Authors Notes: I'll be honest. This is kind of inspired by watching too many let's plays...
Also... please give at least the next chapter a shot... I kind of suck at prologs...

Warnings: Death. Lots of it. Also, coming back from death. (This doesn't happen in real life. Period. I know you guys are smart enough to know this but... just in case...) Suicide, murder, accidental and natural deaths occur and are talked about. The acts are usually addressed in past tense though... so I think a T warning is okay... though let me know if you disagree. Fighting may happen in future chapters... and if things get more detailed I will bump the rating up... but for now I think that I lack the descriptive narrative to call this M... even though some of the themes are... questionable... they are not taken as seriously as they probably would normally. Also, warnings for mental instability... though that probably won't be directly addressed until later... and I'm not really knowledgeable enough to distinguish certain issues...

Please enjoy this story and let me know what you think!

Corroding Eternity

By: Ann


Kent Retter, an archeologist by trade blew on the stone tablet he'd just exhumed. Lightly he dusted at it. "What have you got?" His assistant, John Kart asked.

Kent looked over the ancient object skeptically. "I'm not sure." The tablet had an old script on it. Maybe Ugaritic... the sharp lines and pointed symbols seemed to suggest so. Kent wasn't certain. It had been ages since he'd attempted to read anything like it. He pulled out his chisel and carefully dislodged it from its century-old tomb and placed it lightly on a bundle of fabric. Looking back to the gaping wall of dirt he'd pulled it from he noticed another anomaly. Curious, as always, he started pushing back the minerals from around said object revealing another tablet, but unlike the prior one, this tablet held nothing but an archaic drawing. He stared at it for a long moment.

"What have you got Kent?" John asked.

"Well... shuck me." The words slipped unconsciously from his lips but he still managed to censor himself. The image was staring back at him like a red flag. A human figure posed to the left of the composition, holding what looked like a sword, facing off against an ambiguous shape. The opposing creature was indistinguishable, for the other half of the tablet on which it resided was eroded leaving only the hint of a head. To Kent it resembled a lion's head. Kent knew better.

Day's later, in a bustling city back in the states a woman walked hotly down the street, a golden retriever-like dog padding alongside her. The dog's tong lulled out the side of its mouth as it gasped for air. It barked two short snaps. The girl growled, her brunet hair whipping in its tight ponytail as she glared down at the dog. "No way. I didn't ask you to come along. If you don't want to walk my pace than you can meet me at Lewi's! If you can even get in."

"Woof." The dog replied blandly as it continued to pad along with her. The two walked up to a large skyscraper who's windows glistened in the sun as they went in without pause.

"Excuse me." A receptionist called. "You can't bring a dog in here."

"It belongs to Mr. Peeters." The woman snapped back walking into the elevator and punching the top floor: 30.

She sighed leaning against the wall of the elevator as the doors closed. Glancing down at the dog her anger faded and fear shined through. "Dodge, he's going to kill me." The dog let out a couple of sharp yaps and a whine. "Yeah... I guess he's going to kill us... at least we won't die alone." She said with a half-smile and the dog nodded.

As the elevator came to a stop the woman and dog simultaneously took equally deep breaths before walking out into a large office like room. There they found a man sat at a desk. He was dressed in a dark suit accented by a sky blue tie. His curly hair was cut short and a well-groomed short cut dark brown beard made his green eyes pop. Standing next to the desk in a gray suit was another man looking out the window.

"Norian... Dodge..." The man at the desk greeted stiffly. He crossed his fingers as he watched the two walk in. The bags under his eyes were heavy with fatigue and he did not hide the irritation in his voice nor gaze. The woman, Norian, flinched. "Look, Lewi- I can explain-

The man reached down grabbing a large newspaper and slammed it onto the desk. "I don't need an explanation. Norian, this is the 6th time in the last 2 decades that I've had to pick you up after one of your half-baked schemes!" On the paper, the front page was an image of a still flaming car. The title read: "Local Woman Die's in tragic car accident- 3 weeks before wedding."

"Really?" He asked. "That poor man."

"Excuse me!" Norian retorted a look of disgust on her face. "I found him in bed with another woman!"

" punish him... you drive your car off a cliff?"

The woman looked away. "It was the easiest way... to just leave it."

The man sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose roughly before he turned his glare to Dodge. "And you! Why the hell are you a dog?" The dog barked and whined.

"Uh..." Norian said her face flushing a bit as she bit her bottom lip. "He-" She stopped snickering a bit. "He got hit by a car."

The man pinched the bridge of his nose. "Fine, whatever. It's probably for the best anyway..." The man glanced to the other standing next to him and they exchanged looks.

Norian gave Lewi a sideways look not missing the silent exchange. "What's up?"

"I got word from Kent recently... He found clues to a cavern."

Norian groaned. "Really? Do we really have to go through that again!? None of the thousands that we've explored have given us any clues-

"That's not true." The man said pulling out a file. He handed it to the woman. "Here. I was prepared for you. Just go. Your new name is Enid Charles. Get used to it."

"You." He looked to the dog. "I'll get you set up later. Just... go get hit by another car or something."

The dog whined. "We're all going to be meeting in Central Park next week. Five pm by that dog statue."


"That's the one." Lewi confirmed with an astute nod.

"Alright... I'll stay out of trouble till then." Norian- now known as Enid said, then she smiled at the man standing at the window. "It was nice to see you again, Kean."

The man gave a tired smile back but did not respond. With that, the woman and dog duo left.

Lewi let out a long breath looking to the statuesque Kean standing next to him. "I'm not sure how much more of this I can take."

Kean shook his head. "I don't think we have a choice. The caverns are the only clues we have."

"I'm not talking about the caverns..."

"We can't do this alone." Kean retorted running a hand through his graying hair. "Trust me... I've tried."

Lewi pressed his lips together but silently acknowledged the truth in Kean's statement.

States away, Elliot Miles stared up at the ceiling of his bathroom as his body began to go cold. Darkness was sneaking into his vision and his chest shuttered as he struggled for breath. The last thought he had before everything slipt away was that he'd made a horrible mistake.