I was in a wheel chair... just watching the young people dance.

I saw a young woman spin around and fly through the air in a leap. She looked so graceful and peaceful.


I got out of my chair, just as she wasn't looking, and grabbed a metal crowbar that lay against the fire escape. As she tossed and turned, she suddenly stopped, seeing me before her.

She screamed.

I rammed the crowbar into her shins, whacking it so hard against them. She hit the ground, blood from the strike soaking through her pants, but I kept hitting her legs with the crow bar, jealousy overcoming me. She cried and roared in pain, yelling for me to stop. But I wouldn't till her legs were shattered... shattered like mine..


I snapped out of it. I looked at the woman dance and twirl around on the floor and I closed my eyes, a teardrop slipping down my cheek.

I had been a dancer... until that day with the crowbar years ago.

Now... I could dance no more.