Okeydokey...I wanted to wait until the YouTuber I'm following did his Werewolf Analysis video but it's already Monday and he hasn't done it yet, and I can't wait forever if I'm gonna do something special for Halloween this Wednesday. For this story I realized I couldn't do just a Humanimal of a Different Species turning into a Wolf or worse a Wolf turning into a more viscous Wolf, I toyed with the idea of a Human envious of the Humanimals' Animal Powers turns into a Werebeast to gain Animal Speed Strength and Senses I realized I had done that story before...Then I realized what I had to do is turn a Humanimal into the thing they all fear...A Human! After reading this story some people may think the Humanimal Hunter is a Viperfish turned into a Human making him a Fishwere since I described his mouth like being that of a Viperfish...But no I believe the Hunter's Mouth may simply be shaped by the wild imaginations of the Paradise Valley Humanimals and his bullets only bring death not transformation...Also like their Natural Counterparts Viperfish Humanimals tend to live in the darkest depths of the ocean where a rifle isn't the most effective weapon. Our Protagonist Pimpernel Porga is heavily inspired by Sir Porga a very old Marvel Comics Character who is one of the 'New Men' or Animals Bio-Engineered into intelligent beings, in Sir Porga's case he was a Pig who was Mutated into something that looked almost completely Human except for his pointed ears.

Even a Beast whose pure of Heart and sings his prayers at night, Can become a Human under the city lamp light.

This is a story about a Pig-Man named Pimpernel Porga. As he was a wild born Humanimal, it was common for Wild Humanimals to give their children flower names even the boy children, Boys do tend to get more masculine flower names like 'Pimpernel' and 'Larkspur'. One day Pimpernel's Mom gathered her three children, Pimpernel and his two Sisters like a Mother Pig had done many years before, she said to them "My Dears, as you know it is Humanimal Tradition that you must not marry a Member of your own herd." She sighed "As you also may know some of the Herd's children stay and wait for wandering mates to join them where others become Wanderers in search of a new Herd to join...You three have been among the chosen to be sent out."

The Three Young Pig-Humanimals nodded their heads.

While Pimpernel's two Sisters decided to travel deeper inland to search for a new herd, Pimpernel decided instead he wanted to travel along the coastline along the familiar migration routes his herd took to make sure they never overgrazed one particular area...His Sisters and Mother warned him it was dangerous to wander alone, but Pimpernel laughed and assured them he would be safe...His sisters wanted to travel one way but be wanted to take a different route, if everyone is to be happy then everyone must travel his or her own way.

Pimpernel set forth with only his clothes made of woven grass on his body, it was the middle of Spring, (The only proper time to send adolescents out on their journey when food is plentiful and next Winter is a long ways away) There were plenty of grazing for him to eat along the way, if he started craving something with a bit more protein he could always dig up grubs.

Soon night fell. As Pimpernel began to search for a place to crash for the night he heard the BANG of a gun and the distinct sound of a Pig...Specifically a Sow...Squealing!

Pimpernel knew he couldn't leave a Sow or any fellow Humanimal in Danger...The burly Boar raced through the forest with surprising speed, when he came to where he smelled the Sow...She was already laying dead among the undergrowth, a bloody wound in her neck.

Pimpernel knelt down to inspect the fallen creature...No sooner than he had done that he heard the sound of a gun cocking, her ears perked, he turned his head.

BANG! The sound of the gunshot recoiled in his ears, he felt a sharp sting in his right arm...He turned and fled...No more could be done for the dead sow.

When he finally could run no more...He stopped to inspect his wound...He had only been grazed by the bullet...But then he saw the scar was green and glowing eerily…

A wandering a Shaman...An Ancient Red Dragon had been walking along the forests paths singing his own songs...When he heard the gun shots...As a Shaman he knew it was his duty to help his Fellow Humanimals so he hurried as fast as his ancient legs could carry him.

There he found a Pig-Man (A Middle White breed with the short upturned snouts..He was mostly pink with brown blotches)

"Brother Pig." Said the Shaman "I heard gun shots...Are you injured?"

"I'm not sure Shaman." Pimpernel said "At first I thought this was only a harmless scrape but then I saw it was a glowing green."

The Dragon-Shaman gasped when he saw the wound on Pimpernel's arm

"My Dear Pig-Boy." The Dragon said sympathetically "I fear you may have been inflicted with a terrible curse."

"Curse?" Pimpernel said

"There is an ancient legend passed down around these parts..." The Dragon said "...A Humanimal is wounded by a gun...Gets a scar like yours and the following night...The Transformations begin."

"Transformations?!" Pimpernel squeaked

"Their is a rhyme...Even a Beast who is pure of heart and sings his prayers at night, can become a Human under the city lamp light."

"But what if the Beast isn't under the city lamp light?" Pimpernel asked

"There is a large Human city nearby this area...Which is probably why the Legend is so pervasive in this area." Said the Dragon "See if you can avoid following the light of the city tomorrow night."

"Wait!" Pimpernel called after the Dragon "Isn't there a cure?"

"We have never been able to discover one." The Dragon said "All the tales of those affected say they vanished into the City where no Shaman was ever able to find them."

Well Pimpernel was completely unable to sleep after that, he tossed and turned all night thinking about tomorrow night...As a result he fell asleep after the sun rose and slept all through the next day...He woke up as the sun was beginning to set…

He looked at his scar, it was still green and glowing...But he noticed something else was glowing...For the first time he noticed the nearby Human City...The golden light of the street lamps seemed so warm and inviting...Where the forest seemed now cold and wet and slimy…

Slowly Pimpernel made his way forward...Toward the city glowing brighter and brighter as the sun further disappeared behind the hills...As he made his way toward the City he began to transform, slowly but surely his hooves started transforming into fleshy human feet...His ears moved lower to the sides of his head...His snout transformed into a Human nose...When he got to the edge of the city...He felt his pants made of woven grass were no longer suitable so he tore off those grass pants and stole a shirt and pants hanging from a nearby clothes line and in the darkness of a grungy alley he dressed himself. He still had no shoes though...And these fleshy Human feet were so soft and unprotected especially in this city with hard concrete and broken glass.

However...He was quickly found by a Hooker...She had short back hair, freckles and was bearing her midriff when she saw what looked like a fat bald man wearing a white shirt, black pants and no shoes...His complexion seemed a little two nice to be someone impoverished so she felt she had to ask… "Who are you?"

The Man turned to her instead "You could say I'm new in town...I've lost my shoes and my wallet...And I'm hungry."

"I could get you something to eat." The Hooker said "I was about to grab a bite myself." She had no idea what could have happened to the guy to have gotten in the predicament he was currently in.

They entered a somewhat seedy diner. The Man got a cheeseburger with fries (Both slathered with ketchup) and a cola.

Despite being both fat and bald and having the worst table manners she had ever seen, the Hooker couldn't help liking this stranger...He seemed to have this strange...Carnal appeal to her.

"You smell sexy." She purred "You can't be just some nobody...You got to be a somebody.

The Man finished his fries and smiled "You can call me...The Pimp." He said

Thus I leave it there...I now feel 'The Pimp' will make an appearance in further stories both here on Fictionpress and on Fanfiction . Net where my heroes will encounter him after he's established himself in the city and Travis from the previous story may appear as an adult...Possibly as a future mate for Emerald from the Humanimals of Mizzer...