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Nothing is right anymore
The world does not need me
I am useless to this place.

My soul dies within,
My mind is against me
My heart beats slowly.

Tear are something I know,
Laughing is something strange to me,
Joy has gone from my heart.

I just want to disappear into dust,
And leave this world forever
For I am noting but a mess.

But no one knows this of me
Smile I do, but it isn't real
For I don't want you to know.

Ask me, How do you do?
I will respond, I am well,
For, I don't want to trouble you.

Talking is nice, but not in person
Doing something fun is draining
Seeing is what I do best.

I feel out of sorts,
I just want to be gone
And out of the way.

But then you tell me
That I have a purpose
I am something.

You tell me to carry on
And to be strong
And to have courage
For this too will pass.

You tell me that I can d it
And with you
Anything is possible.