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Hidden Love

Gabriel Haven has been friends with one Frederick Thomas since they were young. They experienced many of life's highs and lows together, and knew things about one another no one else did. But Gabriel's been harboring a secret. It's one that eats up at him each time Frederick tells him of his latest one night stand or fling with a nameless entity.

You see, he's been in love with his best friend for what feels like forever. Frederick doesn't make it easy for him; he teases, flirts, and winks at everyone he comes across, and with Gabriel it's even worse. He leans on the older boy, grins at him, and sometimes kisses his cheek without Gabriel noticing.

Frederick makes the whole thing harder than it has to be, but Gabriel doesn't blame him. He wouldn't change his best friend for the world, even if Frederick is an annoying little shit sometimes who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

At times, Gabriel wishes he could be more like their mutual friend, Abbie. Abbie is quite open about her sexuality and is a bit like Frederick in a way she flirts with every girl she comes across. Yet unlike Frederick, she doesn't pursue one night stands with faceless women. Abbie reiterates she wants to find the woman for her, the one who will fill in those little spaces in her heart.

Being a football star at their high school, Gabriel often feels he has to be the same as his other teammates; a womanizer who uses his status to get in women's pants over and over again. But Gabriel hates that stereotype and tries his best to avoid it, even if those on his team constantly ask him why he doesn't have a pretty girl on his arm yet.

Gabriel doesn't want to tell them the truth, that he's attracted to men and has little interest in women, if any. Yet fear keeps him from saying anything regarding his sexuality. The school he and Frederick attend may be a bit more open minded than other ones, but Gabriel doesn't want to be outcasted from his team.

It's pathetic and Gabriel knows that. But he's worked so hard to get his status in their school and doesn't want anything to jeopardize it. A sigh tumbles from Gabriel's lips as he looks outside, where snow begins to billow about in the heavy wind. School's closed today and no one's going to be going anywhere in a snowstorm.

Picking up his cell, Gabriel debates calling Frederick. Before he can debate further, it chimes and vibrates in his hand, making him look at it with an arched brow. "The hell…?" he wonders aloud, seeing the number belonged to none other than his best friend. "Is Frederick getting psychic on me?"

Sliding the accept key, Gabriel puts the phone to his ear. "Hey Fred. What's up?"

"I'm so bored…" Frederick whines, making Gabriel wince. Heaven help anyone around Frederick whenever he gets in one of his moods. "Gabby, come here and entertain me!"

"...Are you serious? It's storming. I'm not going to risk my neck to come cure you of your hypothetical boredom."

"Ouch! Why are you so mean to me?" Frederick complains, making Gabriel sigh. "I heard that, jerk! Are you exasperated with me?"

"Wow, he knows what exasperated means," Gabriel mutters, moving his phone away when Frederick yells something unintelligible in his ear. "I may be a little bit, but that's because you're unreasonable a lot of the time."

"How am I unreasonable?" Frederick retorts.

"Dude, you wanted me to come in a snowstorm to 'entertain me'. That's unreasonable because one, I'd have to walk and two, I'd probably die of hypothermia before I even got there. So suck it up."

"Fine, meanie," Frederick mumbles. "But once the storm clears I'll come pick you up and we can play some games~! What'dya think?"

"I'd be up for that, but wait until the roads are plowed before driving here." Gabriel flushes a little at Frederick's word choice. "I'll see ya. Later, Fred."

"See you Gabby~" Frederick replies before the line goes dead.

The storm subsides after two hours, but the roads have yet to be plowed, so Gabriel sits in his room and watches TV. His heart feels like it's going to hammer out of his chest at the thought of seeing his best friend and love interest. He knows Frederick is bisexual; he's told him enough times he's slept with both men and women, but Gabriel is terrified of rejection.

Even more than that, he's terrified of losing Frederick's friendship. He could take the exile of being teased in school and cast aside for being gay (though logically, that wouldn't happen… at least Gabriel hopes not), but losing his best friend? Gabriel couldn't take it. He could endure everything, anything, else.

Running his fingers through dark brown tresses, Gabriel chews the inside of his cheek. Nervousness is building rapidly within his stomach and it makes him feel sick. Today would be the perfect opportunity to tell Frederick how he feels. Yet the absolute terror of rejection makes him hold his tongue. There's always another day he could tell Frederick of his feelings.

Maybe… maybe during the Christmas holiday? That could work, Gabriel thinks to himself. But… if Frederick rejects him, it could make him look back on this Christmas with bitterness and hatred. So many pros and cons to weigh and it makes Gabriel's head spin.

His phone chimes near his thigh, and the vibration from it makes him bite his lip to reduce the arousal it triggers. Slapping himself mentally, Gabriel picks it up and tries to control the slight heavy tinge in his voice. "Hello?"

"Hey Gabby~!" Frederick says cheerfully. "The roads are plowed. Can I come get you?"

