Last Night Stripping


HUntress World

Rachel drove her antique Mustang and pulled up to a parking lot, with her bumper behind the line. She took a deep breath because of the issues her job brings up with the Finace; She took her engagement ring off and put it in a box.

Her fiancé gave consent for her to do that. It was important for Rachel to give the illusion that she wasn't taken so that she can get better tips. She grabbed her bag, opened the back door to the club, and walked into the dressing room. The other performers had revealing clothes on, from shorts that easily come off too high heels which are easy to perform in.

"How is the oil on the floor?" she asked, and a random performer told her, "You're going to need to wipe it down, Cowgirl. I know how much you love wearing the fringe."

So, she went to her spot to get ready to put on her Daisy Dukes. Rachel put on her tear away shirt and then the tall Cowgirl Boots on, as her ass got slapped.

"Hey Star..." her bestie Sara said, and Rachel asked, "How's the floor?"

"The guys are generous, and the girls are shy, but they are loose with their dollar bills," Sara told her.

Sara was decked out in her sixties love child outfit.

"I love those fuzzy boots." Rachel told her and Sara responded with, "Well, Star, it's time to earn that money."

Sara gave her another slap on the ass and then, made her exit. Five minutes later, Rachel left the dressing room, and became Star whose ready to charm with that Southern accent that lures victims like a Succubus.

She made her way to a few women and said, "Good evening ladies." Two of the ladies were civil but offered her five dollars for a little twirl.

Star did a twirl, but she got into it a lot, and her five dollar tip went up to ten.

"For twenty, you could be my mechanic bull!" The girl was eager as she handed her twenty and that tip got Rachel enough for at least one week of gas.

Star's first customer was trying to figure out if she liked women and had a look of satisfaction when she realized her answer.

So the customer asked her, "Will you come over in the next hour for another one?"

Star shook her head, yes, and the customer added, "Can I tell my friend about you?"

Star nodded, and it's just that easy for her to seduce the money out of their pockets.

The night quickly twisted into something else. Three guys walked in and sat on the edge of the counter. Star saw money, but Rachel could sense something much more. The bartender knows how to smell Demon Werewolves. The wet whistler gestures with her eyes and Rachel put her alter-ego personality away. The bartender presses the button, and slowly, everyone begins to get up to leave as the redhead Bartender took cover. One of the men walked around and stood in front of Rachel.

He said, "You're pretty. I have some money I'd like to give you, as well as a new lease on life."

She turned to him and said, "You know, like most restaurants, we have a policy. So forgive me, but you're not getting my services." Rachel informs the monster kicked him in the nuts and leaped over the counter.

He growled and then got stabbed in the shoulder. That button that the bartender pressed is not only an alert for everyone to leave, but is also an alert for Rachel's Fiancé to come.

Jessica Elizabeth, Werewolf Huntress, was going through her mental script to convince woman to quit as the alert came in. The redheaded Huntress ran back to her car and was now armed. She came in to shoot a big size arrow into the other shoulder, and the two that came in with the guy stood in the background not wanting to join the fight, yet.

"Are y0u bothering my Fiancé, mutt?" Jessica asked with a low volume, and then he said, "You're just a little girl that took away my Bitch!"

The man went to attack her and got three silver bullets in his chest from Rachel; the other two got silver arrows in theirs.

Jessica saw the hole Rachel blew in the guy's chest and said, "Good shot. Was that the same gun you used to kill my Bitch Mother when she was about to slice me?" They kissed after Rachel confirmed it with a nod.

The bartender told Star, "You are done for the night."

So Star got her things, and Jessica told her, "I know you love dancing, but as long as you're with me..."

Rachel cut her off and offer a solution, "I'm a target and so when you find a house, I'll do private shows."

Jessica doesn't like it when Rachel becomes Star, but to keep her safe, she's willing to meet her halfway.

"That's actually doable. I will build a room for you." The redhead said this and Rachel then added, "I want you to marry me this weekend."

Jessica then showed her a picture of her dream wedding dress and then one of the beaches they wanted for their nuptials.