Chapter two


I stand outside, with my bags, everything from my dorm. I stand next to Robin. Awaiting for my ride. It's too early to awake.

"God damn Jun." I spit out. Robin doesn't say anything, he just flicks is straight blond hair out of his face. Looking on ward. I don't know why he stands next to me. Vincent always picked me up. "Meeting my sister." I tap my left foot.

"Why is that a bad thing?" Robin asks in his smooth voice. He looks at me, with confused, hazel eyes. "Don't you want her to be a part of our group?"

"Yeah, yeah but-" I pause, the urge to lite a cigarette increasing. "-I wanted to introduce them." I say. "So I can explain his 'condition.'" I finish my sentence finally.

"You think she hasn't figured it out yet? I mean your whole family-" I cut Robin off.

"Shhh Shhh shhh!" I hush him, "We don't mention that at school."

Robin blinked, "Sorry." he says simply. There is a moment of silence between us.

"I don't know think she'd know, Jun is well at hiding." I say. "Ally is gullible, she'll take anything you say at face value." I suppose it wasn't an insult, rather just a statement on her character. I feel the cigarettes hidden in my bag, calling my name.

"Well, then I don't think she'll be a good member of the group then. If she's gullible." Robin says.

"Well, she knows a lot more than I do, she's worked closely with my dad." I explain. "He has taught her almost everything."

"Hm." Is all he says. "Well if she's a risk, I won't go for it." Robin says.
"You'll do as I say." I snip. "You'll go for it, because she can help." I huff. I see a grey audi coming up the hill to the school. I see Vincent's eyes covered by a pair of shades. The sun shines on the car, the mountains and the buildings being reflected in the grey of the car. I think of Jun. I wonder if he's still in bed right now. Or if he is out, in the sun. A little worry sets in. I feel Robin step closer to me, putting his arm around me. I stiffen, and do the same. He gives me a little hug.

"See ya tonight." He says in my ear, as the car approaches.

"Yeah, I'll text you." I say. "See ya."

The car stops in front of us. Robin goes to leave. He would have given me a ride home, but Vinny wanted to, and I didn't feel like arguing. I go to open the door to the front seat, but someone is in it. I grit my teeth, of course. I put on a smile.

"Hey sis." I greet, as she rolls down the window.

"Hey." She says, a smile on her face. Her smile as gotten wider since the last time I saw her. She had put on a lot weight, her hips and breasts are certainly bigger. No fair, she gets to be a D cup, and I barely fill out an a cup. I suppose that's puberty. Some fill out before others.

"Sorry sis, you'll have to get in the back." She teases me. I sigh under my breath. But I don't complain. I get in the back, my bag next to me. It makes a clunk sound as it hits the lauther seat. Allyrce and Vincent don't seem to notice. Though, I wonder if the cigarettes are smashed now. Whatever, it doesn't matter.

I see my sister smiling, her teeth perfect squares, she's wearing round shades. I can feel her eyes on me, even if I can't see them.

I look at Vincent. He's smiling too. I sit back, crossing my arms. I look out the window, and I see Robin, leaning against his car. Awaiting for us to drive off, I'm safe Robin, you can go.

"So, how were your finals." Vincent asks, driving off, down the little hill that lead up to the school.

"Fine." I say, resting my elbow on the sarm rest, looking out the window of the summer trees, the snow half way melted on the mountains. I glance over slightly, to see Vincent and Allyrce's smiles gone.

"Well." Vincent pauses, clicking his tongue, looking back at me, then the roads. "That's good." His voice rises, then trials off.

"Yeah, I think I passed." I say. I look at Ally again, she's looking out the window, like me.

"Hnnn," Vincent says intrigued. "I think your father will pleased with a c." He makes a passing jab. I don't say anything to counter. Oh i'm sure he is, so proud his little girl is "straightened out." At least, to the point where he can stop keeping my own fucking sister away from me. I'm still going to be a bad influence, for a good reason, I think. Ally needs to man up, and the sooner, the better. While they all think I've been focusing on grades, and my academics, I've actually been doing what my father does. Killing blood suckers. I know our father will chose me to succeed him, in his organization, even Ally is the favorite, even if I am the trouble maker. Ally doesn't have the heart, the will like I do. Even if her knowledge about the occult is more than mine. She doesn't have character, and that's my plan. That's what I want to give her. Some god damn character. Maybe then, father wouldn't baby her anymore. I stare at my sister. Her cheeks rosy, and covered in blackheads. Poor thing, despite the scene, she's a very pretty girl. Somethings child-like about her still, innocent and unknowing of the harm the world would inflict upon her. While I want her to grow up, there is also the part of me that wants to protect her. She knew of the evils of the world, and she did not care, she lives her life happily. It's cute, and saddening.

