So...In this story will be told in third person as opposed to the first story's first person which is probably gonna be how most of the stories are gonna be told, in third person rather than first person. I think the first person perspective was mostly to help make me more excited about the first story as vampires are like my least favorite monster in general at least I like ghosts more than vampires. Here instead of the protagonist facing the Monster, in this story the protagonist IS the Monster and the Ghost must find what it takes to move on to afterlife. Here she is a Mizzer Humanimal...Here is my chance to show that not just the Domestic Cats are prosperous in Mizzer and all the other species are in the ghetto, for the most part Vertebrate from the Dogs and Cats to Birds and Reptiles/Amphibians on the outer rims of every town have nice houses and every Vertebrate has the potential to become very wealthy as will be seen in the History of this Wolf Family's wealth. Also show that not just the Cats can be spoiled materialistic jerks as it very clear the Wolf of our Story married her husband only so she can live in the family mansion. The story was inspired by the first of the Supernatural Stories in the Plant Dolan True Stories where the last story was by Nixxiom and he told a story about his experience with a GHOST Girl he called Jenny...Didn't want to tell the exact same story, kind of 'Don't speak ill of the dead' sort of thing, but I liked the name Jenny so I decided instead of a young girl the ghost would be a Housewife.

She had been a She-Wolf of wealth and privilege and even as her fabulous mansion rotted around her, she was still determined not to leave it. She was a pure white wolf, she came from a long of pure white wolves, but she chose to marry a black wolf which was quite the scandal for both their families but Jenny was determined to be his wife. He was heir to one of the wealthiest Humanimal families in all of Mizzer. The manufacturers of unique Mizzer perfume!

See many, many years ago his ancestor, one Eugene Lupine lived a simple life working at his family's laundromat, but one night he discovered one of the Native creatures, a Slime Mold, very similar to the slime molds of Earth but far more mobile. Some of these slime molds were eating bars of soap handled by various customers, thus the bars of soap had bits of fur and other genetic material on them, Eugene was horrified and rushed forward to rescue the soap! But then one of the slime molds ate a bar of soap that had wolf fur on it, and released some flatulence that to Eugene's nose smelled like the scent of a female wolf in heat! That was when he made the discovery , when these Mizzer slime molds ate soap containing a female Humanimal's genetic material, it's flatulence would be the most enchanting musk any Male Humanimal ever smelled...Thus...He was able to create the largest perfume empire in the history of ever! Because for creatures, who despite all being granted human-like sight...Are still more dependent on their noses than their eyes...These was a game changer in terms of the 'The Mating Game'

Thus Jenny married her black-as-night mate and with him, moved into their lovely mansion in the city of Dahlia which is sort of the 'Beverly Hills' of Mizzer, of course an aristocratic dynasty such as this had many mansions in many different places...But this one was the one the couple liked the best, they liked Dahlia's climate, where there was no snow in the winter but also not boiling hot as the nearby deserts would be...Jenny loved to take dips in the swimming pool and spend hours trying on her various different outfits and posing in front of her mirror...Life was good...She only got half a year of this life...When the Wrangler Invasion happened.

The moment it happened Jenny had been on the patio sipping some pink champagne and looking at the night sky when it seemed to her she saw several shooting stars at the same time!

'Oh how pretty!' She thought to herself...However then she heard the sirens blare...Sirens that were on the hills that surrounded the valley countryside...Then there was the BOOM! And a burst of red and orange light from behind the other side of the Mountains.

Jenny was terrified! All the servants were leaving out the front, door, out the back door...Our various windows...Jenny didn't follow them...No she believed the safest place to be was her own house!

She ran into her house went up the stars in the darkness...As Wolf she could see in see better than a Human in the dark so it didn't seem that much different to her.

Then a great sonic blast broke all the windows causing them to shatter! Jenny covered her face as her back and arms were slashed by the shards of glass...Then the Invading Wranglers came in shooting out tranquilizer darts...Jenny was hit by one, fell from the stairs...Fell at a bad angle and died. The Wranglers wanted Humanimals for slaves not dead meat...So they left her corpse.

It took a while, but Jenny finally rose from her corpse and saw she was all alone in the dark...Her Mansion was torn apart...And she could see the same was so for her neighbors...She then looked down and saw her corpse...Her pure white fur stained with crimson blood. She knew what had happened.

And that is when she saw him! A Wolf-Man even blacker than her husband, his eyes glowing and red...Really he seemed more like a living shadow than a flesh and blood wolf, he reached out his hand to her and said "Come."

"Why?" Jenny asked

"You are dead." The Shadow-Wolf said "There is not a thing left here for you in the land of the living...Your husband is in the Forest of Eternal Twilight...You will meet him there if you come with me."

Jenny looked around at saw her house, torn apart as it was, her Territorial Wolf instincts were saying to her 'No. This is still mine...It belongs to me! I can't just leave it here!' This is more or less what she said to the Black Beast of Death.

They say not many things can shock a God...But the Black Beast of Death was still a rather young God as he had only existed as long as Humanimals had existed which was only five thousand years. So when heard Jenny's reason for why she was staying, he was momentarily taken aback...He had never before encountered a Humanimal who valued marital possessions over friends and family!

"So..." The Black Beast said "...You never really loved your husband did you? You just wanted to be rich! I see there is no point in taking you to the Abba-Dingo because what it would sentence you to, is what you have already chosen...So have fun being a Ghost haunting one destroyed house of a destroyed planet!" And with that...The Black Beast vanished

It wouldn't be until many years later, Jenny would encounter the Mage Monarch from Mizzer Marzipan Cheshire, and finally realize some things are more valuable than territory and moved on to the Afterlife...But that is another story for another time.

Decided Jenny's meeting of Marzipan should be reserved for a chapter in Fanfiction . Net For now...This story is simply an example of Mizzer Materialism causing a Humanimal to choose being a Ghost over the Afterlife