The Everlastings

Chapter One

The children of the night had to find shelter to avoid the burning of the soon to rise daystar. Fino had scouted the small town out ahead of their journey there. He found an old abandoned manor out in the woods. He and his friends would be safe there until the sun set. The manor might have been falling apart but there was luckily enough room for the six of them. The windows were boarded up. The wallpaper was peeling off. The floorboards were creaky. It truly was a creepy place. Luckily for Fino, vampires enjoy creepy places. He was always the one who planned ahead for his little band of misfits. He sat with his thoughts for a few hours

"Penny for your thoughts, my friend" Maia eventually said, moving to sit next to Fino on the sheet covered sofa. All of her words spoken in a British accent. Her caring blue eyes offered the only warmth vampires could feel; compassion.

"I was merely thinking about my role in our group" He replied shrugging. He ran a hand through his dark brown hair.

"Everyone has their role to play" Maia has a look of understanding about her. She knew that every creature that has ever lived or will ever live, has doubted their roles.

"That is true, I guess…" Fino sighed.

Maia saw how lost Fino's mind was in his emerald eyes.

"Take a good look around this room and tell me what you see" Maia gestured to the rest of the room.

Fino's eyes darted all over the room. His vampiric enhanced sight helped him to see much better than humans. He saw finer details. He saw the dust in the air as well as a man with a microscope. He saw the cracks lining the floorboards. There was no light in the room yet he could see perfectly. He could see the sewing of the sheets astonishingly. When Fino was first turned, being able to see the worlds beauty in such great detail made him feel content. He looked at his other companions. Thana and Emilio were sitting by a dining table and chatting on the opposite side of the room. Tacito was leaning against a wall in the far corner of the dusty room. Eva was looking at the old pictures on the mantle of the fireplace.

"I see everyone doing their own thing" Fino finally answered.

"Exactly. What do you think your role is in our group?" Maia asked with a smile.

"I plan our trips ahead"

"What do you think my role is?" Maia asked, intrigued.

"You're the caring one. You're always there for us when we need you" Fino replied with a shrug.

"What about Thana?" Maia asked pointing.

"She's… another story. She cares for her friends. She always protects us from what she perceives to be a threat" Fino looked over at her only to find her looking back at him. It was clear she had been listening to their conversation. She gave a nod and a small smile.

"What do you think about Tacito?" Maia inquired, turning her glance to him. He turned his glare to her. He never was one to like conversation. His brown eyes seemed to glimmer in the darkness. His blonde hair covered one of them.

"He's the quiet one. He prefers to listen and think before speaking." Fino responded. Tacito's lips seemed to tighten by a fraction. He was clearly annoyed at being mentioned. His glare passed over to Fino. He merely shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"What do you think about Eva?" Maia asked turning her gaze to the redheaded girl by the fireplace.

Fino turned his gaze to her too. Eva was the one who was constantly in disagreements with us about how to do things. She has too big of a heart. She hasn't killed anyone since 1937. That is odd for a vampire. They are a predatory species. They feed and kill. That is of course if you follow Thana and Emilio's logic. Tacito will only kill if it has his desired effect.

"Eva is the mother figure. She is always trying to lead us to do good, even when she sees she isn't getting through to all of us. She too always protects those she cares for." Eva turned her attention to them, a bright smile strewn across her freckled face. Her light brown eyes were twinkling with joy. Without warning, Eva used her speed to run up to Fino, pull him from the couch and hug him. It took Fino a second or two to respond. He shouldn't really have been surprised. Eva loves hugging those she cares for. Yet he was utterly surprised and did not expect her to act upon that feeling. When a vampire uses their speed to its full potential, like Eva did, their movements appear as a blur. This is called vamping. Fino awkwardly hugged her back. As a human, Fino never felt right with the touch of a woman. As a vampire, that feeling was heightened. That is why he abstained from all physical pleasures. In the era he was born, giving one's self to a man was considered sinful. That much has not changed but those who chose to in today's modern society were no longer shunned.

"Give me some of the love" Maia said, pulling Eva off of Fino. They hugged. Fino mouthed a "thank you". Maia merely giggled.

Fino saw Emilio and Thana stare at him amused from the corner of his eye. He turned to sit when he noticed Emilio signal him over. Emilio, sitting at the head of the table, pulled out the chair on his right. Fino vamped over to them. He noticed Tacito give him a glance for a second before turning his attention elsewhere. Fino took the offered seat.

"We could not help but overhear your chat with Maia" Thana started.

"What of it?" Fino enquired.

"We are merely curious what you think my role is?" Emilio asked with a grin.

Fino knew he had to be careful. Emilio was the most hot-headed of the group. He would always look for reasons to start an argument.

"Honestly, I think you can be a nice person when you want to but most of the time you are bloodthirsty" Fino responded.

Emilio pondered the words for a moment.

"Aren't we all? Without human blood in our veins, we would all perish" Emilio answered simply.

Tacito gave a loud chuckle that drew everyone in the room's attention to him.

"What are you all gawking at?" Tacito asked bluntly. He ran his fingers through his golden blonde hair.

Eva went back to showing Maia the old pictures she was looking at earlier. Thana quickly turned her attention back to Fino. Emilio did the same.

"What I meant earlier was that you like fighting" Fino said.

"Oh" Was his simple response.

"I grow bored of this topic. What do you think we should do when the sun sets?" Thana inquired.

"I say we look for a place to grab a bite to eat" Emilio replied.

"I agree. What about you, Fino?" Thana turned her gaze to meet his. Her left eyebrow was raised.

"I guess you could count me in" Fino responded with another shrug.

"Me too" Maia commented, briefly turning her attention to us.

"Me three" Tacito said from his corner.

Emilio turned his gaze to Eva.

"What about you, Gingerhead?" He called to her.

A flash of annoyance came over her face before she quickly covered it up with a smile. She turned her fake smile to Emilio.

"I'd prefer you call me Eva" She stated.

"Will you be joining us or not?" Thana asked, turning to face Eva.

"I believe so. I don't want to be alone in a strange town after all." Eva said with a nervous nod.

She was clearly uncomfortable with us going to hunt. Everyone at the table turned their attention from her.

"I cannot wait to sink my fangs into some helpless fool" Emilio said with a wicked smile on his face.

"I know how you feel. I have not fed since we left the boat. That was nearly a day ago" Thana said with a groan.

"We have blood bags" Fino stated.

"I know but stale blood tastes like sweat" Thana rolled her eyes.

"I agree. That's why I prefer it fresh from the tap" Emilio smirked.

"Have you two no respect for the living?" Eva asked, vamping over.

Her arms were crossed over her pink blouse.

"Not really. They've tried to kill each of us several times in the past." Thana replied with a disgusted expression.

"Exactly. I see no reason to treat them as anything other than prey or toys" Emilio replied with a serious look about him.

That was rare indeed. Emilio is almost never serious. Eva just stared at them with a pained expression.

"I bet you're going to be a delight tonight, as always" Emilio said sarcastically.