None of us spoke on the ride home, although, I can see Ally wanted too. But I didn't indulge. We would have all summer to talk.

Once Vincent parks in the circle drive. I grab my bag, and leave the car quickly. I hear Vincent scoff as I run up the front door, I jiggle the handle, it's locked. Damn. I turn to see Ally and Vincent smirking as they approach the door. Vincent pulls out a key, and unlocks the door. I enter the house before them. I walk up the stairs to my room, leaving the two behind. Once I get into my room, I take in a sharp breath of dusty air. I set my bag down on the bed, the metal inside makes a loud crashing sound. I wince, and look up, hoping my sister and caretaker were not following me. I softly close my door, then turn back around and open my bag. My father's weapons, all jagged and covered in dried devil blood. It stinks. Blood suckers always had stinky blood. It kept them from eating each other. Blood sucker blood smelled sweet to humans until they are dead. And now I wish I had washed off the blades. But, it was a big risk, plus it was my last big hunt before school was over. I hadn't had the time to sneak to the communal showers and wash them. Too many people coming and going, I couldn't sneak off to Jun's apartment and wash me either. I didn't have off campus privileges unless it was the weekend. Lucky Jun, his parents paid for his everything, I guess mine did too. But he had his own apartment, and Robin had a big home to return too. None of them were in school because of behavioral issues like I am. They are good boys, at least to people who didn't know them and their parents. Jun is the best at hiding himself, he has too. Robin, is quiet, reserved, the pretty boy.

I reach my hand inside my bag, trying not to cut myself on the blades in my bag. I carefully pull out the smashed pack of cigarettes. Marbral reds. Luckily it's a soft pack. I turn to my nightstand, and open it, throwing the pack inside, along with all the other cigarette packs of have collected since i've been here. I sigh, and shut the drawer. I then turn to my bag and throw it inside my walk in closet, and the door. I'd deal with those weapons later, when everyone is asleep. I hear a soft knock on my door. I quickly snap my head towards the sound. I open my door, Vincent stands in front of me, a little red phone in hand. I wasn't allowed to have my phone, until the school year was over, and on the weekends and holiday. I gasp happily. And take it.

He raises his brow. Oh.

"Thanks." I say. And try to shut the door. But his hand stops it.

"Your welcome, and your father wants you spend time with your sister, if you want your phone that is." I can see Vincent smirking, and I want to smack him. But I give in.

"Okay." I say in a lowly tone.

"Good." He clasps his hands together happily. "Now,your friends are coming over this tonight, correct?" He asks.

I nod. "Yes, But we will be outside most of the time." I answer him. He clicks his tongue, and gives me a concerned look.

"What about Jun's skin condition?" He asks.

My eyes dart back and forth. "He'll be fine, he's getting better." I say, it's true, he is getting better. I think he is far more human than he gives off.

"Good, well, I'll make plenty of food for all of you." he says. I nod, and go to shut the door, but Vincent stops me again, I groan internally. "And include your sister, you're the reason she's here for god's sake." he snips at me before I nod, and shut the door.

I lean up against door, and slide down, before sitting on the floor. I flip open my phone, turning it on. I wait for all the texts to come in that I have missed. Two from dad, one from Robin, and one from Jun. I call my father first. It rings and rings, until he picks up.

"Hello Sweet pea." My father greets me pleasantly.

"Hi dad." I say flatly.

"Now, don't have that tone with me young lady." He says, not in an angry tone really. I breathe hard out of my nose.

"I don't have a tone dad." I explain, "Just tired."

"Ah, I see." He says stiffly. "Well, how did your finals go?" He asks.

"Fine." I say.

"Good." He says. I hear him shift in his seat. I shift too. "Now, I want you to be on your best behavior." he tells me. No, no love from my father. No words of encouragement, nothing. I guess it's what I deserve. I am the bad seed after all.

"I will be dad." I say, with disinterest.

"Promise?" He says, almost begging. No, I won't be good. I'll be as bad as I want to be.

