Liam opened the door to Janna's knock. "Come in!" he said, stepping back and holding it open. "She'll be so happy to see you! She was just saying she was afraid she wouldn't get to say goodbye!" he chattered, leading the way up the stairs and opening the door to a sitting room. "Emily, they're here!" he announced.

Emily looked up from the baby nursing at her breast. "Oh wonderful!" she cried. "Come here Janna, meet Wilma."

Rose dropped to her knees in front of Emily's chair. "She's darling!" she exclaimed, gently smoothing the baby's thin hair with her finger.

"Come on Janna, don't hang back. Don't you want to meet her?" Emily asked, smiling.

Janna stepped forward tentatively. The baby stopped sucking, threw her head back and began to wail. Tiny fists lashed at the air. Janna paused as Emily, laying a cloth on her shoulder with one hand, put the baby over her shoulder and patted her on the back. "Just as fussy outside as she was inside." she said. The baby stopped crying and made a small squeak. "There you go." Emily said wrapping a blanket around her. The baby yawned.

"Let me take her." Liam said, stepping forward. Sweeping the baby up, he cooed to her softly as he walked out of the room.

"Where are you going? Will you stay for lunch?" Emily asked, tying her bodice closed.

"We can't." Janna said. "We have to catch the boat from Flora tomorrow."

"It's the last one of the season." Rose added.

"If you ever come to Clay again, please come by! I'd love to see you again!" She stood up. "Oh, what kind of hostess am I? Let me see you to the door."

Master Dorothy met them at the bottom of the stairs. "Lady Janna," she said. "I wanted to thank you again for your help." She reached into a pocket and pulled out a small bag that clinked. "This is your share of the reward."

Janna looked at her with an expression that Rose recognized as "frozen by gratitude."

"Your help was invaluable." Master Dorothy continued, "Take this with the sincere thanks of the Healer's College." She handed Janna the bag and opened the door behind them. "Thank you again." she said, as Rose pulled Janna outside. The door closed behind them. Janna tucked the bag away in her purse and they mounted the horse in silence. They rode towards the Imperial Way.

"How much did she give you?" Rose asked as they passed Lone Pine Road. Janna handed her the bag. The coins clinked as she counted them.

"Forty-five! Wow!" She exclaimed. "We should buy a cart." she handed the bag back to Janna, who tucked in in her pocket. "Give the poor horse a rest from carrying two people and all our stuff." She reached back and patted the horse's rump.

"We should just get rid of things." Janna replied.

A bird pecking at the road ahead of them suddenly took flight and flew away, disappearing into the bright blue sky.