Silent Stalker

Every place has stories of monsters or creatures that can only be described as monstrous and nightmare inducing. The on exception to these creatures is one known as the Silen Stalker. Unlike most other mystery creatures, Silent Stalker has no known description. This creature is known only by sound.

It's often found in manmade structures like houses and buildings. People who encounter the Silent Stalker usually mention a sound of footsteps slowly walking behind them. They'll turn around to see where the sound is coming from and find nothing. The footsteps grow faster and sound closer with each passing day. The victim will have most likely begun to question their sanity or contact the authorities.

The footsteps will have also grown into sounds of low growls and salivation. Sleep becomes nearly impossible as the sounds continue nonstop and become even louder. The final moment is the one that nobody can really confirm. Silent Stalker is now so close to the victim that they can hear his slow and uneven breathing. Victims must not turn around at all. Temptations will be used to make them look. They might hear sounds of someone crying behind them or their name being muttered by an unfamiliar voice. All of these are attempts by the Silent Stalker to make their victim turn around.

One look back and the victim will be face to face with the Serial Stalker. Unfortunately, no single description can be given for what this creature looks like. Anybody who lasts long enough to get a look will die.

So how does one avoid this creature that you cannot see? There isn't much of an answer to be given. Steps can be made to reduce being caught. Keep the lights on whenever you're alone in a room. The Silent Stalker thrives in darkness, although it has been known to attack in light as well.

Another step is to throw a piece of food over your shoulder. Rumor has it that throwing a slice of meat over your shoulder will cause the creature to stop and devour whatever you give it. That's when you quickly make your escape and never look back.

We're constantly discovering more about our world and what lives among us. The real question is whether or not we'll know the answers.