"I promise." I say, a smirk on my face. Thinking of all the trouble I am going to drag Ally into. Saul Zimmerman, I will steal your precious daughter. The one you love so much, and turn her into me. I am going to make her an excellent vampire hunter.

"Good, good, Now take care of your little sister, make her time fun, will you please? Try to make her feel welcome." He almost begs. Oh, I will alright, she'll be killing in no time.

"I will dad, I have some friends coming over, we'll watch a movie or something." I say.

"Right," my dad pauses. "Anyways darling, I love you. I must go." He says, quickly as if he is trying to get rid of his servants.

"I love you too, bye." I hang up, then quickly look through my texts.

I go through Juns first.


'Guess who I met.'


Oh, I know exactly who you met, Jun. I begin to text him back I was going to kill him if he decided to scare her, or try any of his tricks on her. Although Ally didn't say anything about meeting him, so I assume it went over well. It wouldn't be long until she knew, I'm surprised Vincent hasn't figured it out. I just hope she won't be a problem. But she can keep a secret. All of the things I have told her, and she did not breathe a word. I told her all the partying I did, all the drugs I tried. But I never told her I was hunting with Robin and Jun. That was one thing that I kept close, something intimate between friends.

I open Robin's text,


Did you make it home?


I text him back I did, and that I'll text him when I want him to come over. He quickly texts me back, he is good about that.


Okay, do u want to go swimming again?


Right, the lake in the backyard. I didn't even think of what we would do. Watch a movie, go for a swim, the lake water would warm, I think. I go to my closet, finding my swimming suit. White, and it looks too small. Oh well, I just won't swim. I look down at my phone again. I text Robin I won't be swimming, but he and my sister could. She might want to play Tennis. I can see the corners of the net Vincent set up for her arrival. I text Robin back to bring a Tennis racket, and Jun the same. I know Jun likes sports. I wouldn't be doing this if Ally wasn't here. Jun, Robin, and I would just go out hunting like we usually did. But my sister complicated things damnit! Maybe next we could go hunting, and take her along, after she gets comfortable around them, after she figures out Jun's condition.

My phone vibrates, I look at it, Jun.


So we will be outside?


I text him back, saying not the whole time. He texts me back okay, and that he'll be there around 5:30.

Robin also texts me back, saying okay as well, and tell him to come around 5.

I shut my phone, and set it down. Taking off my clothes, and put on a new pair of clothes. Shorts and a tank. My creamy skin exposed for the world. I'm sure Robin would appreciate it. I smirk at the thought. I like making him nervous around me for some reason. I like to watch him blush and fumble. I guess it's the sadist in me. But Jun never reacted to me, maybe he's gay. Who knows. I look in the closet mirror. My green eyes blinking with thick lashes. I hate them. In fact, I hate most of my body, i'm too thin, and too tall. My hair, thick and curly. Like my mother's. I look nothing like my father, My mother was South african/Dutch. Down to her cream brown skin, to her almond shaped eyes. Those features on her were beautiful, but on me, they are awkward, and out of place. I sometimes want to rip them off and put them in places they would actually fit. Where they wouldn't look so, wrong. I turn away from the mirror, and go out of my room, taking me phone with me. I go down stairs to find Vincent in the kitchen, making sandwiches for my sister and I. I sit on the island, Vicnet sliding a plate with a sandwich on it, towards me, I catch it.

"Thanks." I say, taking a bite.

Vincent doesn't say anything, but he makes two extra sandwiches.

"Does Jun need smaller positions?" He asks me. I perk up, not expecting him to speak.

"Uh," I pause. "Yeah." I say, swallowing my food. He nods. Making Jun's sandwich. I feel bad for Jun, the pleasure of food, he will never know what it is like to pleasure his palate like humans do. I guess he has better things he's eating. I look outside, my sister playing by herself. Hitting a tennis ball over the net on the beach, then going to the other side, and hitting it back again. She's wearing her tennis dress, and white shoes. Her long black hair in two buns on the top of her head. She looks like pale doll. The sun shining off her hair. She stops, getting tired. Sitting in the sand. I furrow my brow, and stand up, going outside.

"Hey." I say, approaching her. She doesn't look up from me, she draws in the sand with a stick. She doesn't say anything, I sit next to her. Ally's eyes shift over to me, then back to her drawing. She's drawing a dog, its tongue sticking out its mouth.

"Hey." She says in a small voice.

"Whatcha doin sis?" I ask, trying to be friendly.

"Drawing." She states, simply. She turns to me smiling. "So, I met your friend yesterday." She says. I tense, sitting up straight.

