Lucas doesn't know how long he's been down here. He would guess about six or seven days. The golden cuffs around his wrists seem to drain all of the angelic strength from his body and he has grown incredibly weak from a lack of food over the last few days, and his whole being feels sore from being chained to the wall with his hands above his head. The position is quite uncomfortable but it's not the most pressing thing on his mind right now.

The most pressing thing on his mind right now is the growling in his stomach that has become a near-constant from the hunger that's been slowly gnawing away at him. He feels like there is an animal inside his stomach painfully clawing at his insides. He's so, so hungry. He's never felt this hungry in his life. Duchess left so long ago and he's starting to wonder if the other angel is just going to leave him here to wallow in his hunger forever. Minutes pass, and then hours pass, but Lucas wouldn't have any way to know because there's no way of telling the time down here in the basement. No clocks and no windows to see the sun go up and down through. It slowly has begun to eat away at his hope. Maybe he'll be trapped down here, alone for the rest of his life.

Then, he hears the front door open and he instantly perks up, even if it just causes the cuffs to chafe into his wrists. There's finally someone else in the house. Dangerous situation or not, he had begun to start going insane with nothing to accompany him except the hunger burning away at his strength. Is it Duchess? He doubts it's anyone else when she's the only one who owns a key to the house.

His suspicions are confirmed when he hears the sound of her heels clacking against the basement steps, and his breath hitches. What was she going to do? There was nothing in this huge empty basement except him, a couple of pillars keeping the ceiling up, an empty table and an empty chair.

In the purple-haired woman's left hand, she is clutching a plastic bag of what looks like ... groceries. Oh, please, please let him eat. He'd do anything, at this point he'd been driven so crazy he was willing to do anything to be able to eat, please, please-

'No, not anything.' He thought, 'You can't start thinking like that. What if she told you to kill someone? Would it really be worth it just to eat?'

His stomach rumbles so hard his entire body shakes. He hates that a part of himself just answered yes to that question.

Painfully slow, Duchess begins to empty the contents of the bag onto the ground. She then walks over to Lucas and releases the restraints holding back his hands. The cuffs make sure his hands stay stuck together but now he at least isn't hanging from the wall. His feet are still chained to the floor though, keeping him from being able to escape. The food is so close, and he's so hungry. Ignorining the agonizing pain in his sore arms he streches his cuffed hands forward with his all his might in an attempt to grab the nearest item to him she'd dropped- a small wrapped sandwich- when she reaches her hand out lazily and pushed the food away from him, only a few inches, but too far for him to reach, even with him laying on the floor, stretching his body out as far as it can go in his restraints. He can't supress the whine of discontentment that escapes his mouth at that, making him sound like a dying animal. She simply grins at him, and his stomach drops as he realizes she's enjoying this. She's enjoying seeing him suffer. White hot tears prick at his eyes.

Please, please, he was so hungry. He'd do anything, anything at all, anything to make her happy, just please let him eat-

"Anything? Anything at all?" she hummed and he winced when he realized he'd said all that out loud.

"I mean-no-" he stuttered, his whole body shaking. "I won't hurt anyone. You can't control me." Duchess picked up the sandwich and waved it in front of his face, so he could smell it.

"Are you sure? You look SO hungry right now..." she said, voice thick with mock sympathy. He clenched his eyes shut, trying to ignore the temptation.

After a couple of minutes, Duchess sighed and stood up, taking the food with her. She kept the sandwich in her hand however, and right in front of Lucas, began to eat it. His stomach was growling so hard, and he couldn't help his head from swimming with jealousy as he watched her eat.

When she was finished, she looked down at him with disdain, before scowling and kicking her heel into his exposed ribs (his shirt gone) and Lucas couldn't stop the cough of pain that shook him when she did so.

"Fine," she sneered. If it isn't going to be hunger that will make you submit to me, then I'll guess I'll just have to use more..." her eyes trailed up and down Lucas' body and he shuddered. "Forceful methods."

Lucas could feel his eyes welling with tears in fear of what was to come.