Pitch Black: With the power down and seemingly no one around, Valerian travels the mansion in search of a flashlight; however, it seems that something is following him.

Valerian's pencil hit his notebook when the lights suddenly flickered off. It was pitch black in his bedroom now and he couldn't just barely make out the outline of his own hand. He sat up, searching for his phone; however, he couldn't find the device. Curiously he stood up, walking to the bedroom door and opening it to step out in the long hallways of the mansion. They were pitch black as wells. He flicked the light bulb a few times, but no light turned on. "Lindsey?" He called out, "the power went out?" He took a few steps into the hall. His parents were gone for the night, out for a dinner of their own together and a bit of alone and relaxation time. His brother was gone as well, as Emily had pulled him out for a little movie session at her place.

Valerian was confused when he didn't get a reply from her, or even from any of the other staff that should be around the large home. Then again, it was nearly half past eleven, perhaps they were already settled in for bed or already went home. Still, he knew Lindsey should've been up, she often was. Valerian glanced down the dark of the hallway before walking down, counting the doors quietly as he did so. He stopped when he knew he was at her room. He knocked but received no answer, so he knocked again and called her name as he peeked the door open. It was dark, but he knew that it was empty.

Valerian decided to head downstairs next. His footsteps were silent against the carpet as he slowly walked down the hall. He knew nothing would be in his way, but he still walked slowly with one hand lightly touching the wall. He wasn't sure why, but he could feel a nervousness rising within his stomach. Maybe it was because he could hear the soft pitter-patter of rain outside, or maybe it was because it was as dark as a moonless night and none of the lights wanted to come on. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as a shiver ran down his spine and a cold draft nipped at his neck. Goosebumps arose along his arms and he looked back as if expected to see something there. He couldn't see anything, so he shook it off and kept going.

He made it to the stairs and gripped the railing tightly in fear that he might trip up in the dark. He heard a creak and stopped suddenly. It wasn't the stairs, as he heard another creak just behind him. His knuckles turned white as his grip tightened and he began to walk again, slower this time. "Is anyone down here?" He called out as he neared the bottom of the stairs. He heard the odd creaks again and jumped slightly when he felt what felt like hot breath on his neck. He spun around, a hand jolting out in front of him to feel for someone, but nothing was there. Tingles traveled down his back and shoulders and he felt as if he was being watched. He turned again and bound down the stairs quickly, his breath picking up slightly as the feeling of paranoia and panic filled his head.

He tripped and fell a few stairs down. His hands hit the wood floors harshly and he knee bumped the edge of the last stair, making him hiss silently in pain. As he remained there on his hands and knees he heard odd creakings from the floor around him and that cold draft returned. He looked around, trying to force his eyes to see through the blackness. The nerves ate at his stomach and his eyes began to hurt as he glares with wide eyes through the pitch blackness. In the distance, just across the room, he saw something. There was a small beam of light coming through the curtains. Pale moonlight hitting the red locks of a woman's hair and caught the very faint outline of her boot.

"Who's there?" He asked meekly. "What-" He cut himself off at the sight of eyes slowly opening in the darkness, they glowed and pierced his own being as they watched him. He grew small under them, he looked behind himself as he heard another noise, an odd shuffling and he found another pair of red eyes watching him. All around the room he could find a pair of hateful eye watching him and he could hear every little nose that was made, every breath taken, every slight shift of the feet, and every very low, very soft whisper.

All of it suddenly stopped with the simple flicker of a light.

"Valerian? What are you doing on the floor?"

"Are you okay?"

Looking up Valerian found his older brother and his girlfriend just in front of him. Kirron had switched the light on and Emily was standing with a worried expression. "What's wrong?" Kirron took Valerian's hand to help him up.

"I don't know...the power went out." Valerian looked around, there was no sign of whatever that thing he was was. "I guess my mind was playing tricks on me."

"You two?' Kirron sighed, glancing at Emily. "Emily swears she saw Ghostface on the way here."

"I did!" He rolled his eyes.

"Ghostface? Like, from that Scream movie?"

"Yeah, we were marathoning it, but Emily got too scared during the second movie and wanted to spend the night here."

The girl nodded shamelessly, "for protection purposes."

Kirron rolled his eyes once more and rested an arm around Emily's shoulders. "No one's coming to murder you in the middle of the night." Valerian smiled as Emily looked like she was ready to debate the statement. "Let's just go to bed" he stopped her, "are you sure you're okay Valerian? We can stay up with you if you want."

He shook his head, "no it's fine. You guys go to bed, I think I will too." Kirron gave an inconvenience look, but lead Emily upstairs anyways as the blonde was clearly making herself scared by thinking of the movie again.

Valerian got a glass of water and began to head back to his room. He found the lights working and that his phone was exactly where he'd left it, except it hadn't been there when he needed it. He laid down, settling under his covers for a few minutes. Maybe his mind really had been playing tricks on him. Overactive imagination brought on by the Halloween season. So, he closed his eyes and tried not to think about what happened.

It was later on that night, maybe around three AM or so, when he woke up sleepily. With tired eyes he barely made out the figure hunched over him, hair tickling at his cheeks and those dastardly red eyes watching him.

At three AM a terrified shriek filled the pitch black mansion.