Hello all here's the final chapter too the Sword of Eseyn the Battle at Camlann

Priscilla's POV

I trekked all throughout the forest of Eseyn. Queen Arthurette's condition worsened by the hour. She ordered all of her knights to search for the holy grail. I no longer followed my mentor Lancenora as I became a full fledged knight. As such it is my sworn vow to defend Eseyn and serve my queen. It seemed ironic the holy grail was in Morganna's domain Garwnant. We'd already lost half our army trying to claim the grail. Even lady Katty fell she took many saxons and undead with her however. When my queen heard the news it seemed she's giving up the will to live. Garwnant was once lush and green. Animals and flowers used to be all around. Now the trees were blackened and the animals gone or sacrificed. Saxon and shrines to the vile goddess Hel erected all around Garwnant.

Even now the evil spirits we're whispering in my ear to join them. I saw illusions of Hwicce my people. I resisted as they showed my people getting butchered by the people of Eseyn. "They hate you and your people fight for us" the spirits again tempted. I had just a few more steps to go I knew as the evil forces hissed and told me to join or perish. "Traitor" the illusion of my people shouted. I then saw the grail on a wooden stand. I then saw myself as a small child appear before me. "Please don't" the Illusion whimpered it's red pupiless eyes and face sad. I commanded it too begone the illusion hissed then morphed into a exact copy of myself. It just smirked then charged me. It seemed to follow my exact moves and I found myself desperately trying to defend from the flurry of attacks. I shield bashed the abomination in the face black blood trickled down. The clone of me wiped some with her finger licking the blood.

Normally that would work of lesser person flee. Not I Lady Priscilla of Hwicce I'm a just and righteous knight of Eseyn. With my zeal I fought back driving my sword into the clones stomach. It then vanished and I proceed to claim the grail. With great haste I got out of Garwnant and headed straight for Bavalon.

Arthurette's POV

I withered away my regent Oerlin trying her best. Word reached that Morganna was sacking all of lower Eseyn. More and more mercenaries and dark forces joining her. What was worse even my husband Henry said Morganna our only daughter was beyond redemption. One light from the darkness and alliance was formed. Dwarfs from Tryfan angry with the monster of the mountain summoned by my daughter. Joined the cause sending ore and metal for swords, armor, and tools. Along with a force of hundreds of dwarf warriors. Priscilla had also inspired Hwicce clan a makeshift force of clan joined. Carrying wicker shields and axes. Their merchants also send goods to my people. Relations had improved significantly. As If by fate talking about Priscilla and Hwicce she entered the great hall. She offered me the grail I clasped weakly the grail. Then took a sip the poison began to vanish. I asked a servant to bring a mirror. My face returned to normal my auburn hair still greying but less sickly. My eyes which were all black due to the unholy poison returned to hazel. I got up then took the sword and headed towards the camp. The people cheered rejoicing from my recovery. The dwarf general Harold of Tryfan shook my hand. I looked at Priscilla then said it was cause of her I'm cured. I then said that from now on We're an alliance. Now the Eseyn Alliance of Hwicce, Dwarfs, and my people of Eseyn must vanquish this darkness. The Hwicce forces there's is now greater commander than Priscilla and appointed her commander of the Hwicce clan warriors. Regardless of what happens my daughters reign of terror ends here.

Morganna's POV

The prisoners screamed and begged for mercy. Hel would be feasting on their souls soon. The saxons grew restless all they cared about my looting and killing. Hel's priestess continued their rituals offering the blood on the altar. Reciting incantations some of my mother's warriors were resurrected. A shadow appeared before me. I screamed in frustration as the shadow reported that my mother had been cured. Only one place to end all this Camlann. With that i commanded all my forces to ride for Camlann.

Arthurette's POV 2

Oerlin predicted that Morganna would be at Camlann so I arrived first. Like my first battle at Camlyard the commoners joined me in this fight. Carrying pitchforks, slings, and bows. Lancenora just smiled telling me she'd follow me into the underworld if need be. Priscilla also reassured me. As another surprise Oerlin and the druids joined my cause. Garwant's creatures and the elements stood with me. From deers, boars, birds, other animals, and even faries of Garwnant enraged at what had become of their home. Will fight beside me and avenge their fallen woodland friends. My daughters forces arrived saxons, the dead, and Morganna's unholy knights. Arrived now it was just a stand still between my Alliance and my daughters force of Evil. Morganna commanded her army charge. "Archers" shouted Harold all the alliance archers raised their bows. The sky darkened as the arrows blocked out the sun. With a crash the arrows fell slaying dozens of Morganna's troops. Lightning struck as the druids pleaded with the sky to join them. The spirits of the sky responded and sent thunder from every direction of the charging force. Sensing battle the animals became enraged and charged breaking ranks. Following their lead I shouted "For the Eseyn Alliance". All of my forces charged crashing into Morganna's army. Chaos that's all I could describe it my alliance and the evil forces fighting everywhere. Oerlin's druids and fairies casting spells at Hel's priestess. Animals from Garwnant clashing with dark spirits and the undead. Dwarf's and Hwicce clan fighting the saxons. Lancenora champion of my knights fighting Morganna's unholy knights. The sword and I forged a bound over the years of my rule. Acted as one slicing down foe after foe. Be it saxon, undead, or evil the sword felling all in my path. Camlann was filled with groans of the dying and the stench of the dead.

The sword guided me to my daughter. It was with a heavy heart I knew how this would end. Morganna saw me her eyes filled with hate she commanded her knights to attack me. I cut them down my vanguard Lancenora, Priscilla, Oerlin, and Harold fighting off would be attackers. My daughter struck like a viper. I parried each strike frustrated she casted a bolt spell. I raised me sword and blocked the bolt. I stuck next my daughter dodging every attack. I had the upper hand and I cut into my daughters right shoulder. She fell to her knees. "Mother please they hated me" Morganna cried with her head down. Everyone on the alliance was shouting for me to kill her. Even I wavered Morganna stopped crying and started laughing. I felt a pain in my gut as her sword drove into me. With my last strength i drove the sword of Eseyn into her back. With every will in my body I hugged my daughter. "I curse you" we're the last words uttered from Morganna. Her army was shattered and retreated the most overzealous or enraged alliance forces. Gave chase cutting down even more. I looked all around bodies everywhere wounded, dead, or dying. Coughing up blood I handed the sword to Priscilla "Return to the lady" I ordered then closed my eyes as I departed from Eseyn my kingdom.

Priscilla POV 2

I wept and so did all of Eseyn. Arthurette champion of the people and just in her reign had passed. I took the sword no one cheered thousands laid slain and hundreds wounded. The druids said life would return to Garwnant however years of campaign's to purge Hel's influence would be needed. The dwarfs of Tryfan carried Harold who refused several knights, saxons, and evil forces. From delivering a surprise attack on Arthurette. A quarter of my clan passed on from this world. Animals wept over their fallen kind and fairies cried cradling their slain sisters. Not a single cheer the alliance had won but today was no victory. Martin the second in command of the dwarfs assured us that his people would fight Hel or any evil should it arise again. I also pledged my people would defend Eseyn. Lancenora was crowned queen I returned to Garwnant where I founded the grail. Alliance forces we're busy fighting remnants of Morganna's army and druids cleansing every inch of ground and tree taken. I noticed a pure lake somehow untouched by any evil around it. A hand raised from the waters I threw the sword and the lady of the lake grasped it. "Be at peace my queen". I then pulled down my visor and joined the alliance forces.

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