The speaker searchers all came for the starting ceremony. The ceremony was for the creation of the Speaker Searchers and for the eventual finding of Speaker.

Of course, what did not occur to them was the fact that Speaker was just standing next to Katsuo rambling about some goals.

"Katsuo, I have a question. What is this going to be about?" Alex, who you know is Speaker, said.

"I'm first gonna say a speech about how we will achieve our goal, then we will start with the present swap." Katsuo said, the leader of the Speaker Searchers.

"Present Swap?"

"To ensure our teamwork, we will swap presents as a mean of gratitude. Wasn't that in the guide."

"Thank goodness it was, then I wouldn't have gotten the present!"

After a speech about 'Discovery' and 'Heroism', the present swap started.

One by one, everyone gave presents to friends. Alex was not too surprised when Katsuo gave him a present.

"It is a copy of Super Smash Bros. 3DS editon" he said.

"Thanks. Want to see your present?" Alex said.


Alex took it out. "Japanese Kit Kat"

Sudden flash back Katsuo is having

"Headaso! Weaodla to or heame!"

Katsuo was looking around the house. "What did they just say?" he thought. It sounded like gibberish.

"Headaso, nida to maato yio, Posoma faeady!"

His dad was talking gibberish as well?

His mom did not say anything. She probably could not understand the gibberish, understandably.

He looked at the kid. Who could he be?

"uh uh, Headaso?"

Katsuo was slightly distressed by what he was hearing, so he asked his mother.

"Okaasan, what are they saying?"

"I do not know either."

Some time later, he and the kid were forced into a room.

"Headaso, ma nyan is Areka! Hoy con yio dibm't talg to mu?"

"What are you saying?"

"Wya yio spaeheng jiddarich?"

Over time, they understood they were speaking different languages. He tried to learn what he was saying.

"Are you Kadbuo?"

He is not Kadbuo.

"nn- no?"

"Sill! That is no what you sa!"

"Am I Alex?"


"Yeso? Just yes, no yeso!"

"Are you Katsuo?"


They started to get along. But then, when they tried watching tv,

"ddjaioduduoafudosaufdousafoudsoufoudoUFos!" is what Katsuo heard. It was extremely uncomfortable, so he went to his mother.

"Okaasan, I don't understand that thing!"

"Don't be scared! I do-"

"No, the terebi, it said something odd! I a-"

"Here, take one and give another to the Areka boy over there."

"It is 'Alex'"

He went over and gave one to Alex.

"KIT KAT? I love Kit Kat! This one says stuff with smily faces, why?"

"Ita read: Kitto Katto!"

Wait, did Katsuo just say the gibberish? Oh well, at the age of five you learn languages really quickly.

"Some day, I will give you Kit Kat back!"

"I guess you kept your promise." Katsuo said.

"Yes, I did." Alex said.

The rest was quite happy with them just having fun.