Chapter Fourteen:

"Have we met before? Your eyes look familiar?" I blurted out as I stared at the newcomer.

"Dude! You don't go asking people that kind of question! Especially if its a member of the Villain League!" Sam almost smacked me in the back of the head, barely stopping himself.

I gestured to the villain standing on the other side of the cell door. "But he seems familiar!"

"You are probably thinking of my brother, William King." He crossed his arms, one eyebrow shooting upwards.

"Uh... I thought Zap Rod was older than Mr. King? You look way younger." Faith gestured to his ponytail, as if that clarified the issue with his being Zap Rod and not some older guy up nicely.

"You do realize that my brother is in his mid to late twenties, right? I am only thirty-five." Zap Rod didn't seem to impressed with her, even as he pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the door. "Never mind that though. We need to get going. The Gesei Warriors are planning something and I am going to need your help to stop them."

"Why are you trying to stop them? You're a villain!" Joe blurted out tensing slightly as he scanned the place, most likely looking for a way out.

Zap Rod shot him a withering look, before calmly correcting him. "Actually... I am Insider."

"No you are not."

"Yes I am."



"No! That makes no sense after everything that you've done over the years..."

I heaved a sigh as I shoved past Zap Rod. "Stop arguing with him Joe! He's helping us right now, isn't he?"

Joe mumbled something, which caught Mari's attention. "I bet if you ask around, none of us like this."

"Neither do I. But there isn't much we can do about it right now." I admitted quietly, eyeing the supervillain that was for whatever reason helping us escape.

Zap Rod cleared his throat, worry creasing his brow. "Do I need to repeat the fact that I need your help..."

"Why should we help you?" Mari interrupted him, her dark brown eyes flashing dangerously as she glowered at him. "We're training to be heroes, not villains."

"Because, if you don't the Gesei Warriors will win... and if they way they have been talking is anything to go by, two of you have already faced them and lived to tell the tale." Zap Rod's own brown eyes latched onto my own dark brown eyes.

I swallowed hard at that, before turning to Mari. "See... I told you we should have knocked more of them out before we got caught destroying their Dooms Day Weapon."

"Um... pretty sure that was what I told you before we snuck into their hideout..." Mari gave me a deadpan look, exasperation flooding her voice.

"Whoa there! Back up! You two did what now?!" Faith pounced immediately, her blue eyes wide with shock.

"Um... that was a long time ago." Quite literally. I mentally added that to the end of what I said, knowing that Mari would still be able to hear it.

"Really? Cause according to their leader, you did that the same day my brother found you, and that was only a couple of months ago." Zap Rod's lip twitched with amusement at the way we tried to brush it off.

Mari and I glanced at each other, worry slipping through our bond. Do you want to tell them... or do you want me to tell them? I silently asked her, suddenly very glad that we could communicate silently... especially now that we were out of that cell. Mari grimaced slightly as she made the go ahead gesture. I believe it is the duty of the elder twin to explain the situation to the others.

I stuck my tongue out at her upon hearing that. Turning to face the others, I smiled nervously at them. "Yeah... it depends on your viewpoint of things. I mean yea, it looks like Mr. King found me within minutes, possibly a couple of hours, after we destroyed the weapon."

Joe drew his eyebrows together, confusion creasing his features. "What do you mean by that? It looks like that, I'm not following? It sounds like there is more to the story than what everyone else is seeing."

I glanced over at my sister, hoping that she'll take over. Mari grinned as she gestured for me to continue. "You're doing great."

I rolled my eyes at her, really wishing that she would take over. "Right... the reason why it looks like that is because the Dooms Day Weapon that they built, and we destroyed, was a time machine. Technically we destroyed it back in the Chaos Era, since that is when we're from."

"That... explains so much!" Sam clapped his hands together, relief flashing in his eyes.

Mari and I turned to stare at him, confusion slamming into both of us. I am not entirely sure though if it was my own confusion or Mari's... maybe a combination of both? "Excuse us?" We spoke in perfect unison, echoing our confusion to the others.

"We don't have time for this!" Zap Rod suddenly shoved neatly folded outfits into our arms. "Put these on. Mr. Gesei is hosting a big weapon reveal this evening, which means that you can easily blend in as extra help to serve the refreshments. I'll explain the plan more later, once you've changed. We're running out of time."

"Right..." I shifted the outfit in my hand, eyeing the plain blue cloth that I could see underneath the cream colored apron that was resting at the top.

"Boys change in here." Zap Rod opened a door, revealing some kind of janitorial closet. "Girls, there is a bathroom down the hall, on the left. It's for prisoners to use anyways, so no one should be in there."

"Right. Meet back here in ten." Mari took charge, glancing at me for confirmation.

I nodded in agreement, before shoving Sam and Joe into the closet. Stepping in there myself, I closed the door behind me. Yanking my shirt off, I quickly pulled on the plain blue shirt that Zap Rod had given us. "Right. Let's get going."

"What's a weapon reveal anyways?" Joe was tugging on the dark navy blue pants that was being provided.

I shrugged as I shook my own pair out, unfolding them in the process. "Honestly, villains like to show off to each other, which means that they make a big deal whenever they get a new weapon, or even improve an old one."

Sam tied his cream colored apron on, wrinkling his nose as he did so. "How do you know so much about villains?"

"I know the leader of the Gesei Warriors by a different name than Mr. Geseiā€¦." I stated calmly, feeling my stomach turn as I recalled the reason why I've been struggling with panic attacks.

"Wait... if your from the Chaos Era... and the Gesei Warriors know you... that means all those rumors about the Gesei Warriors are true?!" Joe suddenly panicked, causing the good sized closet we were in to freeze suddenly.

"Joe! You need to calm down!" I snapped, shivering as his ice coated everything in here.

"Whoops. Sorry." Joe shoved his hand through his long brown hair.

"We need to stay on our toes." I stated calmly, glancing over at the door. "I'm not sure if you know what Gesei means..."

"Shadow Warrior. Everyone knows that." Joe interrupted me, nodding in understanding.

"I didn't know that." Sam pointed as he opened the door to let us out now that we were changed.

"Well... now you do."

I glanced over to see that the girls had already came back. They were wearing matching blue dresses, with black heels, and the same cream colored aprons that we were wearing. Of course, that was when I noticed something that we probably should have thought of earlier. "Mari and I are going to need greasa."

A/N: Translation Time!

Greasa: wig or wigs.