Lore Build: The Order Of Sheepy Is The Standing Army In The Dank Sheepy Kingdom They Are A Constant Vigil As Sheepy Zachgalaish Relations Are Moderate At Best A Local Zachuggler Deciding To Loiter Around A Local Taphouse Is Caused For Concern So Sheepy Recruit Mary And Sheepy Knight Walter Are Sent to Investigate.

"Mary You're Shaking" My master Walter said. Of course I was nervous only fifteen and a proud recruit in the Order of Sheepy. Like all sheep my age we dream of joining the order. Defending our pastures what we call lands and keeping kingdom's herd safe. While we may not be as strong as the other races in the Eseyn Alliance. Us Sheepy folk can hold our own. Walter was talking with the pasture locals for several days. Each one confirmed reports of a Zachgalish wearing a straw hat and wearing leather armor. Even more concerning Walter suspected he was a Zachuggler. While that may sound funny to you non Eseyn worlds. Zachugglers (Zach-Ugg-Lers) are a nightmare in the Eseyn Alliance.

Some would even say that Zachanvit's were less worse than Zachugglers. The Rancid Mutton Taphouse is one of the more seedy tap houses in our kingdom. Walter told me to stay close I nodded and followed him into the taphouse. Rancid Mutton was full of life music and sheeps brawling and being rowdy. The servers were being flirted with much to their annoyance. On tap house patron almost touched me before he notice my order of sheepy cloak. We looked around the place at all the tables. Next thing at the very end of tap house sat a Zachgalish. He seemed to be young maybe early twenties. He was just minding his own business drink what looked like alcoholic sheepy milk. Walter and I headed towards him and took a seat next to him.

"Can I help you" he said all unitrested before laying his head down. " My name is Knight Walter Mightywool of The Order Of Sheepy I have questions". "Maybe I have answers" the Zachuggler said still not paying attention. He gazed up and looked at me. "This is no place for a lamb" he smirked. I had my hooves on my sword Walter calmed me. By now all of Rancid Mutton was quiet all looking at us. The owner a old sheep approached us "Please take...take it outside". It is known that sheepy's don't like Zachary but some fear the order of sheepy more. As some members use less than honorable methods of getting things done. "For the drinks" the Zachuggler tossed a coin bag on his way out. He said his name was Zachary the Snitch. I laughed to myself Zachgalaish sure have funny nicknames. The snitch said he was an honest Zachary traveling for fun. Walter was unconvinced stating that locals had seen him hauling goods in a mulezhino drawn waggon.

Snitch finally gave up and said follow him. I don't like this I told myself. I was right as he tried to pull out of his dagger. My master reacted like lightning disarming the snitch and pushed him against the wall. "We're trying to be civil once we see the goods you will be fined don't make this any harder than it should be" Walter said sternly. "Mary keep you guard up I don't he acted alone" Walter ordered me. I gave a baa and guarded the entrance of the stable warehouse he took us too. Snitch carriage showed all kinds of illegal goods. Drugs and sheepy artifacts were the main haul. My master was already asking who his contacts we're. Now I saw why he was called the Snitch. He was willing to rat out his entire operation just to save his skin. Even more bold he said he'd be willing to smuggle for the order. Suddenly I saw movement five Zachgalish and armed.

"That'd be my rivals" the snitch sighed. He was acting alone but the scavengers wanted to strike. I readied my shield and unsheath my sword. One tried to rush me I side stepped and dodged the club and stabbed him in the gut. He fell to the floor Walter and the Snitch joined the fray. When we weren't looking he pulled out a crossbow and began firing bolts at the scavengers. Two returned fire from their longbows. Going blows to blows with the leader who attack me. Thinking I was the weakest. Surprised the leader was as he could see I was holding my own. The second fell to the snitches flurry of bolts. I'll give him this he's scum but he's good with the crossbow. "Retreat this isn't of sheep and company".

Panting I looked at my blade it was wet with blood. My master complimented Snitch and offered him a job as an unofficial caravaneer. Course he was told it would be about a week before the order would allow him to join. He headed over to the fallen bodies of his kind and took the coin pouches. "I can wait for the show you guys can have the goods" Snitch then tipped his straw hat and headed back towards the tap house. Porters began hauling the goods discreetly to castle Sheepy our main headquarters. The castle was bustling with order members training or doing tasks. Walter praised my quick response. Older order members said that two bodies and fights in the streets are hard to cover up. Walter and I defended ourselves even more annoyed when a unofficial role was offered. To the person stealing the supplies. Spies from the order watching us confirmed his skill and the porter boss also said his total haul. After long delegation the order masters sent a runner to the tap house. Snitch would serve us a four year sentence as a caravaneer.

Overall the order said I passed trial and asked me to kneel. I was dubbed Mary Boldfleece initiate in the order of sheepy. I could tell Walter was crying though he was looking at the window. I was proud of myself the kingdom was safe and now I'm a more senior member in the order. I almost fainted when they handed me the initiate sword, shield, and cloak. Proudly I walked out with my new gear the young recruits kneeling in respect and admiration. Hail to Dank Sheepy and the kingdom I shouted at the sky with my sword in the air. "Hail to Dank Sheepy and the Kingdom" All in Castle Sheepy shouted.