It was a normal day for Rupert Harris as he walked the halls of Oxbow Lake High School. Outside, people were talking, a group of football players were playing catch, and one person was reading under a tree. Inside, however, was a whole different story.

"Hey, newbie, what did you do to make yourself this fat?" cried Amanda, grabbing at an exposed belly roll that was peeking out of the new girl's shirt. A small group of people laughed. "OMG, where did you get the nerve to come out of the house, Cheryl? You look like a whale!"

"Why do you care?" Cheryl shrieked. "This isn't your problem and isn't your business."

"Oh, it is my business," Amanda asserted, shaking her victim's slightly flabby upper arm. "I have to look at you, piggy! You're putting me off my lunch!" More laughter accompanied her statement.

"You've probably already eaten it!" Amanda's victim shrieked.

Now, let me explain Cheryl's insult to Amanda for those of you who are a little confused. Sure, Cheryl was a little chubby, and several boys thought she was a nice girl, but could stand to lose a few pounds. But that was nothing compared to Amanda, who was firmly in the category for the top 10% of obese people of her age, but judging from her increasingly cruel bouts of fat-shaming young women with low confidence, she either didn't know or didn't care. Most people shrugged off her criticism, telling Amanda that it was a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, but her jibes really got to some of her victims. Victims like Cheryl.

"I didn't eat it, you did. And that means I need to have your lunch to make up for you eating mine. Now hand over your lunch money, pig," Amanda ordered, holding out a chubby palm and expecting cash and coins to be placed on it. Just as Cheryl was about to hand over the money, Rupert spoke up.

"That's enough, Amanda. Stop being such a hypocrite," he told her. Both girls turned to look at him; Amanda with rage and Cheryl with gratitude.

"Don't you see how fat she is, you blind piece of trash?" Amanda shrieked. "She should go on a diet until she looks acceptable enough to go out in public!"

"Why don't you go on one with her?" Rupert suggested. Amanda went ballistic.

"How dare you tell a lady to lose weight, you piece of crap?" Amanda yelled. "Don't you know that you are destroying feminism with your sexist comments?"

"Feminism is about equality for both genders, meaning one gender can't claim superiority over the other and both of them have the same rights. If a man isn't allowed to tell a lady to go on a diet, then a woman shouldn't either," Rupert told her, and loud cheers erupted. Cheryl had a tear of joy in her eye.

"Thank you," she whispered. "Nobody's ever done this for me before. What's your name?"

"I'm Rupert Harris," he replied. "Anyway, I have to go." As he turned to leave, he heard the crowd talking between themselves. The voice of a boy and a girl reached his ears.

"Isn't it cool how that guy stopped Amanda from being such a hypocrite?" the first student excitedly told his friend. "It's like he was out hunting!"

"Yeah, hunting for signs of hypocrisy!" his friend replied, giggling. "Does that mean he's the Hypocrisy Hunter?"

"Yeah, that's what we should call him!" the boy decided, before starting what would soon be a familiar chant. "Hypocrisy Hunter! Hypocrisy Hunter! Hypocrisy Hunter! Hypocrisy Hunter!"

"HYPOCRISY HUNTER! HYPOCRISY HUNTER! HYPOCRISY HUNTER!" the crowd chanted. Rupert was seamlessly fading into the throng of students heading to registration, but he still heard the chanting and smiled.

I guess that's what I am now, he thought. I'm the Hypocrisy Hunter.