PAGE ONE -4 Panel

Panel 1. Reader sees a small window in a dark shadowed wooden cabin room lighten up by a strike of lightning from outside the glass, there's a full moon seem out of it getting covered by dark gray clouds and it's raining hard pouring down.

unseen little girl: (screams of fright, off panel)


Panel 2. Close up view of a little girl is running barefoot out of cabins screen door into the heavy rain. Her eyes are over shadowed. She is wearing a white t-shirt and baggy black pajama pants with half-moons on them. Her face is full of confusion and small hint of fear as she runs out of the cabins front screen door and towards the porch steps (there are 12 steps in all). There are flower pots on the porch left and right of the door, a soft cushion bench to the readers right (her left). The steps and outside of the cabin is made of bricks.

Little girl
*breathing heavily*

Panel 3. Close up of her bare feet running through a path of grass splashing in mud with bottom roots of trees in the shadows to show she is in a forest. Its still raining hard.

Panel 4. Overhead of the little girl running down a grassy ally with tall trees on both sides. The area is lit by a flash of lightning.
A wolf's howl is heard by the little girl from far away, the direction is not certain.



PAGE TWO - 6 panels

Panel 1. Close up of the little girls face looking behind her in fear. She is wet from sweat and rain as she is panting short of breath.

Panel 2. Not looking where she is going she trips over a tree root uplifted from the ground. The reader sees her falling caught off guard. Face full of shock and surprise.

Panel 3. Close up of the little girl picking face up from off the ground. Her hair, face and clothes covered in mud. As shes getting up the reader can see a growl is heard from right in front of her.



Panel 4. Close up from behind her. She is laying on the ground covered in mud with a tall dark shadowy figure with pointy wolf like ears and crimson red glowing eyes standing over her. Nothing other than the figures eyes and ears are distinguishable. *the girl gasp in shock* as she stare us at the figure.

Little girl


Panel 5. A close up of the figures red angry wolf like eyeball (no fur or anything other than expression is distinguishable). This panel is placed in the right top corner of Panel 6.

Panel 6. the little girl is seen getting up to run the other way. Her body running without her control. She looks back in fear screaming at the figure.

the little girl:


PAGE THREE - 6 panels

Panel 1. the girl is seen running through the woods as fast as she can. Running for dear life. It continues to pour down rain cats and dogs.

Panel 2-4. the girl is tumbling down a grass hill. She is in mid flips. The scene shows her kicking up mud and dirt while rolling out of control. These panels are small compared to the regular single panels.

Panel 5. the girl lands on her butt in a painful way. Hair a mess with dirt and twigs.

The Little Girl:


Panel 6. the girl stands to her feet. Wiping the dirt from her eyes as she regain her balance.

PAGE FOUR - 5 panels
Panel 1. the girl is slowly walking in the woods with her hand to her head like her head hurts, barely able to hold up her own body weight.
Panel 2. girl has a look of shock and fright on her face like she sees something horrendous.

The Little Girl

Panel 3. A shadow wolf figure can be seen stalking from the shadows of the forest trees. We have a short cut of the little girl from behind backing away from it trying to escape. The background is of the forest area. Rain still falls.

*growling noise*

Panel 4. Small. the girl trips back on her butt on the muddy hill, trying to crawl backwards up it with no success. Fear stricken her as she fears for her life.

The Little Girl
"No stay away!"

Panel 5. The dark shadow wolf figure launches at the little girl. Jaws open. A pair of White wolf canines and glowing red eyes can be seen clearly. the little girl is trying to block with her hands. Lightning sticks in the back ground, the full moon is seen peaking from behind the thunder clouds.

*rowring noise*

the little girl:

PAGE 5 -2 panels
Panel 1. small. top left hand corner, A teen suddenly wakes up out her sleep. Her face full of shock and forehead full of sweat. She hears an alarm going off loudly from her bedside.

*alarm going off*
"beep beep beep"

The girl that looks like shes about to piss her pants is me. Luna. 13 (for now). I've had that dream before. As far back as i can remember since i was little. Must have been some bad movie i watched one night when i was little. Can't remember which one though. It happens once a year or so I think. Usually its pretty short starting with the wolf or the scream. But recently its been getting longer...and happening more frequently.

Panel 2 Large. The teen sits up in her bed a bit more calm now. wiping the sweat from her forehead. The background you can go crazy with. She is sitting in a King size bed. With big pillows and stuff animals surrounding her. But she is not a girly girl. On a shelf to her left (readers right) is comic book and anime figurines of The Wolf-man, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Flat screen Tv with gaming consoles (Playstation) and tons of games surrounding it. A PC on the other side of the room. The floor is surprisingly clean and everything is pretty neat. On the wall is posters of a female rock and roll group that looks oddly similar to Lashawns Colvin "Pretty Soldiers".

