The time was 7:00 P.M. on April 30, 2018. The blue and black bands on the headpiece were lying down along with it. The location was Carol Stream, Illinois.

A girl named Sarah Socher looked at the headphones. With a cool design, USB plugged in, and a built in microphone. Who could leave this on the floor like this?

She picked it up thinking: "This would be a good birthday present, wouldn't it?"

She felt her fingers tingle a little as she took off with it, but not too much.

Alexander Posom got out of bed on another school day. The clock read "6:45" and the calendar showed the day was May 1, 2018. Wait, that was his birthday!

He got out of bed and took a shower. Then getting ready was easy enough. Time to go downstairs.

He walked downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Happy birthday, Alex." His mother said.

"Good job." His father said.

Alex's little sister, 7 year old Ella was just sleepy and not really caring at this point.

"Huh, what, oh, ok!"

And Alex's older brother, 16 year old Sean was not really happy either. More or less bored.


But, well, it was school time, and he was off!

School was almost starting when he got to school. Cassaraton Middle School, a private non-religious school, in a place like Carol Stream?

He ran into LA class just before it started.

And well, most of school was fine.

"Hey!" yelled Katsuo Takashi (properly spelled: 崇).

Alex looked back to see the immigrant who also happened to be his friend.

"So." Alex started. "What ya doing today?"

"Nothing. Happy birthday btw."

"I know. You got your 3DS?"


"Lets do this!"

"Hai (okay)"

They then, in the spare time they had, frantically tried to beat each other at multi-card play Mario kart 7. Katsuo won.

"It's not fair! Your Japanese, all Japanese are literally better than Americans at anything!"

"Shi. That character, in one of our writing styles, resembles a smiley face. That is what I feel."

Alex thought this would never end until Sarah came over.

"What you boys doing?"

"Uhh, he was using Japanese technique to cheat his way to victory"


"Umm." Sarah said. "That is not possible. Anyways happy birthday!"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Oh also, here is your birthday present."

She gave Alex a pair of headphones. It had blue and black bands on the design, and had a microphone built in. It also was plugged in via USB.

"NO way, Thanks Sarah, I have always wanted one of these!"

"I guess you have it now"

Alex put the headphones around his next. The wire he tucked into his shirt, deep enough it was directly touching his bear chest.

Katsuo reminded them: "Gym is about to start! Think he said last time we will be running track today."

All three of them ran off.


All the Sixth graders were off and away, running to their teacher's content. Alex, who had always been known for being really fast, was in the lead.

He still had the headphones on his neck, and the wire touching his bear chest.

The watch on the teacher's hand stroke 10:00 A.M. This was the first Tuesday of May, so that meant-


The tornado sirens were taking a test run. One was stationed right next to the track. It hurt the students' ears.

The only person's ears it did not hurt was the one closest to it: Alex. He had this thing were no matter how loud the sound, it would not hurt his ears. People used to make fun of it.

And then.

And then.

It was either a BOOM or a ZZAPP, but it was loud and powerful.