I died. I know that I died. But I felt myself coming back to consciousness again. I felt wrong. Too small, my body didn't feel under my control, and my eyes... When I opened my eyes the world looks different. Blues and greens stood out so vividly, much brighter than I had ever seen, But the orange toy octopus looked smokey and dull. I blink my eyes but the colors stayed in their new shades. I tried to wave my hand in front of my eyes but it just spasmed around. Turning my head I saw what had to be my hand, tiny and pudgy, I felt it clench and release without my commands. It was wrong. It should obey me but I realized that I didn't know why I thought that. Why should my limbs be able to walk and climb and scramble and knit? Why did I know this? Besides that it was obvious. I opened my mouth to ask but I realized that I didn't know the words and all that came out was a high thin wail. I was hungry, I was confused, and the world looked wrong through these other eyes, my wail grew louder. What was wrong with the world? What was wrong with me? My vision blurred as the eyes that were mine now filled with water.

Then I heard a door and a murmur. "There now, it's okay." and I felt giant hands lift me up and rock me.

My cry hiccuped to a stop and I blinked away the tears. I looked up into a humongous and very familiar face. I knew that face. I knew her name. What was it now? It was... It was…


"Shhh, I'm here, did you dream dear?"

"Mama…" That was all right then. That was alright, everything was all right. And blue green is my favorite color now. It's the brightest. The warm smell wrapped around me and my eyes closed again, I drifted to sleep and away. I was safe. Warm, alive, and safe.