"Yeah? He didn't scare you, did he?" I ask. Ally shakes her head, laughing.

"No, just a bit off, he's so pale and awkward."

"Hey!" I lightly nudge her. She chuckles. "He has a condition!" I exclaim in mock offence.

"What is his condition anyway?" She asks, her chuckle subsiding. My smile disappears.

"He's got thin skin." I lie. "He's sensitive to the sun." I explain. "He blisters if he stays in it for too long, without protection."

"Oh, so he's like a blood sucker." She jokes. I almost gag with shock. She never had said that so casually before.

"No, he's not a blood sucker!" I roll my eyes, "Jeez."
Ally shifts away from me, blinking, smirking. "Don't be so defensive sis."

"I'm not." I explain, hard. "I would never be friends with a filthy devil." I snip. Allyrce just laughs at me. He isn't a devil. He's something different, which is why I can trust him.

"Gosh sis." Ally continues to chuckle. "So much hate, father's lessons really must have rubbed off on you."

"I am my father's daughter after all." I shrug.


There is a pause between us. Then Ally speaks up.

"I got you a gift." She says.

I perk up. A gift? A little guilt rises in my chest, then drops like a weight. I didn't get her anything, I didn't even think of it.

"What is it?" I ask softly.

She stands, extending her hand. "Come," She says, "I'll show you."

I take her hand, but I stood up myself, then I let go. We go back inside, and Vincent is no longer in the kitchen. She takes me to her room. White and plain, just like this room always had been. She goes into her bag, and fishes out a bracelet. I cock my head. I look at the little charms dangling off of it. Tiny owls with big eyes stare at me. Ally smiles, and hang the braclet between thumb and index finger. I take it gentl from her. I look at her, wide eyed.

"How nice." I say. "Thank you."

She nods, "Put it on." She says. I do. It's loose around my small wrist. "You like it?" Ally asks.

"I do."

I look at the small owls, they dangle with a stupid expression. It's cute, that's for sure, like something a tween would wear. Smile at her.

"Thanks." I say again. I put my hand back in my pockets. I feel good about today.

Later on that evening the boys come over. Ally, Robin, and I play beach tennis. Jun sits under a beach umbrella, reading a book in a low chair. Ally serves the ball over to me, then hit it to Robin. He's on her team. I can take them both. Besides Ally seems tense around Robin. I look at him, he's shirtless, in swimming trunks. He's beefed up since the last time I saw him shirtless. Which wasn't too long ago. He had been careless one night hunting, and got clawed. Poor fella I guess. I see his eyes on me, everytime I jump, every time I stretch. Jeez, creep. As I am lost in thought, the tennis ball hits my head.

"Owe!" I exclaim, snootleley. I rub the side of my head. I see Ally has guilty expression on her face, good.

"Sorry." Ally says, weakly, and I hear Jun's small, almost inaudible chuckle come from behind me. I hiss, turning around to face him.

"What's so funny?" I ask. Jun has a smug grin on his face.

"Oh, Nothing." he says, light and airy, sighing, hiding his nose with his book.

I groan, and turn back to our game, I grab the ball and serve to Ally as hard as I could, but Robin got it before she could hit it back. Robin gives me an annoyed look, I roll my eyes. After while of playing, Ally looks over at Jun. She cocks her head curiously.

"Don't you want to play?" She calls over to him. He looks up from his book, smirking.

"I'm tired." He states as nicely as he can.

"He doesn't want to hurt his skin Ally." I say. She furrows her brow, looking apologetic. She puts her long black hair behind her ear. Her cheeks slightly red. I look back at Jun, only to see him smirking at her. I shoot him a nasty scowl, and he stops, going back to his book.

"Children! Dinner!" Vincent calls from the porch. We all perk up, our stomachs empty. These sandwiches didn't fill us up. We all drop our ratchets. And run inside, Jun slinking behind us. He's last one inside. The smell of sauce and garlic fill my nostrils. I look on the island, oh spaghetti. The boys get their plates first, Jun only getting very little. We all sit at the dining table.

Jun speaks up.

"So, how was your travels?" He asks my sister. I raise my eyebrow. Paying close attention. She flushes, pinning her hair behind her ears again.

"It was fine." Is all she says, a smile on her face. I groan under my breath, and decide to interject.

"Hey, how's Gabriel?" I ask, loudly. Putting on a fake smile. Ally's cheeks turn a dark red, and she looks away from Jun and I.

