"Mom's going to kill me," I whispered bracing my hands on the sink, keeping my head down. My eyes were firmly locked on the dark water swirling down the drain. "I'm so busted this time..."

I let out a pitiful moan finally lifting my gaze to the mirror hanging inches across from me. My hair was orange. Well, bright copper. Which didn't matter, it was supposed to be dark. Coffee-bean-black if I was being accurate. Like it had been for the last seventeen years of my life.


I twisted to the side catching the discarded black coloring tint. I'd used up all of it. Washed off the remains, followed every instruction on the box, and the dark tint had washed away completely. Leaving me with a neon sign for hair. This wasn't what I'd planned. I'd just been trying to make my nails orange—without having to use nail polish—and it backfired. A stupid, simple spell gone to hell. Taking a step back, I yanked a hand towel off its hanger and started drying off the curly hair. The orange curly hair—oh no. My eyes snapped forward and my reflection stared back, dismayed.

Curly puffy hair, now in copper, with big blue eyes? Oh damn. I looked like that Merida chick from Disney.

"Great, just great." I grumbled tossing the blue towel into the hamper. Just as I began considering slapping on a hat, again, to buy more tint, my cell vibrated. Digging it out of my back pocket, I saw Spencer's called ID.

With a heavy sigh, I answered.


"Hey. So, I was thinking..."

"That's never a good thing." I cut her off, smiling for the first time in an entire hour.

"Hardy-har-har. I was going to share with you this super awesome party that's going down at Kevin Landon's lake house, but..."

"Wait." I knew Spencer was smiling like a fiend on the other end. I'd known her for three years now, since we'd been freshmen. "There's a party at Kevin's lake house?"


"And you're telling me this now?"

"It's mid-afternoon. The party doesn't start until like... Eight. How long do you need to get ready?" Right. Out of the two of us, she was the slowpoke. I was the girl with the astonishing ability to pick an outfit in five minutes and do my make-up in ten. Only today, that could prove difficult. I'd just turned myself into a ginger, eyebrows included. "...Cami?"

"Huh, yeah?" I asked, snapping from my reverie.

"Did you hear anything I said?"

"Sure..." I pushed out, lips curling inwards.

From the other side of the line, Spencer groaned and something squeaked. I knew that sound, her desk chair made it every time she spun it.

"You're such a liar. You went total space cadet on me." I leaned against the door as she started repeating herself. "Okay, this time listen. There's no excuse for you not to go. It's Friday. We're one week away from Spring break and you've aced all your classes—"

"Getting B's isn't acing them."

"You got an A in History." I resisted the urge to face-palm myself. Spencer was the type of person who studied for a week, at max, and celebrated C's and B minuses' like they were PhD's. "Anyway, no more school work. You're as free as a butterfly. So, spread your pretty violet wings and fly over to Kevin's party."

I tilted my chin, glaring heavily at my hair.

"Why are my wings violet?" I stalled, knowing she was going to shriek once I told her there was no way I was going to a party while sporting a flame on top of my head.

"Because that's your favorite color? Duh." Hmm. True. Why couldn't my hair have gone violet instead? Not that I'd go out with it, but it would've been a prettier sight. "You're coming."

And here was the moment.

"Actually..." I pulled my Samsung away as she started listing all the reasons for me to go. Most of them, if not all, were centered around boys, booze and something about me letting my inner party animal out to play. Not sure where she got that last one. "It's not that I don't want to go. I do. But..."

"What?" She deadpanned. In my mind's eye, I saw Spencer throwing up an arm, exasperation written across her face.

I repressed a wince, "Something really bad happened. With my hair."

There was a pause.

"Please tell me you didn't get creative and chopped it off?"

"No," what I'd done was much worse. Since Magic made my hair orange, only Magic could revert it to its original state. It was why the tint didn't take, why it'd washed right off. "I... painted it. It's a long story." Not really. I'd just been sitting on the bed channeling a little crystal, focusing on my nails, when my spell decided to go wonky. Of course, I couldn't tell Spencer that. Despite my current predicament, this wasn't a sitcom where she knew her bestie was a Witch and was dandy about it.




"Spencer, seriously? Yes, I dyed my hair! It's freaking orange and I look like a circus clown. Big blue eyes and puffy ginger hair." Honestly, if it were Halloween and I bought a red puffy nose I could go as that creepy psycho clown from IT.

I only had to wait ten seconds to hear Spencer laughing her ass off at my expense. My eyebrows drew together, scowling at my reflection. God, why couldn't my spells ever work out? Probably because Mom didn't want to teach me anything, keeping me practically in the shadows about my Witchy heritage, which wasn't fair. I should know myself, especially something that made up my DNA.

Oh, and she was going to ground me for life when she came home and saw...

"Spencer, I'm going." I bit with urgency.

Slowly, the laughs reduced to chuckles and I repeated myself.

"Huh... Yeah? Great! Look, I'm sure it doesn't look that bad. I'm sorry for laughing, that wasn't cool. Pick something out and come over to my place, I'll evaluate the damage. You have a way of blowing things out of proportion."

"We'll see." I muttered like a cynical old woman, walking out of my small bathroom and into my room.

Going to a party looking like a beacon for punch lines wouldn't be half as bad as listening to one of Mom's raging lectures on 'leaving Magic the hell alone'. Going to Kevin's house guaranteed I wouldn't be here when Mom arrived. This spell was nothing major, things like mind tricks—little illusions—they usually wore off after a couple of hours. Hopefully, this one would too.

Strolling over to my wardrobe, I let myself imagine clothes flying off their hangers, floating towards me and hovering as I picked out what to wear. Alas, I'd never been able to pull off that neat trick without it looking like my wardrobe threw up all of my clothes, shoes, hats and whatever else I had stashed away. Or without a sweater wrapping its sleeves around my head, nearly suffocating me. Levitation was a basic spell, something a newbie Witch could pull off. Same as the glamor I tried on my nails. What humans called Magic, was the byproduct of us bending the simple energy surrounding us—Witches called it Essence. Humans could only see Essence being manifested, but we could both sense and see it. Though, some Witches had… duller senses. It was why my ability to channel Essence was weak.


I began sifting through clothes. Since my hair was so bright, I decided to pick out neutral colors. I shimmied out of my oversized sweater and sweatpants and threw on a white top and a pair of skinny, dark jeans. I grabbed a denim jacket, stuffed the house keys in a pocket, wallet in another. I sent mom a text as I bounded downstairs. She wasn't a strict parent, but if she came home from the cafe and found me nowhere, there would be fire and brimstone. She wouldn't say no to the party. She knew I had a good head on my shoulders and, well, she knew I took care of Spencer when things got too wild. Good thing Spence was like a niece to her.

As left locked the door and made my way down the porch steps, I saw an array of dark feathers just as a large bird jetted from a nearby tree. My eyes locked on to it for a second or two; I thought I felt… I stretched out a hand around myself, helping me detect the energy I rarely could get a glimpse of. Nothing out of the ordinary. Weird, for a moment I thought I'd felt a large sum of Essence. With a deep calming breath, I twisted back around, facing the crosswalk.


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