Huntress World

It leaped from the tallest building and landed on the ground. Most humans feel a sensation after a jump like that when landing on their feet. Fifteen feet across from the destination, it leaped defying gravity into the window and the entity went into the body of a woman nuzzled up with a guy.

The Host is named Danielle and she doesn't know that her body, including her soul, was being occupied in her mind and in spirit. After a moment or two, she sat up in the bed and initially felt tired, like she was out all night. This was the status-quo because Danielle is really active day and night, awake or asleep. She turned to the left of the bed and lying there was Clint, her lover and soon to be boyfriend. He was fast asleep and it was so deep that she is the only one who could wake him up.

She smiled for the first time in over two years because her estranged boyfriend, Darren, wasn't lying next to her. Danielle should be happy, but felt that something was off and when she briefly squeezed her legs together, she found the reason. She flung the sheets off her body to find out she was wearing stockings and no panties.

Danielle had sex with Clint, but not wearing something like this. She wasn't drunk or intoxicated and believes he wouldn't drug her. The young twenty-something woman got up and was trying to remember when she brought the naughty garments. She turned to the far left and saw a mountain of money. The bills were crumbled and others were folded. She was curious on how much was there, so she put on a robe because she was cold.

A few minutes later, Danielle counted 200 dollars. Some of the bills had lipstick and others had phone numbers. She had friends who stripped as a career and has seen many times how the tips are presented. It was just like that and no one seemed to be in the room, so it must have been hers.

The Doctor-in-training was a dancer for many years and at one time, an Olympic-bound Gymnast until she had a traumatic experience with her Coach. So it seemed that Danielle worked at a Strip Club last night, but doesn't remember and yet she remembers having sex with Clint. She was ready to blame her Fraternity-like boyfriend who she was itching to break-up with. She went to her phone and saw several text messages which were mostly from him. Danielle went to the bathroom and dialed his number.

*Ring-Ring* *Ring-Ring*

Danielle heard a muffled ring. She walked around to the room to try and find it. She saw an unfamiliar suitcase. She unzipped the side-pocket of the suitcase and inside was a zip lock bag which had her estranged man's phone with bloody fingerprints. This was shocking to say the least and she felt the taste of Copper in her mouth. It was not strong, but she could still taste it. She inhaled, then exhaled because that Copper taste implanted in her tongue set off a chain of bliss. She snapped out of it, confused on why she had this taste in her mouth and the feeling it gave out of sex.

Was Clint a part of it? Was he faking being asleep? She didn't want to find out and she looked for her clothes so she can leave. She found lace panties on the other side of the bed, which she never remembers wearing. Then, panic set in when she couldn't find her dress. She opened the suitcase believing it might be in there, but then saw very long boots with killer heels. She quickly backed up and was in denial that they could be hers, but as she stepped closer, Danielle saw that the size of the boots were her size. She couldn't believe that this very long and exotic footwear was ever on her legs. She turned each boot upside down and began to put them on, realizing that they fit perfectly. She started doing some stretching exercises in them, but wasn't sure why. She thought to herself, "How could I do something else? They aren't bad on me but...It's powerful, isn't it?"

The voice that just spoke in her head and uttered those last four words sounded like her, but the placement of each syllable as well as emphasis was something unfamiliar.

She looked down on the floor and realize a thumb drive had fell out of her boot. She quickly went to a drawer to find her laptop. As she put it down on the table, she was going to push the drawer back in and found something...

The good news is that she found her dress… as well as two .22 caliber guns. Danielle hated guns but the dress was comfortable and gave her a sense of familiarity when she put it on. She didn't grab the gun, but for some reason, didn't feel the need to freak out. Believe me, they weren't hers. She put the laptop on the table, plugged it in, turned the power on and slid the thumb drive in there. One folder was named Darren. Danielle clicked on it to find out that it was her estranged boyfriend's Birth Certificate and that his Dad was the Coach who molested her. She found over two dozen videos of him going to a strip club named "Pleasures". Danielle turned to the right and saw a lighter that said, "Pleasures." She was so busy counting the money that she didn't notice the lighter which was under the money.

The logo on the lighter had a naked woman riding a pole, just like the sign has when you enter the "please and tease" building. Danielle was still confused about the boots she put on. Once they were on, she walked in them and stretched like she was going to do a dance routine like a pro. What about the guns? What about the stockings and panties? The young woman found another folder, it was titled "Danielle" and her fingers clicked on the folder which showed herself appearing on the video.

"Hi, Sweetie. We had a good night and you want to know why? First things first. Who am I? I'm You. Not Danielle. I'm the one who takes care of things, works at Pleasures and I am Luna. As you see lying on the bed at the other house right now in kinky handcuffs, shot to death, is Darren. We have a membership to a shooting range and don't worry, those guns are registered to us. The Police will not be a problem, but Huntresses are going to be an issue. What are those, you ask? Given me a minute... Now if you look at the previous folders, you will see that the Pig Coach who liked little girls, screwed a much older woman and created Darren. Just so you know, it's the Coach who likes little girls. Now for the shock you've never known about. I killed the Coach but made you believe he was still alive. I killed Darren and now you know he's dead. I bit him first, then shot him to death and now,I'm going to need that body." Danielle hung on every word "Luna" was saying. The video zoomed in on the bite marks and panned back to Luna with her long sharp fangs. Danielle fell over the seat backwards because this person who seems to be within her had fangs.

"This is can't be real. How am I a Vampire?!" Danielle asked and the video kept going, "We were born Vampires, thanks to our mother's genes. Have you noticed how tired you became in the morning? It's mainly because we have a shadow entity that likes to do mischief and chaos and comes back in our body later. Now that you know… goodbye." Danielle's mind got thrown back into the darkness and there was a lock on the door from the outside. Luna was out.

Luna packed everything and went over to Clint, who Danielle really likes. The Alter personality compelled him to go to sleep and not wake up unless she kisses him.