Lore Build: It is the year 879 and the forces of good have banded together to form a makeshift alliance known to all as the Eseyn Alliance Rage Alfredsdottir is the second child of Alfred Leader of The Eseyn Alliance she is sent on a mission along with her brother Malice Alfredsson too drive back the hordes of dolls.

I cursed under my breathe. Damned Zachgalish forces still hadn't arrived and the doll numbers were growing. As of now I only my brother Malice and a small unit of farmers from the village of Hestham. It was the Hestham elder council who requested aid from the Eseyn Alliance. In return for driving back the dolls they would pledge their allegiance to the Eseyn Alliance. My father is a famed warrior but his stewardship was mediocre at best. No offense to my father of course. My mother Gisele Zoulfrell is more suitable for that department. Hestham's champion returned with a couple doll heads.

It gave morale to the much needed force. That's one thing about Eseynish farmers they're a stubborn bunch. Some would also dare say proud. They carried the wounded to the forward camp named Hestham Point in the villages honor. My brother Malice Alfredsson was busy training the farmers on axe and shield combat. I'm more of the champion of my father and the alliance. Trained by the greatest warriors of the forces of good. I also have some resentment for dolls as they left me with a vicious looking scar on my face. However I wear it with pride and as a reminder of what evil could do when unchecked. Malice had some objection saying the farmers were trained enough for a frontal attack on the dolls.

I reminded my brother that the Zachgalish force was seven-hundred strong. That with those number we could swarm the dolls and doll maker commanders. Malice muttered under his breath. My brother is a good warrior but he prefers to rush into things head on. Suddenly the lookout shouted something. The dolls were charging towards our camp. It looked like at least two dozen. I ordered everyone to ready their weapons. Thanks to the lookout we had just time to prepare ourselves. I raised my shield as a doll sent it's shortsword down towards me.

Malice wasn't kidding the farmers were pretty decent with axes. One farmer screamed as she was being overwhelmed. Malice and three farmers came to her defense. Hacking them down we saved her. She was holding onto her shoulder my brother said it's leave a scar but she'll live. The doll's were repelled as alliance skirmishers rained a volley on the retreating dolls. Mostly with stones and slings giving us even less numbers to fight. Two farmers didn't survive the attack damn we can't afford to lose more troops. " Great work defenders of Hestham yet we must keep fighting lest all your brothers and sisters died for nothing". I bashed my shield they roared back bashing their shields or raising their fists. My brother was only more annoyed stating he could get it done himself with the help of the bravest defenders of Hestham. The champion also was agreeing with my brother. At last I heard a trumpet that could only sound Zachgalish. Everybody in Hestham Point roared with joy as more help had arrived. The Zachgalish also sent a caravan of food and cola. Leave it Zachgalish to go over the top I chuckled. The champion of the Zachgalish looked about twenty-five summers. Clad in heavy armor and riding a armored rapostrich (Rap-Ost-Rich). His force was mainly comprised of light infantry and longbowmen. Along with his personal guard of twenty Rapostrich Zachnihts (Z-ach-nihts). We spent the next few hours proposing a strategy. We all agreed that the longbowmen and ranged Hestham defenders would rain fire down on the dolls. Then the light infantry would engage the dolls. The Zachgalish commander who was named Zachary De Loya said his Zachnihts would charge the dolls at the peak of the battle.

The local cleric blessed all of us. I always saying getting the blessing by the cleric is the calm before the storm. We marched to the place where the dolls were encamped. This is it three months worth of fighting now comes down to this moment. The dolls saw us and charged us. With doll makers close by with doll summoner scrolls. The archers and ranged defenders rained death from above. Sending dozens of dolls into the next life and even a few of the more frontline doll makers. Again another volley that even blocked out the sun. Then another after another sending at least a couple hundred to the next life. My brother was with the main force he likes to be at the front of the fighting. I raised my hand and the light infantry charged with a violent crash against the dolls. The battle was going in our favor and the dolls began to waver.

De Loya sounded his trumpet and the Rapostrich Zachnihts charged with their lances down. The lances drove through doll after doll. Their mounts pecking and kicking those that dared approach their masters. I charged with my heavy infantry alliance guard which I always save for the final conflict. Even the prior from the local Hestham Priory fought with us. Reciting scripture and fighting with a club. This onslaught of righteous fury was proving to much for the dolls. In a last ditch attempt the doll makers used their doll summoning scrolls. It was too little too late our force had crushed the right and left flank. Pushing us in the middle giving us enough time to swarm the doll makers. With all hope lost for them they retreated. Skirmishes chased them down and even a couple Zachnihts gave chase. "We are victorious for the Eseyn Alliance" my brother shouted. Everyone shouted the same thing. It was a costly victory hundreds of our defenders were wounded or dead.

The bodies of thousands of dolls and doll makers littered the ground. No quarter was given on my command something my father would approve of in my official report. Back at Hestham we returned as heroes the villagers throwing flowers in our glorious return. With that we marched towards the town hall where the elder council was waiting for us. I pulled out my sword they all bowed. I said if they would swear to defend and protect all the good forces of Eseyn and the Eseyn Alliance. The entire village was full of mirth and triumph. My brother was happy of course he was also asking if the village had an inn or feasting hall. I rolled my eyes. The clerics and the prior were seeing to the dead and mourners were allowed to go to the battlefield to identify the fallen and mourn the dead. This is a good day for the forces of good and the Eseyn Alliance my father and mother would be proud.