Logan stared at Martin.

"Mo... Monsters? Are you drunk? "
"I know it sounds a little absurd, Mr. House. So I brought a friend. "

Martin took a box that was next to him and opened it. From inside, came out what appeared to be a little bulldog with red eyes. The animal looked at Logan.

"Hello, Logan. "

Logan heard a strange voice. He looked around.
"down here. "

He looked at the animal.
"Wait, you... "
"Yes, Logan " The animal spoke without opening the mouth "I'm talking to you telepathically. "
The man scratched his head, confused.
"But who are you? "
"It doesn't matter. "
"He does not say his name to anyone " said Martin "I call it 'Telepathic Football'. "

"Logan, the world you live in is inhabited by strange beings like me. We call them cryptids" said Telepathic Football "We are ancient beings, living among men and watching them silently. In general, we do not want to hurt people, but there are some violent ones. It's our job to capture the violent ones. The disappearances that have been happening are being caused by a cryptid called Bunyip. We're also investigating another one called Mothman. The Mothman is a peaceful being. "

"I... how... how can I help you? " asked Logan.

"We need you to cover up our investigations. "
"Right... Do you need me to provide men? "
Martin smiled.
"No need, Mr. House. I put my best agents on the mission. "

Meanwhile, in a bar, several men were drinking, when the door opened. A young man with brown hair came in, accompanied by a blonde woman. They walked to a table where a man with black and curly hair, with a scar on his right arm, was drinking beer.

"Harold Douglas? " asked the young man.
"Yes" said the man.
"They say you're a good hunter. Is it true?"
"Depends. Are you a cop? "
"Actually, almost that."
They took badges out of their pockets and showed Harold. They had the CIA symbol.

— Carol Gregson, 1973.
— Todd Parker, 1980.

"Have you come to arrest me? "
"No, Mr. Douglas. We're here to rent your skills. Do you accept the service for 10,000 Australian dollars?"

Harold smiled.

"Alright. What are we going to hunt? "
"A big thing. "

They left the bar and went to a red trailer. Harold took the keys out of his pocket and opened it. They came in.

"Right... and where does that animal live? "
"In the swamp near here. "
"Oh, I know where it is."

They took the road. Todd's sighed.

"So, Carol... "
"Hum? "
"When we find the beast, we could enjoy the rest of the trip to visit some places here in Australia. What do you think? "

Carol smiled.

"Alright, Todd."
"Hey, let's stop with the noise back there? " cried Harold "I'm trying to concentrate on the path! "

As they went to the swamp, they went through a dead tree. Above the tree, the Mothman was perched, observing them with it's red eyes. They didn't saw it.