ovember 20, 2002.


Two men were crossing a dark swamp. Both were white and had black hair. One of them had a beard and he was carrying a shovel.

"Jack, do you really think there's a treasure around here?
"Of course, Paul" said the man with the shovel "the Aborigines said that something big is hidden in this swamp. What could be bigger than a treasure? We just need to find it."

Suddenly, they saw a figure going over them. The men looked up, looking for what they saw. When they looked at the top of a tree, they saw a huge, dark creature. It was about 1 meter and 80 in height and a wingspan of 2.40 meters. The creature had red eyes that seemed to shine. The monster looked at them and flew, disappearing above the clouds.

"What the fuck is that, Jack?"
"I...i don't know, Paul."

The men felt the ground tremble a little, heard the waters of the swamp moving and felt something breathing behind them. When they turned around, they both screamed, horrified.

Police station, next day.

Commissioner Logan House opened the door. A man came to him.

"Mr. House?"

"Hello, Charles."

"Another case of missing persons in the Coldsman Swamp."

"Only this year 30 people disappeared there."

"Oh, sir, there's a man wanting to talk to you."

Logan opened the door of his office and saw a fat, bearded man, wearing a black suit with a purple bowtie.

"Who are you?"

"Hello, Mr. House" said the man "My name is Martin Skullson, director of OSCSB. "


"Organization of Search and Capture of Strange Beasts. A branch of CIA."

Logan took off his glasses.

"What is the CIA doing in Australian territory? And what does 'strange creatures' mean?"

Martin took a deep breath and scratched his white beard.

"Mr House, there are monsters among us."