There are those who could take
this magic moment
and catch it up in words.

Half seen
crested head bobbing
trying to swallow.
The fish as long as its body.
surrounded by infinite
line sharp halos
of bright light
and deep dark.

My words are like pins through a butterflies heart
this moment spasms and dies,
pretty perhaps
but cold and still.

Time passes and
Gliding smooth they
cut sharp wedges in a rippled world
before being swallowed
by the oblong sun.

I turn to go
sunlight spills warming my back
begging me not to leave
I stay
I write
and sunlight fades

The wind pushes ripples before it
and one little breeze
darts across a shattered tree
a fairy at play

My fingertips get cold,
go numb,
but still I hope
for one more
magic moment.

Answering me
the wind stills
in the hush
water flattens to a mirror's sheen
I find myself holding my breath
watching the twigs
stretch downward
to greet
their reflections.