We are the proud Maliceorts. Created by a rogue Shadowleaf we were used as slaves. Her attempt was to create us to get back at her people. She didn't expect us to get tired and rise up. Known as the Liberation Of Ortlandkarn (Ort-Land-Karn) we fought a three long years war. With the capturing of records from a ruin tower we learned cloning. Our generations would be stronger and stronger. What turned into a rebellious one hundred now thousands of our sisters came to life. Our first leader was Malice Zurntern (Zern-Ter-N) she was fierce and had a unquenchable fire.

After the Liberation we officially called our realm Ortlandkarn. What the other races of Eseyn refuse to tell you was that we formed our own law and military. A Raggakarn (Ragg-A-Karn) is the equivalent to a military leader and land owner. When a Maliceort has fought for twenty years she is given land and a very small tribe is clone just for her to serve her. Raggarkarn's are also given the honor of having a last name for her tribe. Interestingly once one becomes a Raggakarn they are allowed much independence then our zowzorn (Zow-Zor-n) sisters who have just been clone, frail, or simple minded. Tribute is all the High Maliceort demands.

With such liberties Raggakarn's are free to loot or terrorize the weakling races of Eseyn. Most contain a small group of thirteen to thirty warriors to accompany and protect her lands. While raiding and pillaging is fun and sometimes needed for Ortlandkarn's winter. Raggakarn's appoint a Balderort (Bal-Der-Ort) who is gifted in both stewardship and magic. Acting as the Raggakarn's advisor and tribal leader. Along with providing spiritual guidance and morale for the zowzorn promising them. If loyal and ditiful they would be given a noble and stronger station in the next world. Raggakarn's have a favorite pastime known as the Ortlandkarn Sawerzat (Saw-Er-Zat)-Catching. Sawerzat's are a rodent creature that ran rampant over Ortlandkarn. We use them as food, hides, and even domesticate them for pets. Very cute but feisty and ravenous when starving. The magic from our Balderort's have made them larger. We use the larger ones as guards and mounts. Very expensive to feed and maintain only a Raggakarn or wealthy merchant owns one or several.

Odds are if you see a watchtower along our lands. It belongs to a Raggakarn who uses it as a retreat, storage, or a base for future or ongoing expansions what we call our wars. All Raggakarn's can have a position in the Malicort Circle. This positions range from grain collector to Champion Of Ortlandkarn a position similar to a commander. Know that when you see a Raggakarn show respect. Or cower as she brings you to the next life.

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