Vampire Love

It was another busy day at the diner and Betty Sue's feet were killing her. Plus, her top was squeezing her breasts from all the extra weight that she had gained. It was tough being a single mother raising a son. What she wouldn't give for a chance to escape her life – even for one night. Lost in thought, Betty Sue didn't hear the man enter the diner. He was a good-looking man with sharp features and pale skin. The man wore a three-piece suit with not a hair on his head out of place. He seated himself. The man was a vampire who had sophisticated tastes. The vampire let his powers loose for a moment and found Betty Sue. She was perfect. The blood of a woman with too much stress. The vampire knew he would relieve her stress by drinking all that delicious blood in her veins. He reached out with his power and beckoned Betty Sue to come to him. The waitress felt a strange pull tugging at her. She felt her feet walking to the table of the pale stranger. He was good looking and Betty Sue was glad that her legs stopped at the handsome stranger's table.

"Good afternoon, sir? May I take your order?"

The good-looking vampire smiled baring his oversized fangs. Betty Sue was too lost in the man's eyes to notice the strangeness of the man's teeth.

"My name is Donovan and I will take you with me. Come."

Donovan stood up and took Betty Sue by the hand leading her out of the diner. The manager came out from the back. "Betty. Where are you going? You still have three hours left before your shift ends."

Donovan pointed a finger at the manager and a strange metaphysical force sent Betty Sue's boss flying backwards. It was an easy feat wiping the memories of the rest of the customers.

Two hours later Bobby, Betty Sue's son, entered the diner. "Charlie, where's mom?"

"I don't know, Bobby. She left with a stranger. A bloodsucker . . . I think."

Bobby's eyes grew wide. Vampires were real in this world and a fact of life. But, most vampires were not daywalkers. Charlie and Bobby questioned the customers and none of them remembered Betty Sue. It was as if she had been wiped out of existence. Bobby sat on a barstool and cried. So he was shocked when a fat hand placed itself on his shoulder. Bobby dried his eyes and looked up at the owner of that hand. The fat man was wearing a black suit with a homburg hat. "Cheer up, lad."

Bobby dried his eyes. "I wish I could, Mister. My mom's been kidnaped by a vampire."

The fat man pulled out a device that looked like a remote control. "I am Orson Orion and do you know what this is?" asked the fat man while holding the device close to Bobby's face.

"No, Mister Orion."

"Well, lad, it is a vampire tracking device. I'll have your mother back before you know it. I just need to make a few adjustments on the device to pick up the vampire's energy pattern."

The device started blinking and Orson Orion rushed out the door, which surprised Bobby.

Charlie walked out front holding a can of Coke. "Here, Bobby. Drink this. I wouldn't put much hope in that guy. That device is probably his tv remote and how could one middle-aged fat man take on a vampire?"

Charlie always had a big mouth and was pretty much a jerk, but Bobby had seen a spark in Orson's eyes that gave him hope.

Orson Orion followed the device to an exclusive hotel in the nice part of town. The fat traveler smiled.

Donovan placed Betty Sue in a chair and removed her shoes and socks. "Such pretty feet, my dear. It is a shame that they have to work so hard."

The vampire knelt on the ground and took Betty Sue's feet in his hands and began massaging them. The waitress closed her eyes. She had no will power left to fight the vampire and why should she? His touches felt wonderful. Betty Sue felt more relaxed than she had in years. A voice in her mind kept calling.

Relax Betty Sue. Let the waves take you under.

Betty Sue felt her mind slip into bliss. It felt nice and warm like a fuzzy blanket on a cold winter's night. Donovan stood up and laid Betty Sue on the bed. He tore off her work shirt and bra. He admired Betty Sue's large saggy breasts. He took one of her nipples in his mouth. She tasted wonderful. Betty Sue moaned as the vampire sucked on her hardened nipple.

Without warning a crashing sound was heard. Donovan got off Betty Sue and saw that the hotel suite's door had been kicked in. Donovan ran to the door and saw a fat man in standing in the threshold.

"What the fuck, fat man?"

The vampire charged Orson faster than the human eye could follow. Vampires were known for their speed and Donovan was confident in his. So he was surprised when a meaty fist collided into his face and sent him flying backwards. Donovan stood up and wiped the blood off his face. "Wh. . . . What are you? You do not smell like one of us."

Orson Orion walked into the room. Donovan threw some quick punches that landed on Orson's face. Blood flew from the fat man's face. Orson threw another punch, but Donovan blocked it with his forearm. The vampire screamed in pain as the punch shattered the bones in his forearm. Orson lifted the vampire into the air and threw him to the ground. Then the fat man started kicking the vampire preventing him from standing up. Donovan felt every bone in his body break. He could heal the damage, but it would take a few moments. Then, he saw the fat man pull a device from out of his pocket. It looked like a gun with a needle on it. Orson pointed the weapon at Donovan and pulled the trigger. A beam came out of the needle-gun which caused the vampire to turn dust.

Betty Sue woke-up from her vampire sleep screaming. Orson holstered his weapon and approached the woman. "It's okay. You are safe now."

Betty Sue placed her head in her hands. "You don't understand. I wanted him to consume me. I'm so tired of this life."

Orson rushed over to the hysterical woman and slapped her. "Think of your son."

Betty Sue dried her eyes. "I will be all right now."

Orson nodded and then faded from Betty Sue's sight.

The woman returned to the diner and everything went back to normal. On break Betty Sue was found reading a trashy paranormal romance novel about a necromancer that raised zombies and had sex with anything that moved. Betty Sue put the book down and sighed. Why can't my life be like that?