While most of the corruption order forces are Uempestas (U-Emp-Est-As)Troopers. The Taggitarius (Tagg-It-Ar-Ius) trooper are the ranged fighters in the corruption order. Often picked from ranged tournaments or people who hunt. Once recruited the Taggitarius trains how to more effectively use ranged weapons from bows, slings, javelins, and throwing knives. Taggitarius is the corrupted tongue for archer. However the word also means ranged in the northern corruption order territories. In the event of a battle or skirmish. Taggitarius troopers raining missile fire harassing or softening up the enemy for the more frontline troopers.

If need be Taggitarius troopers are given a dagger or short sword for close combat. All corruption order bases, settlements, and convoys have a small detachment of Taggitarius troopers at the ready. More nimble and stealthy troopers can apply for the Zucculatum (Zucc-u-Latum) Taggitarius Guard. Zucculatum means hidden in corruption. These troopers are trained in scouting, spying, and even assassinations. Both troopers also in times of war have the task of hunting and foraging for resources in the campaign. Interestingly The Taggitarius are a mix of men and women. Compared to the Uempestas-Trooper And The Uempestas-Maiden detachments respectively. This is an age old custom of mixing the best of both sexes who have great skill in fighting from afar.

Those recruited got to camp Taggitarius and undergo five months of training. This training is done since like most people of Eseyn. Their part time warriors or hunters. The corruption order wants soldiers not warriors. For those that fail they are used as living targets for senior troopers. This exercise and method is use to "inspire" other recruits to become better Taggitarius troopers. Before graduation they do one last task called the Taggitarius Hunt. In the hunt they stalk innocent things be it an animal or person. Then mercilessly shoot down the target. After the hunt they are then sent from place to place.

Very rarely will a Taggitarius or any corruption order member. Stay in once place for that matter. Some say they have enough troopers to block out the sun. This is just a rumor as the corruption order love spreading rumors. Regardless the sight of dozens of Taggitarius troopers on a hill is not a pretty sight. In short these brave or evil men and women prove their loyalty to the corruption order time and time again. With one hunt at a time.