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I splashed some water on my face in the bathroom and looked at myself as I dried it with a towel. If there was one thing in the world that I didn't bother trying to fight, it was sun. I did not play with the sun. I always had a long-sleeved hoodie that could protect me from its rays and long pants. I carried a bottle of spf 30 with me at all times in the zipper pocket of my pants, which I quickly reapplied.

I didn't think much of my appearance, as I was used to the stark paleness that came with lack of color. In my early teens I tried dying my hair just for kicks, but I felt it made me look even worse, so I allowed the color to fade. I kept my hair generally short because it was wavy and could easily become unruly if left to its own devices. But, when it was no longer than 2 inches on top, it was easy to manage. While human, we didn't have any of our canine features, but my yorkie form also had similar wavy fur.

The only time my nose turned pink was when I got sick and had to wipe the skin raw. The tips of my ears and my lips were pink, but that's about it. I had no freckles or markings of any kind. All of the paleness made my eyes stand out in contrast. They weren't really lilac in hue, it had something to do with the lack of pigment in my irises and the blood vessels being visible. But, lilac was how the world perceived them. After I closed the cap of my sunblock and tucked it away, I looked back into the mirror to see a familiar set of amber eyes staring at me. I had to do a double take.

"Whoa, is that you, pink-nose?" Derrick the Doberman asked.

I turned around to look him in the eye and had to crane my neck up. I was 5'7" (170cm). Derrick, he was at least 6'3" (190cm). "You still trying to fight me?" I questioned, and he actually looked chagrined.

I almost felt a sneeze coming on, but then I realized it was just my newly adjusted Omega nose taking in his scent. Waffles, of all things, and muted. Someone was actually bonded to Derrick. Who knew?

"About that…" Derrick replied as he hunched his shoulders forward and placed his hands in his pocket, looking very much like a kid told that he had to go sit in time out and was guilty about it. "I tried to find you again for weeks to say sorry for being such a dick, but I couldn't find you. I know I say a lot of shit without thinking, but you'd think that after turning 21, I'd have learn to control that habit." He scowled. "The point is, you had every right to lash out like that and for a Beta…wait, Omega? I thought you were a Beta."

I instinctively covered my neck where my faceless stalker's emblem rested. "What's it to ya?" I retorted.

He actually chuckled. "Jeez, are you always this defensive? I have nothing against you being an Omega," he said as he headed towards one of the bathroom stalls. "Well, whether you believe me or not, I really am sorry."

I shuffled my way to the door, but shot him smirk. "Apology accepted. I wasn't any less of a dick that day. So, I'm sorry, too." I caught sight of the surprise on his face as I finally left. I think the two of us were finally seeing each other in a different light. If he weren't an Alpha and if I weren't an Omega, we could have actually been friends.


Though it took me a while to bury down the traumatic events of that morning in order to concentrate on my classes, I think I did well. At least, until around lunch time. Morgan had a class during my lunch break, but Sabine easily found me and kept me company. I always ate inside to avoid the sunlight as much as possible, so it was always a good feeling that my few friends preferred to hang out with me instead of sitting outside.

"So, I was thinking of getting him those Husky brand shoes he keeps drooling over for his birthday," Sabine mused aloud.

"Oh, he'll love you for life if you go that far," I snickered. "Are you ready to actually form a bond with him?"

"Maybe," she replied with a grin. "It's still too soon to tell."

The smile on my face fell when I remembered that I didn't have that kind of choice anymore. Sabine noted it immediately and apologized.

"Shit! I'm sorry, Avion, that wasn't very thoughtful of me." She admitted.

A moment of silence washed over us both for a while before she spoke up once more.

"And you still haven't been able to figure his voice out?" Sabine asked.

I shook my head and let out a little groan. "I'm trying not to think about it too hard."

"Hey pink- crap, I never got your real name. No more name-calling from now on, I promise," Derrick called out as he approached us. Right beside him was a young woman that was about four inches taller than me, and she wasn't even wearing high heels. "This is my mate Deziray, Dez, these are…"

"Sabine and Avion," Sabine filled in. "Nice to meet you! You guys wanna sit with us?"

Derrick actually looked to Deziray as if to ask if it was okay and only sat down when she sat down. That small notion made me curious about their relationship. Didn't the majority of Alphas boss their Omegas around? And Deziray was definitely an Omega. I didn't know what her canine form was, but my nose kept telling me she was an Omega.

"Avion," Deziray tested out. "Your name's as tricky as mine."

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe how many times I've been called Avon over the years," I responded.

"Ha! Try 'Desi-rah' or 'Dezray.' I feel your pain, believe me," Dez countered.

"Derrick and Deziray…if you two ever got married, even your names sound cute together," Sabine stated. "You have that double "De" thing going."