"Y-Yeah, sure. I'll meet you at the front door." Saying a few more words to each other, Gabriel hangs up and puts on his winter jacket. It's a rather cold day today; bad enough for Gabriel finally put on his winter coat. Saying goodbye to his parents, he shuts the door behind him and waits.

The frigid air makes Gabriel's cheeks turn red and his breath come out in puffs of white. Sticking his hands in his pockets, Gabriel taps his foot. Frederick didn't live too far away; roughly a seven minute drive, and Gabriel could've waited inside, but he needs the cold air to calm his nerves.

"I'm just going over there to play video games," he chants like a mantra to himself. He keeps repeating this phrase over and over until Frederick's car comes into view. Wasting no time, Gabriel jogs over and slides in. "Took you long enough," he complains as the heat within the vehicle warms his exposed face.

"Well excuse me," Frederick teases. He backs up in Gabriel's driveway and begins the trek to his place. "Why were you outside anyway, you moron? It's freezing!"

"I needed to think," Gabriel throws back, grinning at Frederick who rolls his eyes at him. "Besides, I knew it'd be warm in here."

"Ooh~ I can warm you up," Frederick quips, winking at Gabriel as he drives. "But I don't think you swing that way. Shame really."

Gabriel chokes on his own spit at his best friend's words. If only you knew, he mutters inwardly, cheeks turning pink from a combination of the heat and embarrassment. "I-I guess so."

"Hmm? Could you be harboring a deep secret? Could you be… bi like me? Or maybe gay!" Frederick laughs. "Haha, I crack myself up."

As they pull in Frederick's driveway, Gabriel's doing his best to control the heat he feels throughout his body at Frederick's constant teasing. Yet this time he's gotten bolder with his words, making Gabriel wonder if Frederick is trying to either piss him off or admit to his sexuality.

As they walk in the house, Frederick turns on Gabriel and grins at him. "My parents are gone for the week, so we have the house to ourselves~! Isn't that great?" He walks in the kitchen and Gabriel eyes his ass as his hips sway. "I'm gonna get some food and then we can play."

Gabriel bites hard on his lower lip, the heat increasing. "Damn it Frederick…" he mutters to himself just as said man walks back from the kitchen with food in his hands. "Lemme guess, they left that here? You can't cook worth two shits so if you made that, I'm not eating it."

"Oh fuck off," Frederick retorts. "My parents left this. Now c'mon, let's go in my room and I'll whoop your ass at Brawl."

For a couple hours, Gabriel manages to control himself, despite Frederick's constant innuendos and flirting. It confuses him; at least the flirting does. They always seem to have a line they'd never cross, and now Frederick is barging through it with sirens blaring. More than once, when Frederick went to the bathroom, Gabriel had to push down hard on his erection to stop himself from jumping his best friend.

As night approaches, Frederick turns on him and gives him a flirtatious smile. "I guess I gotta take you home now. Sucks, I was looking forward to beating your ass for the tenth time."

"Fuck you, Fred. It's not my fault I suck at fighting games," Gabriel tosses back, both relieved and sad to be leaving. "I'll see you at school tomorrow?"

"Ehh I guess so. I was gonna skip but I guess I need education," Frederick mutters, laughing at his own joke. "Let's blow this joint."

As they walk downstairs, Gabriel has to resist the urge to tell Frederick how he feels and jumping him on the spot. Frederick was unusually forward today and it makes things that much harder for Gabriel to keep things under wraps. I swear, if he keeps this up, I'm gonna explode. Literally.

They make small talk before Frederick stops in front of Gabriel's home. Turning to face him, Frederick leans forward and presses his lips against the side of Gabriel's mouth. "See you tomorrow hot stuff~" he says flirtatiously before driving away.

"W-What the fuck was that…?" Gabriel whispers to himself, fingers grazing where Frederick kissed him. "Am I becoming that obvious?"

At school the next day, Abbie approaches him with a wide smile on her features. Gabriel doesn't have time to ask before she blurts out, "I asked out this adorable girl and she said yes, Gab! Yes! I haven't been this lucky in ages!"

Gabriel gives his friend a one armed hug. "I'm happy for you, Abbie. You finally got the girl."

"You need to get the girl too!" She looks around before leaning forward and whispering, "Or the guy."

Gabriel's eyes widen as he looks at his close friend. "A-Abbie!"

"What? I'm a lesbian and have great gaydar," she quips, grinning at him. "And you've been making eyes at Fred. Just go get him already!"

Gabriel sputters and blushes up to his ears. "I… I'm not like you. I can't be confident in my sexuality…"

"Oh please." Abbie throws a punch at his shoulder. "You think I was always this confident? It took me years before I could be open with my parents and around school. You've just known me as the confident lesbian; you didn't know the closeted girl who was afraid of losing everything." She smiles faintly at him. "And I bet that's where you're at right now."


"Dude, I get it. Being gay isn't easy. Guys like you have to have a womanizing persona or else they'll be outcased by everyone they know. But isn't happiness worth more than rep?" Abbie asks, patting his cheek before turning away. "Think of that."

