Lore Build: When The God And Goddess Have A Nightmare A Counter Offensive Is Intinated Known As The Reprisal After A Village Cultist Give Him A Nightmare The 12th Rage & Malice Company Is Sent To The Town Of Sleepyfog To Send A Message But Is There More To It Than That Is There A Traitor In The 12th Company

I practiced throwing my javelin as my older Rage And Malice sisters set up the Sleepyfog Forward Camp. Usually Malices, Rages, and Shadow stay with their own kind. Sleepyfog was an exception as the place is blanketed in constant fog. Though it hurts of Rage Leaf pride our youngest sisters the Malice Leafs have shaper eyesight. As far as I know our company 12th Rage & Malice Company Is the only joint Company. Shadows And Rages are good aligned while our Malice Leaf sisters are Neutral Evil. In fact they wasted no time in looting the countryside around Sleepyfog. Attacking people who are possible innocent.

I can understand their frustration though. We love our mother and father of course. So when they are hurt by the forces of evil. It takes a toll on us. Pushing such sad thoughts aside I continued to throwing my practice javelins. I'm only one-hundred and thirty and just graduated the Rage Leaf Trial. Even though we're the middle sisters we form the backbone of the fighting. Our commander was biting her tongue as more "Goods" were being given to the Malice Leaf quartermaster.

Even more loathsome some captives were being sold to slavers. If they weren't our sisters they would answer for their atrocities. "Rage Bravevoice guard the Malice Leaf builders" my sergeant ordered. I gave a salute and head down towards the defence line. I was the only one guarding the builder they ignored my presence. Aside from the skirmishes our company was also cutting down the trees around Sleepyfog. Strategist confirmed it would take at least several days to get full reprisal. One of the builders offered me some bread. As we don't have bakers and most of the rations were dried foods. I knew they were looted I just shook my head no. She shrugged and took a bite herself.

The defences were nasty wooden spikes. We heard Sleepyfog had a stable. Spikes are basic anti infantry and cavalry. After about an hour another Rage Leaf took my position. I went to the forward camp training ground. I picked up the practice wooden shield and blunt hatchet. My prefered weapon I hacked at the sacked dummy. A horn sounded I ran towards the entrance. It was our veterans. Battered yet still proud they we're carrying the wounded. We cheered as the helmets of the first Sleepyfog defenders were thrown on the ground. However our veteran sisters didn't look too happy. They whispered something to our captain. I sharpened my hearing. "The defenders knew we're here there's a traitor in our ranks. I gasped how could that be all in the company are loyal to father and mother. Even though such rumors still ate at me I continued my duties. I spent the next few hours sending sealed letters to the high command and guarding the builders. Some of the locals were putting up a fight. The mayor was obviously paying mercenaries. The armor scavenged was too expensive for a mere townie to afford. The Corruption Order was confirmed not to be involved. So what did the Town of Sleepyfog hope to accomplish by corrupting father and mother with nightmares.

Tired from the constant job of assisting my older Rage And Malice sisters. I was told I could retire to my tent. I dreamt of being a hero "Bravevoice" all the forces of good shouted. I woke up groggy to the sound of voices outside my tent. My tent mates grumbled saying who the heck would be talking at two in the morning. What alerted me was the voice was from one of the townies. The figures then went to a more secure place. Could the townie be talking to the traitor. I'm fairly quiet and as I was in my sleepware could make little noise. When I got within safe distance I could make out three figures. I had to cover my mouth as the traitor was a Rage Leaf talking to a lone female of Sleepyfog. "You told me that the vanguard wasn't coming towards us" the woman said.

The Rage Leaf traitor laughed. "Well you don't send one mercenary and thirty poorly trained militias against us" she retorted. The arguing continued something about patrol numbers and poorly defended areas. If only I had Malice Leaf sight I could get a better look at the traitor from my kind. The woman then vanished so that's how she got into camp. She's a wizagitch the traitor must have given her the coordinates of our forward camp. Some say we Rage Leafs do brave and foolish things. I decided to head towards her. Surprising she didn't notice me until I got towards her. I could tell she was older than me probably at least two hundred. "I had a nightmare" I lied sounding scared. She chuckled and acted like a loving older Rage Leaf. "Come on what are you a Shadow Leaf come on I'll take you back to your tent". I sniffled and showed her where my tent was.

