he had brown eyes. He was dressed in dark grey track-suit bottoms, white trainers with the laces undone and a salmon pink hoodie. Tim was an aspiring athlete, he was training to become a long distance runner for the Summer's Junior championships and would normally be found running around the neighbourhood he lived in trying to improve on his times and his speed, but tonight he was taking a break from all of that on the pretence that they might find something interesting in the old Boarding School which kept attracting 'visitors' in their large numbers.

"Yea come on Sam don't be such a loser, they say this place is haunted and I'm ready to catch any ghosties should they show their scary assess." Noel said as he brandished his new state of the art mobile phone in front of him. Noel was a slightly on the weighty size teenager with ginger hair that fell around the nape of his neck and he had hazel eyes. He was dressed in faded blue jeans and wore a thick blue jumper over a red and white chequered shirt, the others had ribbed him earlier about his choice in wearing a thick jumper but he had simply told them that it was better to be overly warm than cold especially as they were going into a building whose heating system hadn't been turned on for years.

"The only thing the ghosts are gonna do Noel is run away from your ugly mug." The ringleader of the group Jason Swanbeck said as he glanced at the ginger headed boy who promptly threw a two fingered salute at him. Jason was a tall lad with an athletic build with dark brown almost black hair which had been cropped short on either sides of his head and had brown eyes. He was dressed in black track-suit bottoms with white stripes running down the side, he also wore a zip up hoodie and black trainers to complete his attire. Jason was well renown around the town for being a trouble maker and getting into trouble, many of the residents of Hillside suspected it was due to the lack of a father figure in his life as his mother was on her own raising six children whilst others believed that the reason he was getting into trouble all the time was because he was attention seeking. Jason himself simply enjoyed the thrill of exploring places that weren't meant to be ventured into and running from the local police when he had been caught out.

"Fuck you Jason." Noel responded as he stepped past the gates and onto the overgrown gravel driveway beyond.

Jason snorted in amusement and shook his head before he glanced at their reluctant member of their small group "You can either stay here Sam or come with us, if it's your dad you're worried about don't be we'll be back before he notices your missin'."

Samuel huffed out a deep sigh as he stepped past Jason and Timothy "Fine but if I get into trouble you guys are takin' the blame." The other two boys clapped him on the back as he stepped over the fallen gate and joined Noel on the other side.

"Sam you're a great friend, but no way in two fuckin' hells am I takin' the blame for anythin' when it comes to your old man." Tim told the blonde haired boy as he stepped past him and began making his way down the gravel path which was overgrown with weeds of every kind. Sam shook his head in amusement as he joined the other three, although he still couldn't shake the uneasy feeling that had settled into the pit of his stomach as the quartet of young teenagers made their way down the long overgrown gravel path.

The old Victorian boarding school loomed up ahead in all it's majestic glory, it's once pristine patterned red brick was now marred by time and nature. It's many windows were either broken or still whole and had either been boarded up or left gaping open like sores letting the elements ravage the school's insides. The large clock which decorated the front fascia of the school stood frozen in time, the once gold plated hands sitting at quarter to seven spoke of its moment of demise when its inner mechanisms seized up from the lack of maintenance. The once pristine lawns and bushes were long overgrown, tendrils of hawthorn snaked out across the path waiting to snag any unfortunate victim that crossed its path.

The quartet of boys cautiously made their way up to the front entrance, the once grand staircase had fallen into ruin with much of the concrete and stone which had been used to make them crumbling away. The teenagers stood in awe at the large imposing building that towered above them, although Samuel did take a few steps back as his nerves tried to get the better of him again. Jason glanced over his shoulder at the blond haired teenager with a knowing expression upon his face.

"If you want to chicken out now Sam, I suggest you do it quickly as we're going in with or without you." Jason told him before he quickly ascended the crumbling stairs and making short work of the heavy chain keeping the old weather beaten doors closed with the bolt cutters he had reclaimed from Tim, although he did set them down by the front door with the intention of picking them up on their way back out and ensuring that they were returned before Noel's father noticed they were missing from his workshop.

Both Noel and Timothy sent Samuel passing glances as they too ascended the stairs and made their way into the yawning darkness that seemed to swallow them up. Sam bit his bottom lip in indecision, he should turn back right now and go home and face whatever disciplinary actions his father wanted to take against him for disobeying his orders about curfew and not staying away from the old school. However he knew that if he didn't go in there with the others, he was likely going to be ridiculed for weeks by his peers for being a coward. Sam took a deep breath to steel his nerves and squared his shoulders; today he would be the man his father kept telling him he needed to be despite the fact he was at the tender age of fourteen, a boy barely into puberty.

