By: WintersEclipse87

Chapter Two: The Loyal Gaurdian

Justin pressed the accept icon on his iphone on the second verse of his current favorite song Faded, by Decyfer Down and after a moments hessitation he pressed the speaker phone icon. He was greeted by a short announcement that his childhood friend would be arriving at his house within five minutes. Then before he could even open his mouth for a clever retort, she'd already hung up. The high school senior sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, his soft golden blond hair falling over almond shaped closed carmel brown eyes. He knew she wanted to go swimming in his parent's olympic sized swimming pool. The blond often joked with her that she only liked him for his pool, which he knew wasn't the case since their friendship pre-dated the monstrous addition to his families house.

The teen tossed his phone on his bed and spun in a complete circle in his comfortable office style computer chair, before jumping up and moving across his room to his dresser. The deep green walls did nothing to improve his temperment. It wasn't Tatiana's fault he'd died on his favorite online MMO RPG and lost two straight days of experience grinding. Not to mention the guys were going to kill him if they died aswell. Their healer was some new guy his warlock friend found to help them in the tower, so only heaven knew if he could keep them alive long enough to escape. Justin crossed his fingers and hoped everything would work out for the best.

With a sigh the boy slid off his leather office style chair, his fingers twisting around his long blond bangs. As he stalked in the direction of his large coffee colored waredrobe in search of something launge worthy, his mind drifted back to his long time friend. It wasn't a place he liked to slip into, sure they were as tight as two hetero teens could be without actually having relations. Not that he would mind or anything, I mean what guy or girl wouldn't be brought to their knees by the unbreakable Tatianna. Justin blushed at the thought of her convincing him that they should visit the nude beach in the neighboring town, feeling like some sort of pervert he shook his head to try and erase the images.

With a long and slightly depressed sounding sigh, he decided on a pair of light blue and white Hawaii style swim trunks. While swinging them in lazy circles on his index finger he slipped into his private bathroom. He emerged some minutes later clad in said swim shorts and a white tanktop he found hanging over the towel rack. It was still clean which was all he cared about. He quickly pocketed his phone, before exiting the room and closing the door upon his exit. The plush bleached white carpet was soft under his bare feet, one of the only design choices his mother made that was too terrible.

His phone gave a sudden fierce vibration against his leg, drawing his attention. With slight effort he wrested it free and slid his finger over the bottom on the screen. He ignored the cute anime girl that was his screensaver and tapped his text app. The corner of his lips quirked up at the messege from his buddy. She was wearing a pink zip up cover with just a hint of the white string bakini hidden undernethe, the words: I AM HOPPING IN THE CAR NOW. BE THERE IN 5. BETTER BE READY! The flirty smoochie emoji mad him laugh, almost causing him to lose his footing and roll down the stairs.

"Justin...is that you?" A soft voice called up from the kitchen.

The teen waited until his feet were firmly at the foot of the stairs before he answered, "Yes mom. Do you need something?"

A woman with long straight sand colored hair and bright blue eyes poked her head around the corner of the kitchen wall. She looked to be in her late thirties, her lacy white knee length hugged her body tight and in ways that made her teenage son uncomfortable. Lucy Warren was the type of mom everyone couldn't help but love, with her ageless beauty and warm friendly mentality. Many times her only son was made to endure the cat calls and derogitory remarks from guys while he was a kid. Even now some of the guys he hung out with would try their hardest to get even a fraction of his mothers attention.

"Hey hunny, was wondering how long you were going to stay couped up in your room." She pouted perfect rose colored heart shaped lips at him, "It's such a lovely day. You should be outside."

"As a matter of fact I was planning on going swimming." He slid by her and slipped into the kitchen, "Tat's comming over."

"Oh that is awesome, Sweety." Lucy's voice reached such a high octave the boy couldn't help but cringe.

Ignoring the overly bouncy woman, he swiped two bottles of water from the refidgerator along witha plastic container with chicken salad. After setting them on the marble counter, he dug through the cabinets until he found two sleeves of whole weat crackers. He quickly placed the items into a plastic bag, adding two apples before he exited. The redhead was pretty much addicted to his mother's chicken salad and never ceased to stop reminding him. It wasn't much, but he figured the would be outside for a while and he knew how crabby girls could get when the were hungry.


The boy paused with his hand on the slidding glass door handle, "Yes ma'am?"

"Some kid named Anderson called you earlier." She said, "Said he tried to reach you on your cell hours ago."

"What did he want?" He was only slightly curious.

Anderson Walker was your typcal rich party boy whose parents always seemed to be out of town. He wasn't exactly popular, but his parties were legendary. Once upon a time the teen was interested in Tatianna, but that romance was so fleeting and onesided he wondered why the party boy even bothered looking him up. Justin secretly hoped it was a party to top all parties, with it being their final year of high school and only months before graduation Anderson would more than likely throw a rager. The prospect made the blond smirk, Tatianna owed him and he was so going to cash in if she refused.

"Something about a party at his parents villa." His mother stated confirming his assumtion, "Just behave yourself hunny."

"Don't I always."