The Traveler's Revenge

He traveled the countryside far and wide wearing a large brim hat with a sword and pistol at his side. He walked into the barroom. His eyes were bloodshot. His voice sounded like the grave when he spoke. "I am looking for the man who kills in the shadows and stabs his victims in the back."

A ferret-faced man wiped the sweat from his brow. He knew it was over. His guilt gave him a way. He had raped and killed many women and some men too. The Traveler scanned the room and spotted the ferret-faced man. A grim smile crossed the avenger's lips.

"I am justice, you black-hearted scum. I have traversed the countryside far and wide. I have come up from the pits of hell to deliver your soul to the dark one."

The Traveler gripped the hilt of his sword and drew it from its sheath. The men in the room cleared a path as the grim one approached the ferret-faced man. The wicked man's eyes grew wide and he tried to shout, but the sword's blade pierced his heart.

Evil men love the dark, but there is one that loves the dark more. Evil men must learn to fear the Lord.