Samuel ascended the stairs quickly, his stomach was doing flip flops as his nerves began to set in again, but he simply sucked in another shaky deep breath as he stepped past the old wooden doors and into the gloomy interior beyond them. Surprisingly the other three boys were waiting for him at the bottom of the large staircase, although none of them spared him a glance as their inquisitive gazes were transfixed upon their current surroundings. The once bright duck egg blue paint was now faded and marred with mould, some of it was even flaking off the walls in large chunks, graffiti also covered the walls, some of it only days old whilst others spanned a couple of decades. Cobwebs hung in thick ribbons from the rafters and swayed in the light breeze whilst the white and black chequered floors were coated in an assortment of dust, plaster from the walls, leaves, glass from the windows and other things that weren't worth investigating. High above them came the flapping of wings and the soft coos of pigeons high up in the exposed rafters.

"Come on time's a wasting, let's go." Jason told them as he peeled his gaze away from their current surroundings and focused his attention upon the old concrete stair well before them which no doubt would take them to the upper and lower levels of the building "where shall we go? Up or down?"



The trio of boys glanced at one another clearly annoyed that they couldn't agree on the same thing.

Jason rolled his eyes as he removed his mobile phone from his jog bottom's pocket and turned the torch app on "We'll stay on this level for now as Sammy boy has a curfew to keep." The dark haired boy cast a sly grin over his shoulder only to receive a single finger salute in return from the blond haired teenager. The other boys also reached for their mobiles and turned on the inbuilt torches before they followed Jason into the long dark corridor on their right where the fading sunlight barely lit up the hallway.

Thick streams of dust floated across the hallway whilst old wooden flooring creaked ominously beneath the boys feet. A light breeze drifted down the corridor rustling old posters and announcements on the walls. The creaking of old locker doors caught the teenagers attention as they continued on their venture, but all they found was detritus such as rodent faeces or used syringes, so they turned their attention to the classrooms they stumbled across, only a few of which still had the old style desks with the ink well compartment and flip open lid and the uncomfortable looking wooden and metal chairs.

Samuel hesitated at each of the thresholds, his nerves getting the better of him every time as he knew there were many hidden and exposed dangers he and his friends could fall victim too, he had read far too many articles online where young kids such as themselves had ventured into places like this and had died from some sort of contaminant or fall. The blonde haired boy gripped the grimy door frame and watched as the others searched through the old desks pulling what little they could find out of them. Samuel's lip curled up in disgust when Timothy fished a dead rat out of one such desk.

"Here Sammy catch!" The curly haired boy shouted as he threw the unfortunate creature in his direction. Samuel easily sidestepped out of the way as the dead animal sailed past him and hit the outside wall with a soft thud.

"You're fuckin' disgusting Tim, you have no idea how long that's been there or where it's been." Samuel retorted as he finally stepped into the room, his gaze immediately seeking the outside world. The sun was sinking further and further towards the horizon settling the sky on fire with a mixture of hues from red to blue, the blonde haired boy knew he would have to return home sooner rather than later with or without his friends.

Jason followed his gaze and snorted in annoyance "Come on you lot, let's go explore a little more then we gotta get Sammy back for his bed-time."

The blonde haired boy glared at him "Screw you Jason, don't know why I bother hangin' out with you lot, all you do is take the piss."

"Remember you could have turned back when we gave you the chance, you're the one who followed us in here." Jason pointed out as he closed the distance between them and jabbed Samuel none too gently in the chest with his index finger before stepping around him and into the corridor beyond. The other two boys shared a passing glance as they followed the dark haired boy out into the hallway, Samuel made a noise of frustration and stormed out after the others who were playfully shoving one another through open classroom doorways, too preoccupied to notice the flicker of a shadow crossing the corridor up ahead.

"Uh guys there's someone else in here besides us." Samuel warned as he began taking a few steps back away from the group. The three boys ahead of him stopped in their tracks and turned to face him with a mixture of irritation, disbelief and fear upon their faces "and no I'm not seeing things." He directed that statement at Jason who was looking at him with scepticism written upon his face.