"Fine, he's been busy studying, so I haven't talked to him much." She explains. She looks up at me again, her eyes pleading. I look over at Jun. He's slunk in chair, examining his food. I smirk, in smug satisfaction. I knew of Gabe. Oh yes, All the letters she sent to me about him. About how handsome he is, and how good his with a Tennis racket. Her first crush, even if she denies it. Jun shoots me nasty look. Maybe i'm being petty. Before any of us could change the subject, Vincent coms in, with a wadded up shirt in hand. He tosses it at Robin. It lands in his lap.

"Put on a shirt." Vincent says, before leaving the dining room. Robin puts the shirt on without complaint. We all start cracking up, expect for Ally. It's just Robin, at least to me and Jun. After we are done eating, we all get up and go to the family room, sitting on the couch together, Ally sits there furthest away from us.

"So, what's next?" Jun asks.

"I dunno, I know swim is out of the question, Maybe we can go on a walk?" I suggest. Robin shakes his head.

"It's getting to dark, mountain lions." Robin explains shortly. I see Ally shrink up in her seat.

Weird, a world full of blood suckers, and it's mountain lions she's afraid of. Blood suckers live around here, in the woods. Luckily my father has a barrier around the place. No devil can get through it, most of them can't anyway.

Jun crosses his legs, and his elbow rests on the armrest. His hand on his cheek, he looks disinterested, staring out the window.

"You're right." I say. "Maybe we can watch a movie?"

Robin shrugs, "sure."

Ally and Jun don't say either way.

We end up playing outside again. Jun plays with us now that sun is gone. He hits the ball over the net, and he's on my sister's team. She avoids him, staying as far away as possible. Odd, she asked him to be on her team, They seem to get along fine. But, her eyes dart back and forth, trying not to get to close. Maybe because she's wearing a small dress. Hm.
Robin hits the ball back, and it hits Ally in the chest. He covers his mouth, in shock.

"Owe!" She coughs, rubbing her chest.

"I'm sorry!" Robin exclaims. He rushes over to her, putting his hand on her. I rush over to them. Jun standing off in the corner, not saying anything.

"S-sorry!" Robin says again. Ally nods, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"I'll take her in inside." I sighing, putting my arm around her, I take her to the bathroom, holding an ice pack on her chest.

Her crying stopped. Her eyes still red and puffy.

"I get hit in the head, and don't even shed a single tear, you get hit in the chest, and ball." I smirk, teasing her.

"I was hit by a boy!" She exclaims. "It hurt!" She pouts.

"Suck it up, buttercup." I say, pressing the ice pack harder against her chest. I couldn't help but feel this is somehow familiar. When her and I were children, I would always be treating her wounds, or "owies" as she use to call it. I would always tell her to stop whining and just take the pain, but she would always soften me. I couldn't let her be in pain, untreated.

Ally rubs her eyes and sniffles. "I think it'll bruise." She sighs.

"Well, i'll kick robin's ass. Would that make up for it?" I ask, blinking at her.

She shakes her head, thinking i'm serious somehow. If I wanted to kick his ass I would have already.

"Then I won't." I sigh, acting disappointed, feeding into her delusion. She looks down at her thighs, then back up at me. Her eyes big like a puppy. Maybe I shouldn't take her hunting with us. Maybe she should just be a kid a little while longer.

I hear a soft knock on the door, Ally and I both turn our heads to see both of the boys standing in the doorway. Robin comes in looking at Ally, she avoids his eyes. I stand, making sure Ally has her ice pack to her chest. I give Robin a hard punch in the arm.

"Hey!" He says, pretending to be softened. "That hurt!" he pouts. I smile, and he smiles back at me. I turn to Ally, her head down, I could see a slight smirk on her lips. Robin holds his arm, in mock pain.

"See, we're both hurt now." Robin say to Ally. She looks up, a glint of amusement in her eyes.

Later on that night, Robin and Jun go to their separate guest bedrooms. Ally went to sleep before everyone else. Everything went along smoothly, minus the ball incident. Jun didn't talk much, Robin and I talked amongst ourselves. Jun and Ally just sat there twiddling their thumbs. What was with them?

