We all survived the double wedding. Neither of the wedding parties chose to have ring bearers, so it was my responsibility to procure the rings. In the excitement and nervousness, Sabine lost one of her earrings and decided to wear a mismatched set so that they wouldn't be late to the ceremony. Derrick, for all his bravado about being ready, sweated so much that he had to change out of his inner shirt.

I, myself, had been forced into a grey three-piece with a violet-blue satin tie and pocket square, and a periwinkle blue inner shirt. In spite of my reservations, I had to admit that the girls had chosen well. The violet-blue hue went well with my pale eyes. Then, I saw Lexus wearing his black suit and black inner shirt with a contrasting grey tie and vest. Keeping my hands to myself became a struggle after that.

During the ceremony, I had noticed that he was seated next to Morgan and Derrick's grandmothers. The ladies then seemed to take him hostage, as Lex ended up seated between the both of them during the reception. Before I knew it, it was time for me to give a speech as best man to both wedding parties.

"Good evening, everyone. For all visiting families, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Avion Arter and, for reasons that are still unknown to me, I was chosen to be the best man for both grooms," I began. "Let's face it, having a best man with such an odd name like Avion pretty much guarantees that I'll be referred to as that 'Best Man guy' by visiting family members all night long. Thanks, guys." I tossed over my shoulder at both grinning grooms.

My eyes sought out Lexus. As my partner, he was not only my gauge in regards to my best man speech, but also a calming presence for any lingering nervousness. When our gazes met, I couldn't help but smile.

"We lost an earring…believe me Sabine, the mismatched set looks even better," I recounted. "We lost a dress shirt and had to swap it out for a different one…which you barely managed to pull off, Derrick." I teased. "We were even missing a bridesmaid during the ceremony. But, I heard that we found her again for the reception! Talk about perfect timing." I allowed the crowd a moment of laughter before shooting Morgan a glance. "These things happen, Morgan. A perfect wedding would have been a boring tale to tell the kids, so cut her some slack."

"In spite of the little mishaps here and there, as they always seem to happen during important events," I continued. "My four closest friends managed to get married in a lovely ceremony that was jam-packed with family, friends, and well-wishes." I lifted my glass of champagne and aimed it towards the two pairs of couples. "I would like everyone to join me in a toast to the brides and grooms. May they continue to support one another, and may they give me the privilege of being called 'Uncle Best Man guy' by their future kids."

After the toast and a sip of champagne, I turned my gaze back towards Lexus. "On the subject of uncles, there is one more thing I'd like to do while I still have this mike," I announced. "Lexus, my partner and mate…what do you say? You wanna tie the knot?" I had asked beforehand and was given full permission by both couples to use my platform to propose. They couldn't have agreed more.

Wait, are you serious? Are you sure? I immediately heard in my mind. Was that a tremulous hope I was hearing in Lex's tone?

Yeah, Lex. Would you marry me? I responded back telepathically.


Lexus had stood up and belted out the Alpha Command so fast that it caused a wave of laughter from the guests. In the past, I had felt the crushing weight of Alpha Commands suffocating and humiliating me. But, as I allowed Lex's response to wash over me, I realized that it was a command I really wanted to fulfill. For the first time in my life, I felt empowered by it. The blue-eyed man had given me that.

"Then, I invite everyone here to join us around this time next year," I concluded with a smile so wide that it was sure to be goofy. "To the 'Best Man guy's' wedding reception."


I ran my finger along the engraved dragon on my titanium engagement band as I waited for Lex to finish his shower. The ring echoed the emblem on my neck, with a different symbol all the way around. Our four friends were well into their second week of their respective honeymoons. Though I had planned for the two of us to shop for rings together, Lexus had apparently already ordered custom rings for us weeks ago. The blue German shepherd simply hadn't gotten the chance to propose before I did.

A part of me wondered how my Lexus would have proposed. He would have surely been more creative than my spontaneous speech. However, I could tell that he was quite happy that I had been the one to ask him. It seemed to shake away any lingering doubts he had about my feelings for him.

Our bond and mental connection was quite open by that point. I should have been scared about it, but it had been so gradual that I barely even noticed. I intrinsically knew that Lexus fretted over any of his students being bullied, just as he knew that I wanted to challenge any of my students that felt history to be boring. We shared a love of teaching, of being Scholars, and of watching the young minds grow to challenge us right back.

Is my fiancé ready for me?

I smiled as I gingerly rolled onto my back in a stretch and smiled at him from the bed. The real question is if you are, I responded with a hint of mischief. Lexus actually hesitated before sitting down on the edge of the bed. Both of us were already stark naked.

"If it's me that you want," he replied out loud. "I don't mind us going about this the other way around. Unlike you, however, I will need lube."

"I think we should save that for when we go on our own honeymoon," I admitted. "We'll have plenty of time to try out more things then, and safely."

A wide smile formed on Lex's face. "You know, I admit I might have been a bit apprehensive about it before," he confessed. "But, now I fully trust you."

I raised a pale eyebrow at that. "When you say it like that, it only makes me want to try it all the more," I added as I tugged him onto the bed and gave him a quick kiss. "But, right now, I'm not patient enough." I need you, Lex.

I felt his arms wrap around me as he leaned down for more kisses. The two of us were kneeling on the bed at this point. He was my Alpha and I was his Omega. But, the titles meant nothing to us, not in the way society declared it to be. They didn't define what we were to one another.

