It's a well known fact that Eseynmart rules the commerce part of Eseyn. Founded by a merchant named Roger Eseynmart. He built his first one called Eseynmart Cap little did Roger know his Eseynmart would be a building block for an merchant empire. A shrewd businessman he bought cheap and charged one dollar more. Unlike other upstart markets and businessman he bought decent clothing. Goods, and such. Cap went from five employees and seven shoppers to nearly triple. He could finally expand and on the date of Klebuary (Kl-eb-u-ary) 13th 1337 he built Shabby Eseynmart. He called it shabby as the area was bandit ridden and while the building was modest the locals would give him trouble. He paid a huge sum of money to become known as President Roger Eseynmart.

Having a force of nearly one-hundred and seven employees and droves of loyal shoppers. He was ready to make his first move the President would drive the bandits out. He hired a marshal which in Eseynmart language is called a CEO named Thomas Flintinius (Flint-in-ius). A Seasoned merchant and former soldier. He was paid to lead the employees against the bandits. It would be known as the Eseynmart-Bandit war. Before anyone could join the president's workforce they had to pledge an oath.

To protect Eseynmart's property with their life if need be. The chain of command was like this. The backbone of the workforce were the floor employees. Armed with basic stamina and weight training as they were also moving and loading in times of peace. Otherwise known as the part time shift. A joke among employees as they are both a worker and part time militia of sorts. Armed with slings, javelins, and a spear and shield. The training was simple throwing weapons first then close combat. Next were cashiers who would act as junior leaders of the floor employees. They also had the privilege of choosing to stick with the spear or be given a short sword. As another reward for their loyalty the cashiers are taught basic mathematics and literacy. Finally the cashiers are given a Burdiorn (Burd-i-orn) Helmet. Cashiers are used as the second line of defense or offense. As the floor employees should be tiring the bandits out.

Loss Prevention forms the third workforce. Seasoned cashiers can become loss prevention through training. It's for the more braver as they would be dealing with thieves and other shady people or creatures of Eseyn. Clad in a burdiorn breast plate, helmet, and large tower shield. They inspire the cashiers and employees along with being the last line of defense or offense. In peace they even guard caravans, shoppers, and of course the Local Eseynmart.

A manager is a civilian role in Eseynmart and acts as the local leader of the establishment. He or she checks inventory and pays the employees. As well as looking to the defense of the establishment. Some Eseynmart's are fortified with wood or stone. For those establishments the mart hires a special employees known as hardware department. They see to the constant maintenance of both the walls and inside the mart. The war against the bandits was going good even the shoppers fought alongside the Eseynmart employees. It was a good day as the southern Eseyn bandits were being pushed further and further back. With two years in the war the southern bandits were all but gone and eleven Eseynmarts were constructed. With the war coming to a close Roger made trade agreements with the other factions, people, and kingdoms of Eseyn. Now his empire is talked about all over and lands beyond. Producing decent enough goods for just a dollar more.

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