Shiea struggled against the cold metal restraints binding her wrists together behind her back, rubbing indents into her pale skin.

"What do you want with me?" She cried, her voice shaky from fear.

A tall, humanoid-like being with bright yellow skin covered in vibrant patterns of sapphire walked beside Shiea. Its large pupil-less eyes were a striking shade of iridescent blue.

"I'm just a cadet, I don't know anything…."

"You have no reason to take me!" She shouted at the being.

It slowly turned its head to look down at her, those shiny eyes taking in her features.

{Slave for mating… Fertile…} It spoke, though Shiea couldn't even begin to understand the alien language.

The being looked Shiea up and down, its gaze stopping at her breasts before settling on her crotch.

"You're taking me to mate?" Shiea practically screamed at the being staring at her.

"I'll be damned if you disgusting alien scum try to get me to mate," She continued to holler.

She felt her stomach drop at the thought of being used for mating purposes with an alien race.

It made her feel disgusted towards the being beside her, she didn't even know if they were compatible in that sense.

She had heard of some species that were capable of mating with other species and even humans, but had no idea if the alien taking her captive was one of them.

As if hearing her thoughts, the being turned to look at her once more with an almost curious look in its strange eyes.

{You mate with alpha… Strong offspring,}

Shiea understood that word, Offspring. She ventured to guess the alien was confirming they were in fact compatible in that way.

Rana had managed to find a loaded weapon amongst a pile of debris at the end of the winding corridor, she held it close to her chest as she searched for signs of life.

She could barely make out what sounded like a conversation between alien and human from somewhere in front of her.

She cautiously proceeded down the narrow hall to her left from where the corridor had ended, her weapon held out in front of her at arm's length.

"Keep talking…." She said quietly to herself, hoping whoever was at the other end of the hall would continue to lead her to them.

As she made her way down the hall, the voices began to sound louder and more clear.

{You will make great offspring, strong soldiers…} came a voice through the dark, Rana recognized the rough Ry'ealic though the tone was softer.

"Offspring?" She repeated the word in English.

Why was this Ry'ealise talking about producing babies?

Rana shook the odd thought from her mind, regaining focus on her current task.

"I said no! Damnit!" came a human voice this time.

"Shiea?" Rana said softly, cautiously walking towards the voice.

"Shiea?" She called out, seeing the faint silhouette of the woman.

"Rana? Stop!" Shiea shouted out to her, causing Rana to come to an abrupt halt.

{Stay away or will harm captive!} a voice hissed from somewhere in the dark hallway.

{Leave or die…} Rana responded in a low, almost guttural growl as her eyes sought out the Ry'ealise in the dark.

{Human will die!} the being appeared in front of Rana, its shining eyes staring into her pale green ones.

Rana instinctively pressed the barrel of her weapon against the being's abdomen, pulling the trigger as a blaster round ripped through the alien's flesh, its limp body slumping against Rana's.

She quickly shoved the dead being off her, letting it fall to the floor with a soft thud.

"Oh my stars, I thought I'd never see you again!" Shiea exclaimed as she rushed towards Rana, tears welling up in her eyes.

"I wasn't about to let those things take you," Rana offered a reassuring smile to her fellow cadet.

"You mind?" Shiea asked turning around to show the restraints binding her wrists.

Rana bent down over the alien's corpse, searching for the key to the restraints.

Straightening back up, she quickly unlocked the cuffs and dropped them to the floor.

Shiea turned back around to face Rana, gently rubbing her sore wrists. She was grateful to be free again.

"Are you okay? Did they hurt you?"

"I heard talk of producing offspring, I hope it wasn't referring to…." Rana trailed off when she suddenly felt Shiea pressing a kiss to her warm cheek.

"I'm fine now, thank you again… I wasn't sure if I could take It, being unarmed and everything," Shiea replied quietly, still rubbing the soreness from her wrists.

"Well, let's get back to the Captain and Orion," Rana said, taking Shiea's hand in hers.

"I honestly thought rescuing you would have been a bigger ordeal, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful it was easy..."

"But I had expected that thing to put up more of a fight," Rana spoke, more to herself than to Shiea as they followed the winding corridor back towards the Captain's quarters.

"I had expected much worse myself, to be honest… That being seemed to have let it's guard down,"

"I don't think it was expecting a human to know it's language," Shiea admitted, glancing up at Rana.

"That was the strange thing, it spoke Ry'ealic but it didn't look like a typical Ry'ealise species..."

"Could it have been a subspecies? Maybe a lesser known type?" Shiea inquired curiously, her soft blue eyes meeting Rana's.

Before Rana could respond, she and Shiea suddenly found themselves being blinded by a bright light shinning through the darkened corridor.

"I found them!" a man's voice called from behind the bright light.

"Say again, soldier?" a second voice called out from the same direction.

"Cadet Rana and Shiea have been located, sir!" a third voice joined in, a woman's this time.

Rana moved to stand in front of Shiea, shielding her protectively as Rana raised a hand to block out the light from her eyes.

"Cadet Rana, you're safe with us. We've come to bring you to the surface, by the General's order," the woman's voice spoke again, sounding closer as an outlined silhouette approached them.

"Sorry if we scared you, my name is Ellisa," She continued, outstretching her hand to Rana.

"Are you injured? Do you need medical evac?" She inquired in a more serious tone as Rana shook her hand briskly.

"No, but the Captain and my friend..." Rana began but was cut off when Ellisa held up her hand.

"We have them in the Med bay, our field nurse is fixing them as we speak,"

"Would you like to join them while we wait for transport to be ready?" Ellisa asked, looking at Rana and then Shiea.

"Yes, please," Rana answered without hesitation.

"Follow me this way, then," Ellisa turned around to walk out of the corridor, past the two male soldiers who had spoken earlier.

"Have you found any more of the hostiles on board?" Rana wondered aloud, looking up at the back of Ellisa's head.

She was a rather petite woman, if Rana had to guess she would think she couldn't have been more than a few years older than herself. She had short dirty blonde hair, mostly covered up by her beret, the rest of her body concealed in a soldier's khaki brown uniform.

"We found a pair near the mess hall, though they seemed to have been injured by falling debris," Ellisa answered shortly.

"One of them had me captured, It talked about mating..." Shiea explained in a disgusted tone, her stomach turned as she remembered the way the being spoke the word Offspring to her.

"Mating? With a human?" Ellisa replied in a similarly disgusted tone of voice.

"I don't want to imagine what might have happened if Rana hadn't found me," Shiea added, glancing at the tall red head beside her.

Ellisa turned her head to look at Rana, giving her a small look of admiring.

"You're quiet the brave cadet," She gave a sincere smile.

Rana felt her cheeks flush as she began to blush at the compliment from the older woman.

"Very brave," Shiea smiled, lacing her fingers between Rana's.