A woman opened the door. "Hello, Violet." Rose said quietly.

Janna looked at Rose's older sister. She was almost the physical opposite of Rose: Broad and tall where Rose was short and slim. A single dark brown braid was draped over one shoulder and green eyes widened in surprise.

"Rose!" Violet cried, surprised. "You came! How did you get here so fast? Junior said you probably wouldn't be here until th' end of Grain!"

"We found a boat to Flora." Rose replied.

Putting an arm around her sister's shoulder, Violet turned, "Rose is here!" she called, there were welcoming cries as she was lead inside.

Janna looked around the yard, wondering if she should go in the house or put the horse up first.

"We've got room in th' stable, but you'll have to care for your own horse." A girl said shyly behind her. "I don't mean to be rude," the girl continued apologetically, as Janna turned to face her. "I mean, I'll feed him with th' others, but you'll have to clean his stall and brush him and exercise him. I don't have time t' do all that and care for th' other animals." She held out a hand, "I'm Lily."

Janna looked at her, she was slim, like Rose, but larger in the front. A fact that her loose, dirt-stained, tunic couldn't quite hide. Two black braids fell behind her shoulders and wide brown eyes, stared at her.

She held out her hand, "I'm Janna." she said.

The girl shook it, "You must be Rose's friend. That Magician they always talk about." She took the horse's reins and started walking towards the barn. Janna walked beside her. "I try to keep my ears open for news in th' market. I tell Poppa about it when I get home. We heard about the pirates and th' Snake People. Poppa says it was good that Rose left 'cause the Gods must'a had plans for her."

"Rose said she left because your mother threw her out." Janna said.

Lily nodded. "That too."

Janna decided to change the subject. "Do you take care of the farm?"

"Yeah, I stay home. But I don't mind, I take care of th' animals. I took care of Momma too, at first, but then I got sick right after Mother's Feast. Jason came to check on me and he said I was doin' too much. Junior came to help, and then Vi moved back."

Janna nodded. They had reached the barn and Lily lead the horse into a stall. "I'll put him next to Rainy here, she likes everyone." The fat red pony in the next stall looked at her new neighbor, then buried her muzzle in the hay. Something rustled overhead and Janna looked up. Strips of paper hung from the rafters over each stall.

Lily closed the gate and followed her gaze. "You wanna see it?" she didn't wait for an answer but climbed up and pulled one down. "Master Bowman makes 'em. Keeps th' flies out." She handed it to Janna. "I helped." she added proudly.

Janna looked at the paper. One side had been colored with ink. She brought the paper close to her nose, and sniffed. "Vinegar?" she asked.

Lily nodded, "And Rosemary. Couple other things, too."

"Why is one side black?"

"Confuses 'em. Makes 'em think it's dark inside so they don't come in."

"Was that your suggestion too?"

Lily shook her head. "Master Bowman did that."