A blush actually formed on Derrick's face, which didn't go by unnoticed by Deziray, who promptly pressed her finger into one of his pink cheeks in a gentle teasing manner. "My blushing groom-to-be. Though, marriage is still a few years away. Yeah, I gotta admit that it's gonna be fun sending out the invites with both our names."

"You two are waiting to get married?" the words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. The couple before me was just so different compared to those that I had seen before.

"Deziray's studying to become a nurse and wants to work for a few years before we get married," Derrick explained. "And I'm taking over my family's auto shop, so the first year or two after graduation will be busy for us both."

"Good for you both," I commented. "Sorry if I sound so shocked, it's just that the other Alpha-Omega couples I've seen barely even waited to graduate high school before marrying and having kids."

"I understand why they would," Deziray admitted. "Strong bonds like the ones between Alphas and Omegas can be overwhelming at times. But, I figure that if we already know we're in it for the long haul anyway, then what's the rush to have kids?"

"It's harder on the Alpha to curb the need to throw caution to the wind and mate without protection," Derrick confessed. "But, it's just primal instinct. You don't need to go bareback to form the bond and, once it's in place, then that need calms down."

"That's amazing," Sabine acknowledged. "I wish you both success and, when the time comes, I better get an invite."

"You're officially on my list," Deziray decided, flashing a smile. "Both of you."

I never had such a long conversation with a mated couple before. They left before us due to their class schedules, but I actually hoped to talk to them during lunch every day. "You know what," I told Sabine. "I think this is the first time that one of my fights actually turned out for the better."

"Hey, just because those two are more mature than we thought doesn't' mean that you should continue going around picking fights," Sabine admonished.

"It's not like I start them!" I argued. Sabine began to argue back, but I ended up tuning out her words as my senses narrowed down to one thing. The scent of dark chocolate.

I didn't know how to explain it, but the scent of an Alpha was different than the scent of real food. An Alpha's scent carried a specific presence. I stood up and looked around, desperately trying to identify the face that went with the scent. But, then it was gone. Had he walked past the table? How long had he been around?

"Hey, are you ok?" Sabine asked, concern bleeding into her voice.

That was when I realized that I was clutching the zipper of my hoodie with two trembling hands. "I-I'm fine. I just thought…"

"You are not to accept any other Alpha's intentions or affection. The same goes for Betas and even other Omegas."

But, Derrick and Deziray didn't treat me with that kind of intent or affection. I didn't break that command, not in the slightest! So, why did it feel like the Faceless Alpha wasn't pleased with me?


I was tense the rest of the day. I was barely able to concentrate on my remaining classes and an anxiety began to build inside of me as I walked out to the bus stop. Though we commuted together on the way to MU, it didn't necessarily mean that we'd end up taking the same bus back. The classes were all different hours.

"Don't move and keep facing forward," the command was whispered into one of my ears.

Well, shit.

I felt him tracing the marking on my neck with his finger. While it wasn't unpleasant, I was quickly becoming aggravated with the way he kept trying to be the one in control all the time. "Why are you hiding?" I continued to question him. "Why can't we talk about this like adults?"

Seeing Derrick and Deziray opened my eyes to the possibility of having an equal and mutual relationship even between an Alpha and Omega couple. If they could have that kind of balance, why couldn't I? Why couldn't we?

"I'd like nothing more than for us to talk like adults," the Alpha admitted. "Especially after seeing how friendly you were with that Doberman earlier even though he had humiliated you on the first day of classes."

I frowned. "You saw all that? And what does Derrick have to do with anything?"

"How easily you forgave him," he whispered as he rested his chin on top of my hooded head and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

I could have easily tugged them off, but as my hands lifted to take hold of his arms, they merely rested on top of them. I had to force myself to think through the haze of his scent. Forgiveness. He was talking about forgiveness. "Is there something I need to forgive you for? On top of all of these theatrics, I mean?"

Mere moments before, I was so tense and anxious. I was also afraid of what the Faceless Alpha was going to command me to do. But, his touch was gentle and almost soothing. Could he have really done something to me in the past that needed forgiving?

Instead of answering me, let out a long sigh and let me go.

"When you get on the bus, you will not look in my direction, not even when the bus takes off."

"So that's it, then?" I hissed. "You won't show me what you look like, but you have the audacity to half claim me with an emblem?"

"…can I take that to mean that you weren't upset about the kiss?"

I felt myself bristling from head to toe. I wanted to deny it adamantly. But, something in my gut urged me to be honest. I took a deep breath and folded my arms across my chest. "That's…not exactly the issue here," I grumbled.

I could all but feel his hope rising. For a moment I didn't know whether I should be relieved or annoyed about it. Why would I want him to have any kind of hope at all? What the hell was wrong with me?

"Then, am I allowed a parting kiss?"

