I fell in love

With a boy

Who needed me.

A lovers hand

A comics wit

And the heart of a friend.

He saw me,

No, he saw inside

He saw the mangled mess

The broken girl,

But he didn't hide.

He held out his hand,

Trusting me

To be his friend,

To hold his heart.

It was different from the start.

The first laugh,

The first words,

The moment his eyes truly

Looked into mine.

I don't know what he saw

But I knew I never felt so exposed

I'd never experienced anything so raw.

His eyes-

My God, his eyes are a tempest

Both in color and emotion.

A swirling vortex of every thought

Of every heated emotion

And I dive in over and over,

Letting him wash over me

Letting him drown me

Letting him show me a brand

New kind of free.

If only I could keep his eyes on me


What sort of sweet sin that would be.

The moment we touched,

I felt home.

Like a warm blanket surrounded me

Telling me,

I'm safe.

And my heart needed to believe.

When I laid my head against his chest,

The gentle song of his heart filled my head.

The moment his hand covered mine,

I knew someone had made him just for me

And we had come together at the perfect time.

I was spiraling




Lost and alone

Scared and cold

In need



And he heard me.

He gave me shelter

Where I could harbor my heart

He gave me courage

To repair my soul

He held me.

He held me.

So I knew I wasn't alone.

He created a space in me

Where love and joy could be kept safe

He created light in me

To help chase away the pain

He stepped back,

He let me heal my scars.

He stepped up,

He loved me through my dark.

I fell in love with a man.

A man who created beauty

A man who let me laugh

A man who let me cry

A man who loved me,

Even when I didn't want to try.

We fell in love,

In a beautiful whirl

Our love created a beautiful

Little girl.

We forged a family

Though it has taken some tears,

With him beside me,

We overcame my fears.

I once lived only in



Covered in shame

Marred by scars

Now I am washed clean

In love

In light

In 100,000 kisses

With the words "I do"

And a tiny voice saying

"Mommy, I love you"

I am okay.

I am happy.

I am free.

And never once

Have I stopped being me.