There's something walking down my hallway. I hear its footsteps pressing against the floor, creating loud creaks that wake me up. Nobody else seems to hear it and dismisses my claims whenever I try to point it out.

I personally haven't seen whatever is walking out there either. Well, maybe not entirely. There was this one time where my curiosity got the best of me. The walking had been going on for weeks and I couldn't keep my curiosity contained much longer. I had to find out what was walking down my hallway every night.

Every passing second felt like an hour with how great the anticipation was. My eyes would dart over to the clock hanging on my wall just to see if it was time. The time eventually came and I laid my head against my pillow, listening intently.

It soon came. The slow, creaking walk of whatever was outside. All the confidence I had was starting to simmer away as the sounds drew nearer. My body began to feel weak and my head spun. I stood upright in my bed and took several deep breaths. I told myself I would get a glimpse and I wasn't going to back down.

A couple more footsteps and I knew it would be too late if I continued stalling. I took one last breath and forced open the door with one push. The hallway lights were dimly lit and there were no signs that anything had been walking. I was about to close the door and blame the whole thing on an overactive imagination when something caught my eye. There was a shadow on the wall, standing still and shaped like a person. Whether it was a male or female was beyond me. I could see it standing where it was, seemingly looking right at me.

I cocked my head at whatever I was looking at and waited for something to happen. Nothing did and I took two more steps closer to it. That's when the shadow began to walk towards me and grow in size. It was attached to something that had been hiding around the corner. My body shook as the shadow transformed into an unrecognizable shape that I couldn't explain if I tried. The sounds coming from around the corner were much more monstrous and whispery. Even the footsteps were beyond recognizable.

There was nowhere for me to go but my bedroom. I ran into my room and slammed the door shut, making sure to lock it tight. I then ran into the closet and hid inside one of the bedroom drawers. My body was pretty small, giving my age, so fitting inside wasn't a problem for me. I just hoped that whatever was outside wouldn't come inside and find me.

Sounds of the monstrous footsteps came closer to my room. My heart was beating so fast that I began to feel a pain in my chest. Sweat started to drip from my forehead as I nervously shook inside my hiding spot. The sounds grew loud like a storm cloud and then disappeared without a second more. I carefully walked out of my drawer and pressed an ear against the door. The other side had the lack of noise that it normally had before all this.

I opened the door to find and saw that the hallway had turned dark. One would have never guessed that I saw what I did. Sometimes I'll go back to this memory and wonder what I even saw. The shadow and whatever it was attached to hasn't returned and probably never will. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway. I really don't want to be proven wrong.