The door is opened by a young girl as she then walking to her superbike. She wears a short tank top with short blue jeans and white belt. She just attended her best friend birthday party, the party is already over as it's late in the night now. She quickly wears her black helmet and riding her superbike, going home.

As she drive her superbike, it was only her on the road now.

Suddenly, she noticed a black vintage car is moving next to her.

When she looked at the car, she was shocked! The car has no driver at all. How could a car can move without a driver?

She is unsure if she should overtake the car or not. She just pretended that the car isn't there.

The car then speed away in front her, leaving her behind.

She finally arrived at her home as she parked her superbike at the lawn. She quickly walked to the door and knocked it. A young guy opened the door.

"Hey dear" she greeted him as she gives him a short kiss.

"So, the party is over now? " he asked.

"Yeah, but I just encounter a strange black car" she said.

"A strange car? " his eyebrows arched.

"Yeah, that car is moving on the road without driver" she said.

"Hmm... I think I have encountered the car before " he replied.

"Really?" she was shocked.

"Yeah, but it was years ago. No need to think much about it. Now I want you to make love with me " he said.

"Fine" she nodded as she kissed him.

She can't stop thinking about that mysterious car at the rest of the night. It's a strange night after all.