"Come on it might be one of those elusive 'ghosts' Noel wants to catch on his phone." Tim said sarcastically as he went on ahead of the group.

Noel followed after his friend "Come on Tim I've seen the reports and the pictures that come out of this place it's true."

That left just Samuel and Jason behind who were currently in a stand off until the dark haired boy turned and followed after the other two. Samuel sighed drew in deep breath and released it as a heavy sigh, he was done with all of this now, he should have cut his losses when he was outside of the building when he wasn't covered in dust and cobwebs which was going to draw unwanted attention from his father when he returned home. The blond haired boy turned round and began heading back the other way, although he barely got a few feet from where he was stood previously when he heard his friends raised voices:

"Holy crap what was that?!"

"Did you see that?!"

"Shit that thing moved fast, tell me you got it?!"

Samuel felt his heart quicken in his chest and his hands became slick with sweat as his fight or flight instinct cut in, he was definitely not hanging around now. Without so much as a glance backwards, the blond haired boy quickened his pace towards the exit stumbling over concrete pieces scattered across the floor or tripping on missing floor boards. Suddenly a scream rent the air from behind him which stopped Samuel dead in his tracks, that had been Noel he was sure of it. Concern for his friend's safety and well-being immediately overwrote his need to leave the school, indecision went to war in his mind, did he stay and go back and see if Noel was okay or did he leave and hope that the other three got home safely. Although he knew that if he returned home now and something did happen to Noel, the others would never let him hear the end of it so he opened his contacts list on his mobile phone and scrolled down to Jason's name. Signal was sketchy at best out here but he hoped that it would go through, however his hopes were dashed when the call went straight through to voicemail so he tried again twice more only to get the same results as before.

"Bloody hell." Samuel cursed under his breath as he activated the torch app once more and backtracked down the gloomy hallway, his eyes remaining firmly on the path ahead. However he didn't get far when Jason and Tim came running the other way looking completely terrified, the blond haired boy jogged up to meet them as the two bent over with their hands one their knees, both of them trying to get their breaths back, it was then that Samuel noticed Noel was missing "Where's Noel?"

Tim was the first to recover "Something grabbed him from the shadows, we looked but …."

Samuel looked at him in disbelief "We have to find him."

"We need to leave .. NOW." Jason told him as he pushed himself upright and strode past him.

Samuel grabbed his arm as the dark haired boy stepped past him "We can't leave him."

Jason spun round to face him, his youthful features twisting into an ugly snarl as he advanced on Samuel, his right index finger poking him none too gently in the chest "Remember this is as much as your fault as it is ours, you're the one who walked away."

Tim pushed himself between them and shoved them backwards, he glanced at the pair in turn "Guys we'll settle this later, let's get outside and call the police, maybe they can …." Tim didn't get to finish his sentence when they all heard low pitched growling coming from the shadows around them, a dozen or so pairs of glowing blue eyes emerged from the gloom freezing the boys in their place. Tim felt his heart begin to pound in his chest as he turned to the other two boys who were just as transfixed upon the creatures who were slowly slinking towards them with claws extended, the curly haired boy slowly began taking a few steps backwards:

"Guys … RUN!" Tim called out as he turned tail and ran. Both Jason and Samuel didn't need telling twice as they too began running for the exit whilst the hissing and snarling creatures closed in on them from behind. Samuel tripped over a chunk of loose concrete, the torch on his phone inadvertently swung up to shine in the creatures faces. The creatures all stumbled backwards, shrieking and mewling in pain from the intense bright light. The boys took it as an opportunity to escape whilst their other worldly pursuers took a moment to collect themselves before continuing the pursuit of their prey.

The three teenagers spilled out into the main reception area where the stairs were and headed for the main doors only to be cut off from their escape by three of the hissing creatures, their pursuers crept out along the walls and on the ceiling from the corridor they had just exited from. The three boys pressed themselves together so nothing could get between them, their sweat slicked hands sort out one another and held on tight as the creatures began to press in from all sides. Samuel made one last ditch effort to save them by flashing his phone's torch at their aggressors, but instead of warding them off like last time, the creatures appeared to have grown wise to the attempt to deter them again. The blonde haired teen allowed the phone to slip from his fingers, the device clattered noisily in the empty space.

It was the only queue the creatures needed as they launched themselves at the terrified boys, the teenagers screams of terror and pain was the last sound which would echo throughout the vast empty corridors of the building.