In the beginning, there was nothing; the world was a blank shell until God created the world and all of the creatures that would roam through it. Throughout time, humans would begin to advance in technology and belief systems. Social structures begin to form around people's belief systems. In the minds of humans, there were only certain beliefs, but in reality, there were more. In unrecorded history, during the creation of the world, there was a woman.

Known to believers and followers to have the kindest heart, the steadiness mind and the strongest will. She refused to follow the false teachings and beliefs of the 'pretenders' that others have followed. She senses that there was another true source of divine power. One day, she was attacked by God for her ignorance and refusal to obey Him. In His rage, God destroyed the woman's physical being, took her spiritual form and forever embedded it into a massive rock, overlooking the world, never to be released. She became known as the 'Moon'.

During her prison sentence, the woman looked down at the world and saw that the 'pretenders' followers were becoming massive. Sensing within the desire to form a loyal group, she discovered a young man caring and befriending a wolf. This perplex the 'Moon' as she has never seen a human interact with this creature; they only kill the creature for sport or use it for entertainment. But the young man did neither; he cared for the creature as if it was his equal.

Fascinated, the woman called for the young man one night. The young man appeared in the forest, near a crystal blue creek. Looking around, searching for the feminine voice, the young man found nothing. The woman called again. This time the young man heard the voice and looked to the moon. Shinning so brightly upon man, the feminine voice asked him, "Why do you care for the predator of the woods and forests"?

The young man responded "I see them as fascinating creature, not meaning any harm to me or my people. But no one believes that these wolves are curious or timid of us than we are of them. The myths have robbed these creatures of peaceful life. I want to prove to people that they are not monsters".

Sensing the genuine care and compassion in the man's voice, the woman offered him an option to help with his cause. "I will grant you powers never seen before by man. You will be stronger than any being, faster than any being, heal quicker from any wound, sense the surroundings around, slowly grow old and form a permanent bond to your four-legged brothers. Your powers will be passed down to all the males in your bloodline. Do you accept the gifts I shall bestow upon you?" said the feminine voice.

The man looked to the moon. "I accept your gifts, my beloved Moon Goddess" said the man as he got down on one knee, bowing to the moon. The light from the moon shined brighter than before, covering the man in a soft blue and white light, merging his physical and spiritual bodies to the wolf, becoming both in one.

"Go and protect your brothers from harm" said the feminine voice. As the man was about to leave, he turned and gave thanks to the moon. Before he did so, the feminine voice stopped him. "You may refer to me as 'Luna' or 'Moon Goddess' as I will always protect you and your brothers from away danger. Now go, but be careful of your new-found gifts". Heeding the Moon Goddess's words, the young man leaves to understand his new powers and relationship to the moon.

While learning his powers, the young man soon learned about others like him. He ventured to meet with the other wolves. The group of wolves became packs and they soon called themselves werewolves. They all learned that Luna gave them powers to become close to her and to assist the living by keeping balance between good and evil. Meaning that werewolves are neutral beings; they have no roles or alliances with Heaven or Hell. They co-exist as neutral beings with allegiances to the 'Moon' and will fight if they are threatened or if Luna allows them to fight in other affairs.

All of them began to worship Luna and denounce other celestial beings; they saw her as the true power and guidance for all wolves. Also, Luna assisted in appointing a group of werewolves that would be the governing body for all werewolves in the world. She and others would refer to the group as the 'Tribune of Wolves'. The selection was based upon who Luna saw fit to lead and guide the wolves during their time of need.

Other time, the werewolves began to learn more about their powers and expand upon them. They learned that at age 13, their powers will begin to develop. At age 18, they will gain their full powers and begin to assume positions in their packs. In addition, they learned that death does not come so easy to werewolves, but should be careful. As they learned that werewolves that die improperly are set to come back as 'revenants', undead werewolves who follow the rule of Luna and the rule of Lucifer. Another concept they discovered is that the only way to become a werewolf is to either be born as one or to gained the powers and abilities of one by Luna.

There were female werewolves with the packs. However, they slowly began to die out. Luna noticed this problem and showed no interest in repopulating the female werewolves and instead focused on the males as they had a higher chance of surviving the transformations and adjustments of becoming a wolf. Luna used her powers to outline that if the child were to be female, she would be fully human as her mother. But if the child were to be male, he will have all the powers of his father.

Times were peaceful for the wolves as they grew in strength and numbers. However, the peace would end when the Werewolf Trials began. Luna was in tears, watching her beloved wolves be merciless killed because of what the 'pretenders' followers believed in. She had to watch werewolves fled into the shadows and hide from certain death. The young men and boys being burned or hanged broke Luna's heart. She could not do anything, but watch from afar.

Following the trials, the werewolves became angry at the Church for their part in the death of numerous brothers. Some of the wolves stayed in hiding, refusing to reveal themselves. While, others sought out revenge against the Church by working alongside other beings, such as witches and vampires, to attack the clergymen and cause torment to them for their crimes. Luna begged them to stop the violence, but saw that they are trying to avenge and honor the young lives taken too early. She slowly moved away from the fighting and let them do so, enabling them to forge a new identity and power within an unexplored part of their lives.

As time goes on, the revenge against the Church ended with the Great Schism and the wolves tried to salvage what is left of their lives. As the fathers and uncles grew old, the sons and nephews began to take over. Some were lucky to find wives accepting of their lives, but others weren't as lucky. As the generations go by and society further develops, werewolves were able to stand the test of time and will continue to do so until the end of time, as they know that their beloved Luna will watch over them.