When she walks away, Gabriel feels renewed, as if he's been reborn. Nodding at himself, he decides this is it, he'll stop living a lie.

The first thing is to tell his best friend how he feels. The rest will fall into place.

When the final bell chimes for the day, Gabriel approaches Frederick at his locker. "Can I come home with you? I-I have something I want to tell you."

"Hm? Sure thing Gabby," Frederick replies, locking his locker. "Let's get outta here."

The pair make their way to Frederick's car. Frederick turns on the ignition and begins to drive, then he looks at Gabriel expectantly. Biting hard on the inside of his cheek, Gabriel begins to talk. "What if… what if I told you I didn't like girls?"

"Girls suck… quite literally," Frederick teases and Gabriel laughs quietly. "But I'd tell you I knew all along. You can't hide things from your best friend, man." The blond stops at a red light and leans across the seats. "Why do you think I was making passes at you?"

Gabriel blinks in confusion. "I thought you were fucking with me. You always do."

"Why do you think I started?" Frederick throws back, running his fingers against the inside of Gabriel's thigh. "After my last relationship blew up in my face, I started noticing you more. I mean damn, you couldn't have been more obvious."

"...Fuck. I thought I was being discreet."

"Absolutely… not. Maybe to those who don't know you as well as I do they wouldn't know, but I've known ya for years. I can pick up on things." Frederick grins as Gabriel starts fidgeting. "What'dya say when we get back to my place we can make up for lost time?"

"I'd say you're a genius," Gabriel breathes, feeling himself harden as Frederick's fingers dance against his thigh.


As soon as the pair walk in Frederick's home, the blond shuts the door and pushes Gabriel against it. He slams their mouths together and licks at Gabriel's bottom lip, smirking against them when Gabriel moans and spreads his legs. Moving his knee between them, Frederick rubs against his clothed erection, moving his lips away from Gabriel's. A thin string of saliva connects them as Frederick continues to rub, and Gabriel grabs the other boy's shoulders.

After a few seconds pass, Gabriel pushes Frederick away and starts to back him up until the back of his knees hit the couch. Grinning, he pushes the blond onto it, then hovers over him, kissing him once again. Their tongues rub together as Gabriel begins to pull of Frederick's shirt; he tosses it to the side and begins to work on his jeans.

Frederick groans as his pants and boxers are pulled down in one quick motion, and Gabriel tosses them in the same general direction as the shirt. Lowering himself, he takes a quick inhale of Frederick's musk, then gives the head of his cock an experimental lick. Frederick buries his fingers within Gabriel's brown locks and yanks hard on them, panting hard as Gabriel takes inch by inch in his mouth.

The fact he's the one making his best friend react this way and not some nameless fuck makes a swell of pride lodge in Gabriel's stomach. His fingers reach up and tweak at Frederick's nipples, grinning at the gasps and moans it wins. He continues to lick and suck at Frederick's dick for a few more seconds before pulling off and making a show of licking his lips.

"Do you have lube?" he asks, and Frederick nods, pointing to his pants pocket. Arching a brow, Gabriel pulls out the small bottle and looks at Frederick curiously. "Are you always prepared to get fucked or what?"

"S-Shut up and take me already," Frederick breathes, eyes darkening with lust as Gabriel makes a show of taking off his pants and shirt. "Fuck yes, just like that."

Gabriel tosses his clothes in a corner as he lowers himself on Frederick. Their cocks bump and it wins twin gasps from both males. Squirting a sizable amount of lube on his fingers, they press against Frederick's hole before pushing in.

Frederick groans and arches his back as Gabriel inserts a second finger, then a third. They push and probe until Frederick howls and arches so high it's a surprise he didn't break his back. Gabriel smirks before removing his fingers, wiping them on his leg before lubing up his penis.

Looking into Frederick's gray eyes, Gabriel positions himself and pushes in, twin groans being pulled from their lips as Gabriel sinks inside Frederick's tight walls. After he's seated, he doesn't move for a few seconds until Frederick nods.

Gabriel thrusts without abandon, reaching between them and taking Frederick's cock in his hand. He tugs and caresses it as he continues to pound into Frederick, then slams their mouths together to swallow every gasp and moan Frederick emits.

It doesn't last long; Frederick orgasms, hot cum coating their stomachs and Gabriel's hand. Seeing Frederick come apart under him, Gabriel groans as he coats Frederick's insides.

It takes every ounce of inner strength to not collapse on Frederick, and he gives him a small smile. "How did I do?"

"H-Holy fuck," Frederick gasps, licking his lips again. "That was the best fuck I ever had, no lie."

"I'm glad," Gabriel replies, kissing Frederick's lips in a chaste peck before pulling away. "Thank Abbie for this."

"Abbie?" Frederick blinks. "Why?"

"She cornered and convinced me to admit my feelings," Gabriel replies, laughing to himself. "But you knew all along. I should've known I can't hide anything from you."

"Damn right you can't." Frederick reaches up and runs his fingers through Gabriel's hair. "Now help me clean up."