Hey All Sorry For The Delay Holidays And All :) Anyway Here's Chapter 2 Of Arthurette's Story.

Myself and my new band of followers rode and charged like lightning. Word of me pulling the sword from the anvil spread. My mother Ectorena would lead the foot soldiers, my sister Katty would lead the knights, and against Oerlin and my foster family council. I would lead the charge fighting the leaders attackin Loladegrance. From the stories Camylarde was a decent defensive castle. In deed it was one of the few castles in Eseyn built of stone and surrounded by a shallow moat. Loladegrance herself was a renowned tactian and fighter. The baronees and their forces attacking her outnumbered her 2 to 1. My forces would even the number. Soon the common folk followed me moved by my compassion and assaistance of a person in crisis. They carried bows, pitchforks, and staves. Finally we arrived at Camylarde the situtation was dire. Bodies were everywhere and the moats waters was colored red with blood.

I saw a siege tower approaching Camylarde's walls. I remebered that the sword could bend the element's of Eseyn to it's wielders will. At least that's what Katty told me. Worth a shout I told myself I pointied the sword to the sky I asked the sky for assaisntace. A storm cloud formed over the tower and a thunderous crash of lightning struck the tower. Those inside screamed and ran as the tower was set aflame. That startled the attackers yet inspired my forces. Indeed some of my followers said if I the forces of nature would obey me than I was a worthy queen. Ectorena command the foot soldiers to attack the still startled archers. Though my foster mother Ectorena was in her forties. Her face worn and chestnut hair greying. She fought like a true knight cutting down down a handful of archers. My sister Katty fought with the cavalry and slayed one of the Baroness making her retunies run in fear. Oerlin also cast spells immobalizing any attackers that got in her path.

From what i could tell the sorceress didn't like sheedding needless blood. I wished more people were like Oerlin. Pushing those thoughts aside I charged towards the attackers main camp. Panic was still in effect I stilled noticed that my sword was vibrating. Perhaps the sword was also helping fighting in it's own way too. Of course I told myself it's causing the attacking force to panic. I closed my eyes and asked for the sword to lower the spell it hissed but followed my command. Slowly the attackers regained their sanity. If I was going to win this battle it would be done by my courage and valor. The sword and the elements had done enough already. Two foot soldiers charged at me I ran them down. This no longer was at tournament sqaure. This was real I had to tell myself that. Fate was with me several had surrendered and the horn sounded. The drawbridge of Camylarde sounded and Loladegrance and her worn yet still proud defenders rode out. "For Eseyn and the new queen" Loladegrance shouted. They all cheered and crashed into the enemy felling many.

One of the baronesses ran towards me she was tall and in dark crimson armor. She struck at me with her flail. I raised my shield parrying each blow. The vibrations were strong and I almost dropped my sheild. Her armor looked tough. As if my sword and I were becoming one the metal of the blade glowed a silverish green. With a my might and with a shout I drove the sword of Eseyn down on her helmet. It cut right through she died instantly. While it might have been gruesome the tyrant queen my birth mother would have done far worse. It was too much for the attackers they threw down their weapons and knelt down at my presence. I looked around the smell of death and the groans of the wounded and dying were all around me. The sword spoke to me in my mind. "Don't be your mother Utheralie theres been enough death". I agreed I then spared the remaining attackers but said they would be taxed and some land be given to me. Ectorena covered in blood smiled when she saw me. I gave her a tight hug. She said she was so proud of my valor and said I will always be her daughter. Katty rolled her eyes but also said she was proud of me. Katty then said while i may have slain one baroness she felled dozens of foot soldiers, five knights, and two baroness. My relief force faired well I lost only four and Lady Susannah Furthstone one of the few knights who swore fealty to me. Lost her right ear. The thirty-two year old red haired knight just smirked and said it was all worth it.

Loladegrance thanks me and even introduced her only son. Henry bowed and said I was very brave. Henry was my age short black hair and fair green eyes like his mother. Oerlin also was proud of my bravery and stern discipline over pointless violence such as execution. Loladegrance asked if I could kneel everyone though tired gathered around me. She crowned me queen of Eseyn as all saw my bravery and leadership was enough. Everyone cheered "Eseyn and the heavens bless the queen". This was not just my day but a day for all the brave people of Eseyn.

There's Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Will introduce Lancenora Yes It's A Chessy Name I Know.