"Parting…you're not getting on the bus?" I asked.

"I don't normally take the bus. My car was in the shop," he confessed. "A friend's dropping me off to pick it up."


"May I?" he all but pleaded.

I gulped hard. I was currently living my 'worst case' scenario in terms of maturing into an Omega. My body had quite easily accepted this Faceless Alpha's emblem. He was apparently someone in my past, someone that needed forgiving. And instead of facing me, he ordered me around this way and that. I had every reason not to allow him so much as a handshake. And yet…

"I mean, I guess. If you must," I heard myself answer. Either I was an idiot or my second head was trying to take over my mind.

I heard him give a happy laugh. "Then, keep your eyes closed."

I still didn't know what possessed me to agree to it. Maybe it was because he had actually asked that time and gave me the choice. Maybe it was to try to throw him off-balance. But, I had to admit that when I felt those soft lips against mine once more, I regretted nothing. The Alpha must have meant for the kiss to have been a simple one, but I took hold of his collar and kept him in place as I all but ate at his mouth. A satisfaction filled me when I felt his tongue stutter against mine before allowing me to do as I wished.

When we both pulled away, I found myself biting my lower lip. I wanted to see him. I wanted to understand. For reasons that I couldn't figure out, a part of me had already accepted him. I wanted to know why.

"You can open your eyes, but remember not to glance my way." The command came towards my right before I felt him walk away behind me.

I tugged on the edges of my hoodie as I hunched down over my knees.

Why couldn't I have matured into a Beta, instead?


I shared a reasonably priced apartment with Morgan about twenty minutes' commute from the campus by bus. The two of us worked on the weekend and his grandfather sent him money to help with expenses once a month. Morgan was studying criminal justice and had always wanted to be a police officer like his grandad.

I received the first text message when I started to make dinner. Morgan's classes were scheduled all over the place, so he usually got home three hours after me and left one hour before me.

Faceless Bus Stalker 5:30PM

Did you get home safe?

Yeah, why wouldn't I have?

Just checking.

…so, did you pick up your car?

Yeah, this auto shop's the best. Would you like for me to pick you up tomorrow? You could sleep in a little longer.

Wait, do you know where I live?

Not the exact location.

Don't believe that for a second. How else would you know that I'd be able to "sleep a little longer?"

Avi, my intention isn't to scare you. You don't have to say yes.

I haven't given you permission to call me Avi. I don't think anyone's ever called me Avi.

…then, may I have permission to call you Avi?

…I guess. If you must.

Thanks, Avi.

It'd be nice if I knew what to call YOU. Other than Faceless Bus Stalker, that is.

Did you seriously rename me Faceless Bus Stalker?

Yes, and you will remain FBS until you show me your face.

I will. I just need time.

I mean, how the hell am I even gonna get into the car if I have to keep closing my damn eyes?

You'd just have them closed until I stand behind you. Does that mean you'd let me pick you up and drop you off?


Fuck. Did that mean that I wanted him to pick me up and drop me off? Even with the prospect of more sleep, it was still shady. Hell, everything was still shady.


Let me think about it. I'll get back to you.

As I said before, you don't have to say yes. Although, I would like nothing more than for you to say yes.


Alright. Think, Avion, think.

I knew a lot of Alphas back in high school because many of them tried to mess around with me. Some were jealous of my grades. Others were struggling with being gay or had shoddy parenting. But, the point is that they tried to take their shit out on me.

There was that Akita that looked like he had swallowed dung after my project was named the best of the class. He made my life miserable in science class. But, he wasn't that much taller than me and, unless he had magically bulked up, there's no way that he was my Faceless Bus Stalker.

There was the Boxer whom I had helped during one of our History classes and then turned around and started making fun of me with everyone else. Thanks to him, I grew to really distrust alphas. But, once again, the Boxer was short and stout.

Then there was the Bernese Mountain dog, Ashur, who was as vain as vain could be. He was freakishly tall, but had a similar build to FBS. I turned him down when he asked me out quite forcefully and he became one of my more prominent bullies during high school.

And then, there was the Husky.

I felt a shudder roll through me and ended up grasping both my arms as if it would help me get warmer.

Nestor the Husky had some major issues. Best friends with Ashur, the two of them just wouldn't leave me alone. I never found out whether it was because Nestor was a homophobe or was beaten up at home and lashing out or both. But, I couldn't have been gladder when the whole lot of them finally graduated.

All four of them were Juniors when I entered my Freshman year of high school. For two whole years, they had targeted me.

Could my Faceless Bus Stalker be one of them? Could he be Ashur?

Could he be Nestor?

I felt another shudder run through me as I shook my head. If FBS was either one of them, I wouldn't hesitate to move out of the country and leave his ass behind, unfinished bond or not.