Restless I moved around in the bedroll. Even If I told my captain she wouldn't believe me. A always good aligned Rage Leaf turned traitor they'd think I'm crazy. Beside like she told the townie. The bulk of the defenders are Sleepyfog militia and a few mercenaries. They'd surrender and be forced to pay fines and swear fealty to the Eseyn Alliance. Plus they're fighting the best trained force in all of Eseyn. A thought then came across my mind. Call me crazy but tomorrow I would enter a farm near Sleepyfog. Maybe if I acted like a evil aligned the traitor would get mad that I was sending her contacts to the afterlife. The morning bell sounded I was assigned to go to the farm with a group of Malice Leafs and Rage Leaf. I swallowed and accepted the fact that I would have to break my oath of good. The march was uneventful some of the locals were following us. Heavily armed they thought better though. The fog was thick as always. The farmer told us he wasn't allied with the town and sympathetic to our cause. I was ordered along with four Malice Leafs to enter the farmhouse. Father And Mother forgive me I told myself as I broke a chair. The farmer shouted something the four Malice Leafs stopped and stared. "What's the matter you've never seen a Rage Leaf with a different alignment". The leader of the search team just smiled and said go crazy. I did just that I began breaking and looting. Two of my Malice Sisters were on the floor laughing "Damn I owe you three money" The Leader laughed. The farmer pushed past our sisters outside. "My house why why would you do this" he said crying. He was more shocked when the Malice Leaf's pointed at me.

Still angry I said to him. "Everyone knows each other around Sleepyfog yes". He continued to say he wasn't allied with the town. "Who Is the Rage Leaf traitor" I Spat. The four Malice Leaf's stopped laughing a shot a murderous glare at the me. "Look me In the eyes shrimp and tell that again". I said it again she saw it was no lie. "Bind him" the leader shouted. One of my sisters stabbed herself in the hand and walked outside. "He attacked us we're detaining him" she faked being in pain. We took the farmer down stairs.

The leader told me she know an evil follower when she sees one. The farmer was definitely one. The leader then said "Good work exposing the traitor and you ready". I was confused she smirked wickedly. "For the reprisal silly" she then pointed to the farmer. May all the forces of good forgive me I whispered. The Malice Leafs inspired from my display began taking things of their own. I heard laughing from one of them. "Looks our farmer is more than a farmer". It was a seal from the Sleepyfog council he was a clerk. "Names now" the leader spat. One of my sisters covered my eyes and ears. The leader continued to punch and kick the clerk in the face. "I'll ask again who's the Rage Leaf traitor" she demanded. The clerk cowered and whimpered. "Please I...I don't know". We knew he was lying. She pulled out a dagger the clerk begged for mercy.

She then said how his stupid town had corrupted. A large part of our realm by polluting father and mothers lands with nightmares. What seemed like hours finally he cracked "Burdiorn-Smith" he said that was the name of the traitor. "Well shrimp you exposed him what should we do with him". I was already mad at myself but the traitor name was given and my actions would be deemed justified. The man was a broken and bloodied man. He continued to cry. I closed my eyes as I gave the reprisal demand of looting his farmhouse. My three sisters laughed and began gutting his house of anything of value. I walked up to the clerk and guided him to the door. Before that though I took a goblet and some money he left on the table. The sister who stabbed herself look pissed when she saw us with the loot. I handed her the goblet and money. "A little light" she muttered. The Malice Leader than talked to the Rage Leaf sergeant who just laughed when she was told the information. The clerk nodded still unconvinced saying we tortured him. Wanting the pain to stop he gave a false confession. She then pointed to me and said ask her. The sergeant walked over to me and told me too look her in eyes.

I said the same thing she knew I wasn't lying. "I'll give each of you one hundred Eseyn Dollars we arrest the traitor discreetly and this never happened" the sergeant said. I refused taking the money as I had done my reward. At the camp the traitor was arrested privately I was hailed as a hero the following day the walls of Sleepyfog fell. Sadly the wizagitch got away but the reprisal due was payed. Inside the forward camp command tent. They hailed me as a hero "Bravevoice" the Rage & Malice Leaf 12th Company Commander roared. I beamed with pride as they handed a scroll to be given to the library of Rage Leaf Champions. Even the Rage Leaf commanders said the end justifies the means. Even though I did evil like things father and mother got justice that was all that mattered to me I told myself.