I heard Lex's breath hitch as my mouth made its way down the side of his neck with nips and licks. I could all bus sense his heart skipping a beat as my teeth raked along a puckered bud on his chest.

At some point, he fell back on the bed and I followed him, my mouth seeking my partner's lower half as I took his heated length between my lips. One of his hands raked through my pale hair. It was amazing how that simple motion felt so good. Before I had the chance to really get him going, he urged me back up for another heated kiss.

I was so wrapped up in the sensation of his tongue sliding along my own that I didn't realize how he moved us so that my back was pressed against the bed and he was above me. I saw a glint in his blue eyes as he returned my very same gestures in kind. I arched my back as I felt his teeth on my chest. One of my hands automatically reached down to clutch at the Alpha's dark hair strands when I felt my own length engulfed in heat.

"Lex," I hissed.

Lexus gently lifted my knees up and I reached over to hold onto them while his fingers found their way inside me to stretch and spread the lubrication that Omegas naturally secreted. The next thing I knew, he was rocking his way inside me.

My legs wrapped around him as if to tug him even closer. But, he halted his movements as he once again sought my lips. I let out a shuddering sigh into the kiss. What seemed like ages ago, I didn't care for the taste of chocolate. Our ancestors couldn't even consume it while in feral form. However, I grew to rather enjoy dark chocolate. The bitter and decadent taste was a flavor that was unique to my mate. As funny as it sounded, it tasted like home to me.

It made me wonder if I had any particular taste of my own…

Salted caramel.

The sound of Lex's thoughts made me frown and pull back. "Wait, really? I'm salted caramel to you?" I questioned with a slight pant. Though my body was well into a state of arousal, the revelation of my 'flavor' intrigued me.

"Yes," Lexus affirmed.

"Wow, we'd make a pretty good ice cream combination-" Half of my laughter was muffled into another kiss as Lexus persistently drew my thoughts back to the heat building between us.

I refused to complain.

Especially when he pulled back to lift my legs vertically, slid a pillow beneath my hips, and then began to rock his way inside me. "Damn," I keened as he angled right towards my weaknesses in sharply circled thrusts. When he found his rhythm, he let go of my legs so that they curled against each of his shoulders and dove down to kiss me again.

We curled our arms around each other and I felt him give a gentle nip to my shoulder before he shifted again, changing the speed of his thrusts. The two of us gauged one another well by then. We knew what touches elicited the strongest responses in one other. As a couple, we knew how to draw out the pleasure whenever enough time was available, or to have quick fun within smaller breaks.

Neither of us had to work the following day. The best part about both of us being Scholars was that our schedules matched up identically when it came to having time off.

Lexus was well aware of our free time, by the way he slowed our pace back down. We had no rush. I remember how embarrassed I was the first time he told me how much he loved the pink flush along certain parts of my body whenever I was aroused. Lex never said that my pink nose was ugly in my canine form. He freely accepted all aspects of me.

Even the flaws that I felt I still had to work on. I had gotten Lexus into trouble a few times due to his refusal to Alpha Command me into anything in public, even when I was acting out without thinking. Much older Alphas gave Lexus a hard time, just like his father.

Though those moments of my temper getting the best of me were diminishing steadily, they still happened, and it was something I worked at every day…to have better control over my temper, especially in public.

The blue German Shepherd seemed to have sensed my thoughts, because he once again redirected them to the movement of our bodies. He began to piston faster and harder right along the areas of my core that made me feel weak and lightheaded all at once.

"Hanh!" I cried out as my back arched off the bed.

There's my dragon, he thought as he moved back until he was able to grasp my thighs wider, using them as leverage to further pull me into his thrusts. His hips snapped into a fast pace and then slowed down into rougher and longer lunges. The changes drove me mad with rising lust.

By the pleased expression on the Alpha's face, he knew it, as well.

I gave one of his thighs a sharp pinch in retaliation, but it only led him to laugh as he continued to do as he pleased. His laughter was warm, sensual. When his lips met mine once again, I couldn't even remember why I had pinched him in the first place.

As his hand slid along my chest, I felt the coldness of the ring on his finger. All of the sensations mixed together were more than enough for me to fall off the peak. I cried out my release into his mouth.

A mere moment later, he followed. "Avi," he gasped as he spilled himself inside me.

I cupped the side of his face and ran my thumb along his cheek. When I noted the contrast of my pale hand along his bronze skin, I was reminded of a time when I once wanted nothing more than to have a similar appearance. I wanted any other hue of skin by my own. Any color of hair and eyes other than the ones I had.

I blamed my genetics for not allowing me to be normal, to look like everyone else.

But, then I made friends with Morgan, who had been treated just like I was due to the richness of his chocolate skin tone. He never thought of himself as anything less. Thanks to his positivity and his friendship, I began to let go of those insecurities.

And, thanks to Lex's love, I was able to finally lay those insecurities to rest.

I must really love you, the stray thought broadcasted.

Are you still in doubt?

I shook my head. "Not in the slightest. I love you, Lexus Streicher."

The smile that formed on his face made the confession worth it.

"And I love you, Avion Arter-Streicher," he responded before giving me a gentle kiss.

I made a slight face. "Remind me not to give any of our future pups names that start with A and middle names beginning with S," I insisted.

"Why those letters specifically?" He wondered aloud.

"Think of what the initials would spell out and you'll figure it out."

He frowned as he thought about it. He then began to laugh unabashedly. I joined in.

Our laughter filled the room.