Chapter II

I shoved my hands in my pocket and leaned against the wall as Liz stared at the girl in the white bed. It hurt me seeing Liz worry this much; it doesn't look like she has slept either. She gripped the unconscious girl's hand, giving it a slight squeeze. "Henry," Liz whispered, her voice cracking as she continued to stare at the girl. "What do you think she endured being in that building and all?"

"I don't know," I spoke back, my voice hushed. "From what we saw… It couldn't have been a pleasant stay."

"Henry." She looked up at me, tears beginning to form in her eyes. "I've been having nightmares about that place…"

I looked away, no wonder why she looks like she hasn't slept. If I had known what the building was like, what we could have found... I would have never brought Liz. "Do you want to talk about it?" I managed to get out.

There was a moment of silence as if she was deciding to share. "Maybe later Henry. If she can hear us, I don't want her to remember that place."

I stared at her. Elizabeth's kindness has no end. "Oh, Liz," I spoke, hoping to cheer her up. "I spoke to the nurse, and he said she should make a full recovery; though he did tell me her memory might take a while to return."

Liz stared at me, a tornado of emotions ran through her eyes before a slightly sad smile rested on her lips. "It's probably for the best."

Kicking myself off the wall, I gave one last look at the girl in the bed. "Elizabeth," I spoke before the ground vibrated beneath us. I rushed to the window as Elizabeth stood from her chair.

"What was that?" She spoke, a hint of panic in her voice. "An explosion?"

I looked out the window, black smoke was rising a few city blocks away. "I'm going to go see what caused it." I turned around, expecting Liz to be back at the girl's side but instead, she was headed towards the door. "You're not staying here?"

She glanced at the girl, then back at me. "She is safe here. Right now finding out the source of the explosion is our priority."

I nodded, following her out the door careful not to get run over by the frenzied hospital staff.

As we began to get closer to our destination the number of onlookers decreased. By the time we got to the scene, not a single living thing was around. Liz gasped, covering her mouth. "It looks like a bomb exploded." She whispered.

"Yeah but this haze," I spoke, "It's not entirely dust and dirt."

Heavy breathing echoed through the air. "I smell her." The heavy breathing continued.

"Liz!" I called. "Behind you!"

I watched as the monster struck down just as Elizabeth dove out of the way, sliding to a halt just a few steps in front of me. The blubbering monster stood, speaking in its own language, then pausing as if waiting for a reply. It glared, a deep growl being released into the air as the haze increased. "You smell like her." It growled again, its English broken. "But, you're not her." The monster began to gear up for another attack before black goop poured out from its chest. Elizabeth dashed towards the stunned monster, daggers in hand as she jumped on top of it, driving both daggers into its skull. She jumped off as the monster crashed towards the ground. She stared at it before walking to retrieve her daggers.

"Just a lower class." She spoke, flinging the black goop off her weapons. "Henry. Are you okay?"

I blinked. "He said that you smell like her," I paused, thinking. "Do you think he was after the girl we found?"