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October 30, 2018

Sugar: Write something so sweet, it makes your teeth hurt.

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Perhaps people are born with the taste for sweetness.

I didn't exactly know, and I wasn't about to pretend that I did.

However, I understood that whatever made a person love and crave sweetness, my family had it in spades.

It was a well-known fact that we would get our hands on anything sugary we could put into our mouths.

But then again, maybe it was because we had talents with it.

That was my grandmother, and her homemade bread…

She'd make any type requested, for any occasion, and even when there wasn't one…

And of course, the whole family couldn't wait to savor the delight…

She passed the skill down to my sister as well, and my sister made many more dishes with her proficient baking.

All of them were a treat to the tongue, with each bite eliciting a craving for more…

Even the bread with vegetables and fruits thrilled others with its sugary delight.

It was no wonder the requests seemed to be nonstop.

But my grandmother wasn't the only one that had this talent.

There was also my mother, on the other family side.

She enjoyed the sweets so much I often wondered if she would eat sugar right out of the bowl.

Maybe she would, because she always made her savory pumpkin pies and rich rhubarb cobblers.

Nothing could compare to having them be straight from rhubarb growing right outside the house.

It was what made them fresher than anything one could buy in a store.

If there was a sweet I craved the most, it was the rhubarb cobbler.

On the stalk in the morning, and in the pie in the evening…

Of course, this was the woman who'd invented the family tradition of spraying whipped cream straight into our mouths…

But the others in my family were not to be outdone.

For there was my aunt as well.

Just give her the word, and she could make any dessert anyone wanted.

It didn't matter what type of allergies, diseases, or other ailments plagued the person.

She could effortlessly make something that everyone could enjoy.

And her most famous was the chocolate mousse.

Light and fluffy to the touch of the hand, yet rich to the touch of the mouth.

One bite was so sweet the tongue would burn.

And yet the body had to have more, because the burning sensation for once was pleasant.

It was no surprise, then, as I followed in their footsteps.

Of course, I was still fledgling, and would be that way for some time.

Yet I had already cooked up a cheesecake with chocolate chips that everyone at Easter loved.

I had made a Mexican three layer cake to introduce the taste to my family, although I swore I wouldn't attempt something so difficult again.

I made one of my family's favorite dishes full of fruit, previously one that only my aunt had made.

I even recreated my grandma's bread, shortly after she left this earth…

Yes, I didn't know where the desire for sugar came from.

But I did know one thing.

And that was that my family was bound by its sweetness.