I'm in my room, Looking through my bag, pulling out the dirty weapons. I put them in the bath, washing them off. My father's created on them. He had no idea I had them, I took them, snuck them out of his warehouse. No one questioned it because I am his daughter, everyone knew me. Trusted me. I suppose that is what a liar and thieves do, lie until they earn trust. But I think i'm justified at least. I take my shower head, rinsing them off. I hear a tiny creeks on the floor in my bedroom, I turn off the water, my brows pressed together in suspecian. I open the door slowly. I see a flash of blonde hair. I groan, and open the door.

"Robin!" I say, in an accusatory tone. "What are you doing?" I ask, frusatied. "I'm cleaning evidence." I fold my arms. Robin stands, expressionless. His form, tall, and silhouetted by the light in the hallway. I shut the door behind him.

"I thought you were asleep." I say.

"I'm not tired." He explains.

"So you come to bother me?" I ask. Leaning to one side, leaning up against the wall.

"Maybe." He smirks, looking into my eyes, I turn away out of spite. I sit on my bed. He walks closer to me. Then sits on the floor, my feet on his lap. I lean back. He's still looking at me.

"What?" I ask, looking at him, my eyes flutter.

"I don't know." he says. "I just want some alone time." He pauses. "With you."

I laugh a little. "You're creepy!" My foot slaps his knee.

The curves of his mouth flip up. "Creepy?" He asks smoothly. "If you thought I wa creepy would have kicked me out already."

"Maybe I just put up with you, ever thought about that?" I ask, teasing. Robin stands up, towering over me. I gaze up at him. I lean back further. He leans over me, hands on both sides of my head. "What are you doing?" I ask, unaffected by our position. Although I think he's being ballsy, I could easily smack him if I wanted, but curiosity gets stuck in my throat, and stays there. I breath hard out of my nostrils.

"Do you think everyone's asleep?" Robin asks.

"I'm not sure." I answer him, my voice small, and cowardly. He gets off of me, and sits next me. I sit up beside him, leaning my head against his shoulder. "What do you want to do?" I ask.

"Get out of here, maybe go for a joy ride?"

I smirk, "If that's what you want, there is a certain motorcycle in the garage."

We sneak out to the garage, as quietly as we could. The key to my bike in my hands. I go to the corner where I last left it, still in perfect on condition. I look over at Robin, he's smiling, delightfully, like when we went hunting, just us too. I grab my bike by the handle. Walking it to the garage door. Robin lifts it quietly, trying not to make noise. I walk slowly out of the garage. The moonlight shining on the red two wheeled vehicle. Robin closes the door, slowly, silently. He then jogs over to me, walking on the other side of the bike. Two helmets in his hands, one white, one red. We walk the bike down hill, as far away from the house as possible. Once we reach the bottom of the hill, I stadle the bike, while putting on my helmet. Robin gets on the back. I put the key in the ignition, and turn. It starts in a low hum. It's a wonderful sound to hear. Feel robin's hand set low on my hips. His pinkie's resting on my thighs. I don't care.

We begin driving through the Colorado countryside, the single headlight guiding the way.

"So,where do you want to go?" I ask Robin. He leans in.

"How about our secret place?" He asks. My stomach tightens. But I'm not about to let him know that. Our secret place, that place. I swallow hard.

"Sure." I say, my hands sweating. We drive down a country road, forest swallows us whole. The moon peeking in and out of the trees. The deeper we go into our private place. We park on the side of the road, in a place where my bike is hidden. We both get off, and head down our trial. I couldn't help but think of the Blood suckers out tonight. But I have my pistol, and silver bullets. So I don't feed the need to worry, plus Robin I know is packing heat. We walk down the trial, going uphill, and downhill, whinding through the forest. Not speaking a word to each other, we look straight ahead. We finally reach a rockbed, where a small waterfall flows. We sit at the bottom, the moon in perfect view. Making everything bright and grey. The crisp air hurting my lungs, so I lite up a cigarette.

I take a puff, then ask "So, what do you think of my sister?"

Robin clicks his tongue to the roof of his mouth. "Well," he pauses in thought, "it's hard to believe you two are related." He states. "You two look nothing alike."

"We have a different mom." I explain. "My father can't stay lonely forever." I shrug.

"I guess so," he pauses again. "But she seems really sweet, i felt pretty bad hitting her in the chest." He chuckles.

"It's alright, she'll get over it." I say.

"I guess." he sighs, his hand dangerously close to my thigh. I feel it tingle. I move away, but only a few inches. I see him frown out of the corner of my eye. I can't do this. "Connie?" He says to me.

"Yeah?" I ask.