One night, during the full moon, a young man, known as Rollo, was making love to his beloved wife, Vita, at home. While, the moonlight shined upon the man's skin about to reach his climax. His skin slowly turned into the fur, his nail turned into claws, his ears becoming pointy and his eyes turning yellow. His wife, noticing his transformation, tried to push him away during their joining, but failed. Jumping out of the bed, the man turned into a beast, a wolf-man, in front of his love. Scared, Vita tried to kill her beast husband, but no stabs from the knife stopped him. Rollo ran away towards the woods and found a river to see his reflection; he saw himself and a monster. Knowing this to be the Moon Goddess's power, he roamed around the woods, learning his abilities until dawn.

When dawn came, the man went back to his home and found his wife, trembling in fear of his presence. "What are you?" asked Vita with tears in her eyes. Rollo sat her down and explained what happened to him with her. He told her about his love for wolves, his conversation with the Moon Goddess and his acceptance of her gift.

Vita shook her head and slowly walked away from Rollo. "No, I will not be married to a beast-man. God will never approve of this sin. Leave and don't come back. Go!" shouted Vita. Feeling defeated and heartbroken, Rollo tried to reach out to her, but Vita kept slapping him away. Realization hits Vita, "Oh no, you planted your seed in me. Now, I'll have demon child. How could you do something so foolish? I will not have a wolf child in this house" screamed Vita.

Losing the will to argue back, Rollo left the house, but not before giving her a message. "If it's a girl, she will be normal as you are and you don't have to find me. But, if it's a boy, he will become me some day. You may give him to me once he is born and you no longer have to deal with me anymore" said Rollo. Saying his piece, Rollo left home with tears slowly running down his face at the loss of his love and his home life.

Nine months have passed, Rollo has successfully lived among the wolves and learned their way of life. He goes on hunts with them and learned the pack dynamic. He saw that there was no hierarchy among the members, only working together to survive. One day, while going to the river to bathe, he smells a familiar scent, a feminine scent. He moves towards the scent and sees Vita with something in her arms, looking to drop it into the river. Seeing the blankets moved, Rollo knew what she was doing. "Vita, stop!" screamed Rollo as he ran towards. Once he got near her, he ripped the blankets from her arms and looked inside to see a baby boy.

Falling to his knees, Rollo cradle the boy in his arms, close to his bare chest. "Why? I told you to find me if he was a boy." Said Rollo.

"No, he is a monster like his father and doesn't deserve life. God would do away with his soul. No one would want that creature" shouted Vita.

"That creature is your son" Rollo shouted back.

"Not anymore. He is a bastard child, a spawn of the Devil. I will never care for him." Said Vita as she turned her back on Rollo and their infant son.

Looking down at the bundle, Rollo quietly whispers, "Looks like it's just us now. Don't worry, Lycidas, I'll care for you. And, also, I know a nice group of people who share a similar fate as us, who would let us seek shelter from them".

The man and his infant walk back into the forest, their new home, to meet with their new potential pack mates.