Unknown teen:
"That crazy dream..."

Fact or fiction. Myth or Legend. There is a very thin line that separates them all. Things we thought could only be found in our childhood fantasies, could be even more real than our actual reality. A lesson I learned one special day...When everything changed.


Panel 1. A sophistcated tall black teen girl with long braids burst into the room.

Tall girl:
"Lane turn off that alarm! its driving me crazy!"

Panel 2. Close up of Artemis character design.

Panel 3. (side by side with panel 2)

ID Card. That's my older cousin Artemis Jasmine Jones. Fitting since she sees herself as a Goddess. 17. Standing there 5'7 in a white top, guccie leather jacket that only comes down to her ribs, skin tight guccie jeans, and black snow boots with the furs. Ms. Bad and Boujee. Captain of the Eclipse Co. Timber Wolves Cheer leading squad. Shes all that and a bad of chips. Long black braids like the Predator, hazel brown eyes, full lips, full perky breast, a slip waist and hips that should be illegal, you (especially guys but also girls) can't help but stare when shes walking towards you, almost break your neck when shes walking past and a ass to make you love to watch her leave (I do but for a different reason) but hate to see her go out of sight. Shes also a gymnastic gold medalist in the Southern Nationals 3 times. And her grades aren't bad either. Not as good as mine but good enough to be top of her class.


Panel 1. Artemis standing in the door way. Luna sitting up in her bed.

"Why are you all wet. did you wet your bed again?" *laughs* "Mom says hurry and wash up and get dressed.


"I dont wet the bed..anymore Jaz. and aren't you cold? Its got to be like below 50' out there!"


its the middle of December for crying out loud.

Page 8

Panel 1. Artemis turns her nose up and laughs with her hands on her hip waving (literally with her hand) the suggestion away.


"And what dress up like a boy like you? You're the last I would take fashion advice from"

Panel 2.

Unseen Woman:
"Jaz did you wake up Lu? Foods almost done"

Panel 3. Close up of Artemis with a smug grin.


"You heard her. Hurry up"

Panel 4. Artemis exits the room with Luna sticking her tongue out behind her back.


Panel 1. Luna gets out of bed and heads for the hallway bathroom.

Panel 2. A close up of Lunas bed reveals claw marks one sheets. like something with claws gripped them tightly.

PAGE 10.

*down stairs*

Panel 1. Luna eating at the breakfast table by herself. The table is laid out with Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage, and other morning goodies. Luna is now dressed in a White beanie, White Hoodie, blue jeans and a white sneakers. She is stuffing her face.

Panel 2. A tall skinny black woman with blue nurse scrubs on is bringing a skillet of sizzling bacon.

Unknown woman:
"Here you go hun. eat up. you dont want to be late for school."

Panel 3-4 A character design of the woman name Charlene Meditrina Jones (Trina for short)


That's my aunt Trina. Jaz's mom. 35. I lived with her since forever. Shes like a mom to me. Sometimes i slip and call her that. I never knew my real mom and my dads always off in the Military. He comes and goes back and forth frequently but mostly goes than comes. My aunt is his younger sister. She works at a nearby hospital as nurse but is going to school to be a doctor. Shes Super busy.

Page 11.

Panel 1. close up of Luna with mouth full of food. jaws filled like a squirrels storing nuts in both cheeks.

"Wheres little miss Drama Queen?"

Panel 2. Trina giving Luna a "you know better than that look" with a grin.

"Don't talk with your mouth full"
"She say she got a call on her phone, school emergency. grabbed some eggs between toast and ran out. You know how busy she get."

Panel 3. Luna back to eating and Trina cooking over the stove.

"Little did I know how busy she really was"

Page 12.

*Federal Exterminators *

Panel 1. Close up of tall military built white man in full body navy blue uniform with guns and knives at his waist. (a picture of the uniform will be sent to the artist)

The Federal Exterminators is a large secret organization of hunters dedicated to slaying supernatural monsters. The Exterminators or "slayers" (formerly named) are

A Hunter: is a being, usually a human, who hunts down the supernatural and saves people from monsters, demons, ghosts and other creatures. Since most hunters are just human they hunt via weapons, skill sets and knowledge.

A Slayer: is an elite hunter born with mystical powers that originate from the essence of a supernatural creature, which usually gives them powers anywhere between superhuman senses, strength, agility, resilience and speed, whatever is needed in the fight against the supernatural. Usually a specific species.

Unknown Man:
"Alright attention!"
"The Emergency meeting is now in session"