The walk to the generator had been a slow but thankfully uneventful trek. The trio had kept slow and as silent as possible, stopping every couple of seconds to listen for anything amiss.

The moonlight lit the ground beneath them and reflected cold from the white surface of the snow. There were no tracks to the west of the lodge. That meant that, at least since the last snowfall, no one had gone anywhere near the generator.

Antonia led from the front; her hands stuffed under her armpits to fight off the persistent cold. Even though she was now fully dressed, she could barely feel her feet anymore. The frigid air kept ice in her lungs, and it was all she could do to stop herself from shivering.

She didn't want to let on to Stacey and Joe just how cold she was. She didn't want them worrying about her – paying her more attention than was necessary.

The feeling of eyes on her back was enough to make her feel at least a bit sick, however she knew that it was necessary if they were going to get the power back on.

So much different from the scent of moss and damp, the generator stank of diesel. A large metal box, just under twice her height, the handles of the two hinged doors were set at about the height of her head.

Joe stepped forward and reached for the handles. Twisting them back and forth five times each, he breathed in the freezing air before exhaling a thick cloud. He opened and shut the doors another five times.

Now that the doors were open, Antonia saw what looked like a huge engine inside. Pipes ran from one component to another, and on the left-hand-side she noticed a box with a big red button, a blinking green light, a number pad and a small LCD display.

Joe reached up and began to press buttons on the pad, before letting out a sigh of relief.

"It's got over a hundred hours left," he said, with a voice that sounded like he was about to cry.

Antonia felt herself smile slightly. There was enough power. They would be able to turn the lights back on. They would be able to get to the staff cabin and use the phone.

Joe checked the oil level and the coolant level, uncapping each five separate times before scratching at his head and telling them it was all okay.

After making sure that everything was hooked up correctly, Joe moved back to the display panel and grabbed hold of a switch that was currently set to the "Auto" position. He looked back over his shoulder at Antonia and Stacey and broke into a hopeful smile.

When Joe turned the switch to "ON", hope flared in Antonia's chest, only to be immediately extinguished when he reversed the motion back to "Auto". Five times he turned it on before suddenly turning it back off.

Antonia gritted her teeth, realising that he couldn't help it. It was just his disorder.

She remembered him from group therapy. The man with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

He had put on weight since the last time she saw him, but his physical compulsions had gotten worse. Antonia figured that it was because he couldn't continue to self-medicate the way that he had been.

She could remember the first time he had joined group therapy.

"At the moment I'm obsessed with the idea that I'm contaminated with worms. So, every night I take laxatives so that I... Go. Because I don't like the feeling of being full. Of having food inside me. Because I think that means the worms have something to feed on. But now I've done it so much... My organs are damaged. And I'm in a lot of pain. And I bleed. I can't stop, though. I hate the thoughts and I hate that I have the thoughts. But I can't stop. I think about it... Eighty or ninety percent of the time. I... What's the word? Ruminate."

Antonia was glad that he seemed more physically well but felt sad that his disorder was impacting him in other ways.

Finally, there was a deep sputtering sound and the generator roared to life.

Antonia's body flooded with relief while, beside her, she saw Stacey break into a small tentative smile.

Heat bled from the engine and Antonia was glad to feel the extra warmth lapping against her.

Turning to look through the trees, she could see the distant lights of the cabins begin to automatically turn on while, close enough to still loom over them to the east, the flickering of bulbs could be seen through the lodge shutters.

Turning away from the generator, Joe broke into a relieved smile. "Thank God it still works."

His smile froze on his lips and fear filled his eyes as an enormous roar eclipsed the sound of the generator.

The sound they heard was deep and loud. Suggesting a huge chest and massive jaws. It was animal. Big. And best to be avoided.

Antonia had read about how the dark amplified nocturnal sounds, but this was different. It sounded close.

Stacey hissed a whispered command and bent down close to the ground. Following suit, Antonia and Joe joined her and duck-walked closer together.

"Let's get out of here," Stacey whispered locking eyes with Antonia and forcing her to look away as her anxiety flared.

As she turned her head, she saw movement in the darkness. A formless shape passing through the trees; disturbing the undergrowth just outside the limits of her vision.

She swallowed hard and her stomach churned. Her hands, still wedged under her armpits, were saturated with sweat.

Cold air rushed past her gums as Antonia opened her mouth to point out what she had seen to the others, but she couldn't form words.

Stacey turned and started to move away.

Antonia needed to stop her. To alert her to the potential danger.

It wasn't safe to move yet.

The fabric of Stacey's coat whispered under Antonia's fingers as she reached out to grab her. She missed. As her hand came down, she moved just out of reach.

Off to her left, Antonia heard a snap as a branch broke. Her head whipped towards the source of the noise.


Her chest ached with heartburn as the unease and anxiety inside her continued to build.

Antonia felt like someone was watching her. It was a familiar feeling; one that she experienced often, before she checked herself into the clinic. In her previous life, whenever she ventured out of her apartment, she could always feel the prick of attention on her skin.

An empty, toothless face flashed through her mind as Antonia remembered the thing in her cabin. She imaged it following her out into the woods and waiting.

Maybe it's what attacked the Doctor?

Her heartbeat quickened.

Stacey needed to know that something was out there.

But her voice still wouldn't do what she wanted it to. As she opened her mouth, she could feel the words catching on her tongue as her fear gave power to her stutter.

She shuffled her feet forwards through the snow and tried to grab Stacey's coat again.

The snow under her feet shifted. Antonia felt herself rock forwards and loose balance, collapsing against Stacey's back.

A shocked gasp escaped the other woman's lips. Antonia fumbled back and watched as Stacey turned towards her.

She was about to speak when something dark took over her eyes. Her mouth dropped open.

"Run…" she whispered, staring at something behind Antonia.

Terror licked at Antonia's neck, and she shivered.

The danger wasn't coming from ahead.

It was coming from behind.

Stacey screamed. "RUN!"