By: CaffeineLove87

Chapter One: Titanium Arc-Angel

The sun was high in the cloudless brilliant azure sky, it's golden rays slipping through the dark brown curtains of the upper class collection of three story colonial abodes. The well off families of the upscale and wealthy homes seemed to be spending their free time in anywhere but the well maintained structures, leaving their offspring to fend for themselves on the warm summer weekend. One of the teens was none other than Titanna Gale Abbaworth, heiress to the worldwide known and weekly coveted Ember Beat magazine company her father Eric Abbaworth owned. Her mother Ember Rose was a fashon designer and retired model from none other than Vogue, which if you were to ask her she would paste on a false smile and gush of her fifteen years under their patrinage. Tatiana's parents were currently gone on a business venture in Tokyo to work on acheiving buyers of her new summer collection. The teen happily bailed on joining them, not feeling up to giving up her solitude. She was currently regreting that action, boredom was not something she was used to.

"A raging fire destroyed-"

"...add one cup of extra flour for a thicker-"

Click, "For the lowest prices on quality used cars come to-"

Tatianna sighed dramatically before releasing her hold on the thin silver colored television remote, her luscious pink lips pouting slightly at the loud thud it made when it hit the wooden floor. Her long legs bont over the back of the couch so her heels could tap the smooth creme leather love-seat. A sudden feeling of melancoly caused her large grey eyes to narrow, though she was still sure the light of the television screen still reflected off them. Her long sheets of thin dark crimson colored hair made an interesting broom as she rock on her back from side to side in a lazy manor. She just knew she was going to go insane if she didn't find something fun to do.

"Now Miss Tatianna." The maid peered down at the young gil with a look of disproval plastered on her face, "What is all this about?"

The red head tilted her head to the side slightly so she could see the speaker, "I'm so bored!"

Ms. Hemingway shook her head in a casual way, "You chose to stay, Miss."

The teen huffed at this and grumbled, "My japanese is just terrible."

The older woman gave her young mistress a condicending look before speaking, "Your the one relying on that boy of yours for everything that is academic knowledge. Maybe if you tried to figure out things for yourself things might bode better for you."

Tatianna crossed her arms over her chest and glared up at her part-time gaurdian, yet chose not to speak. Ms. Adelle Hemingway, though stubborn and pushy was right like always. She did rely on Justin more than she would like to admit, but wasn't that what friends were for? She couldn't claim to truly know the value of companionship seeing as she chose to only spend time with the blond haired nerd. It wasn't that she wasn't some neurotic boy/clothing chaser like the magority of the females she knew of, but she could be social if she wanted too. It was just the thought of talking to anyone who wasn't her bestfriend made her want to punch a hole in the closest wall. She was know as the 'Titanium Angel' of Cross Academy not just because her beauty was borderline angelic, but becuase she exuded a certain cold and unbreakable persona she just couldn't seem to shake. The title was as perminate as her passion for being the absolute opposite of what everyone else expected her to be.

Ms. Hemingway sighed heavily, her heart feeling heavy from speaking the harsh truth to the young mistress. Having two daughters currently gave her the sage knowledge she passed down to the younger generation. She had first hand experiance of dealing with teenage girls, and liked to hope she'd done a good job by herself in rearing her children. Her husband parished in a tragic plane crash while the girls were still in diapers, leaving her to struggle through parenthood all by herself. God help her how much Veronica and Noelle reminded her of her beloved James.

"Why don't you call him?" The older woman asked, "It's been a few hours since you last called. Or am I mistaken."

The red head stuck her tongue out at her, before rolling off the couch and landing on her feet. Then without saying another word she did just that.

(Authors Note: This story came to me in a dream. I loved the concept so much I decided to run with it.) -CaffeineLove